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The flowering period is when the female plants are
ready to be pollinated by the male plants. The natural conditions the bud is where the seed will
form. However, by removing the male plants from the equation, the flowers remain unfertilized and thus seedless. Flowering is induced once your plant has reached the desired
size. When you have decided to initiate flowering you must change the photo period – that means 12
hours of light and 12 hours of dark. During the flowering period, the plant is looking for more
intense lighting. For the grower, that means 600 to 1000 watts per square meter – the ideal lights
for flowering are high pressure sodium or HPS bulbs. In the flowering stage, the main nutrient the plant needs is phosphorous. It can be mixed into the soil or added
as fertilizer. Pay close attention to the ph of your water during the flowering period as the marijuana plant
is looking for a higher ph, between 6.0 and 6.2. Indica dominant strains will tend to have a shorter
flowering period between 7 and 9 weeks. For Sativa dominant strains the flowering period is longer, generally
between 9 and 14 weeks to reach maturity. A ripe marijuana flower, or the “bud,” is ready for harvest
when the tricomes on the surface begin to degrade. In layman’s terms, the tricomes are the sticky, oily resin that forms
on the buds, they are commonly referred to as crystals. This is shown by a change in color from
clear to the milky white or amber. During the final 7 to 14 days of the plant’s flowering cycle,do not
add any more fertilizers or nutrients to the growing medium. Only add fresh water. This well help to lower the fertilizer
content of the plant giving a cleaner smoke.

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55 thoughts on “Flowering – Flowering Marijuana – When To Flower Your Weed Growing Buds – 5

  1. What hieght should i flower it too get say.. an o.z, or maybe a half pound, like an exsample would help alot… like flower at 2 feet for this much, at 5 feet for this much, at 1 foot for this much..?

  2. Different strains will yield different results, also, the light cycles and nutrients play a factor, there is no clear cut science to how much you will harvest on a given plant.

  3. if you don't use nutrients it probably wont grow to its full potential. If you use bug spray you have to flush it, but its probably better to flush it anyways.

  4. yeah its at 27-31 sec whn it gets to desired size
    in my opinion its best to wait till their reasonably healthy, although it doesn't matter just to me makes it easier in the long run

  5. a local hydroponics shop… i always get all-natural spray….. you can probably pick some up at a Walmart or Canadian tire or even a flower shop might have them in stock.

  6. lol i know whhere to get bug spray, i was talking aboutwhy you brought it up in reply to his/ her comment…nevermind guess i missed something 😀

  7. Unfortunately this does not help since the plant can triple in size during flower… I personally check the nodes (not height of the plant) and when I have 4-6 nodes I start to flower. Just my 2 cents

  8. im currently growing a couple plants, one plant has been in veg for about 8 weeks and the other plants are barley sprouts, my questions is, at this point i can only afford one light fixture and the plant thats in veg now needs 12 hours of darkness, can i transfer her to another dark room and when it needs light bring back to the light room? i know this can cause stress but im trying to find anything that can work.

  9. I've been using 4x 20watt (80watts total) cfls with a 4000kelvin spectrum(white)

    Been growing one plant for 2 months now, its nearing 50cm height(which is when I will initiate flowering stage with 12/12 hours), should I switch the lamps for the same ones but with a 2700k spectrum? Should I keep 4000k or should I mix them up evenly? 

  10. thats wearid because everyone videos says 14 weeks of flowering and my plants havent started flowering and its one week 15

  11. guys i'm new , my plant is like 25cm in height , should i switch to flowering mode ? Cuz i dont got any more space left cuz i grow it in a homemade growbox

  12. I have been on the 12/12 schedule for about 10 weeks now and still no buds and no balls can anyone suggest anything to help me out

  13. Can someone please help. I have been growing for a year and a half now. So I have done a few crops. For some reason this time my plant will not flower. It's been on flower for 3 weeks now (12 on, 12 off). But there is not bud producing. Please help someone

  14. the video title says "when to flower"…it should say how to flower .this dosent answer my question fuck wit

  15. We are still a month away from a 12/12 light cycle but my plants are already starting to flower. Should I change to a bloom fert. now or wait for 12/12

  16. I cannot grow pot at home. I was thinking of renting a storage room. Have you ever heard of that before? I'm in California and have a cannabis card. What about legalities in that kind of room?

  17. I'm a newbee. I need advice. Growing indoor, hydroponics indica for medical usage. When do I switch over from vegetative stage to flowering stage? What do I look for? Size of the plant? Number of days since first planting? HELP! And thanks in
    advance for your quick response.

  18. Man sonim on my first grow but i didint know and i started flowering when thwy got 4ft tall its only been a week into flowering
    Does any one know how bit they will get

  19. I'm just going to grow as big as possible 2 months before the frost season so I get my desired size.

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