Flower Tower Open Top Design Hanging Garden

It’s Andrew here at Pacific Northwest Garden
Supply vendor day in Maple Ridge 2014. I’m here to introduce you to Flower Tower. This
is the carrying case, very small for a very large rack. One of the things that really kind of sets
our Flower Tower apart from the competition is our center support strap. What that’s
going to do is help support the racks under as much as weight you want to throw on there,
keep it from tackling, keep it from bowing, make sure it has a nice even dry. We also use some great silky mesh, so it doesn’t
catch your flowers. It’s really easy to touch. Another thing that we have is it’s very
easily adjustable. This is our six-rack setup. All you have to do to turn it into a three-rack
setup hit the clips, now you got a three-rack setup. This is available in three different sizes.
You can find it at Pacific Northwest Garden Supply and through Green Planet wholesale. Thank you very much!

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