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Hello guys, my name is Rhy, and today I am
going to be reviewing the Flower Garden bath bomb from lotionfast.com. Now, I’ve already tried one bath bomb from
them, and it turned the water a nice, kind of, like, pale blue color, and I actually
really like the smell of this one, it smells like flowers, as the name would entail. *Sniff* Ignore the dust on my nose, but, yeah,
it smells good, so let’s try it. Also, today I’m going to be using the Sun
and Sand candle from Yankee Candles. It’s my favorite. Okay, let’s get into it. And yes, I did clean my bath, I know there
was a ring from the last black bath bomb I used. I do have two more of those that I will be
making a review on as well. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. *Bath bomb fizzes* I’m gonna let that finish
dissolving, and I’ll catch back with you in a minute. Almost done here. So, we’ve finished dissolving, and now we
have this nice, like green (?), it’s a light green color, a little bit like the Avo Bath,
the Avo Bomb from LUSH, but that one has a little bit of a darker green. It’s kind of in between that one and Guardians
of the Forest. But, either way, I actually really like this
bath bomb, and it has a really nice flowery smell, and I will put a link to buy this bath
bomb in the description below. Or not, I don’t know whether I’m posting this
on my phone or my computer until I post. Another product I really liked using is the
Lord of Misrule. It is a shower gel (shower creme), and it’s
from LUSH, and this is seasonal, so it’s only around during the Halloween season, which
is about October 1st to the beginning of November, and what I like about this one is that it’s
made with black pepper, and (idek) oils. There’s oils and there’s pepper in this, and
what I really like about this is that it smells really good, the pepper doesn’t seem to effect
me at all, though I did sneeze once. A warning, however, I wouldn’t use this, obviously,
if you had a cut, because black pepper is an irritant. Now, I will attempt to show you a candle. What I have here is the Sun and Sand candle
from Yankee Candles. I bought this around Christmas, because I
love summer, and I wanted to be able to smell summer (rhy what the heck), and I have (*cringe*). This smells a lot like what I’ve noticed some
sunscreens smell like. I’m not going to smell a burning candle. This is a bad idea. Smells like poor choices. Either way, this does smell like some sunscreens,
and other things I would associate with summer. Anyway guys, that’s about all for this episode. I will try to post more regularly (watch me
fail), I’ve noticed that I haven’t posted since last year, at the last, I believe. Either way, I’m gonna get in that bath and
I will see you guys later!

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