Flower Tower Zipper Design Hanging Garden

Hi, this is Andrew here at Pacific Northwest
Garden Supply vendor day in Maple Ridge 2014. I’m here to introduce you to our brand of
dry rack. It’s called the Flower Tower. It comes with this really nice convenient
pouch, really easy after-use for storage, carry around from spot to spot whatever you’d
like to do with it. So this is our U-shaped zipper-opening model.
One of the things that kind of sets us apart is we put the center support strap in. The
reason that that’s there is because some of the dry racks on the market, if you don’t
have a center support is going to tuck in. You’re going to get an uneven dry ‑ wet
on the inside, dry on the outside. Not what you’re looking for. We use silky mesh. This is going to catch
your flowers. It’s really nice, smooth, easy to work with. We keep it in close because
you don’t know exactly what drying environment you might be using. Some people dry in outbuildings.
Some people have pets, things of that nature. So what’s going to happen with this is all
your flowers will be protected from any kind of particulate matter. We also have a hanging strap on the bottom.
What this is for is so that when you’re even drying for a while, you can always flip
it get an even dry. Nothing is going to fall out of this. You’re not going to get any
kind of hair in this, but you can flip it however you like. You can grow it around,
do whatever you’d like to make sure you get an even dry. This is the Flower Tower U-shaped Zipper-Opening
Rack. They come in three different sizes of either six racks or eight racks. Thank you very much! Flower Tower Zipper Design Hanging Garden
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