Florida Front Yard Landscaping Project | Day 1

Good morning everyone it is keith and I am in Florida and we are about to do something with shovels and hoes and rakes not sure what… we’re landscaping this is my father hey um, yeah… let’s get started so my parents decided to casually move to Florida and sell their house maine, so that’s why we are here in florida YEAH, ok . do you need help or do you want me to just watch it doesn’t look like you are working very hard what are you guys doing yeah so my dad only bought one rake and he just wants to do all the work himself and just to make me look bad lets get a wheelbarrow and a rake I think we should hire someone to do this so we don’t have to do any of that stuff and just pay these guys to do it all but then we have to buy a shed to through all this stuff in well I’m pretty good a breaking things so that’s what I am known for in the famiyl What’s wrong with that branch look it’s done We just got done some stuff We are going to have lunch now my mom made us sandwichs thanks mom what kind of sandwich is this? turkey and cucumbers and lettuce and that’s it who is the best worker in this house he is lying it’s my mom you both are MOM I need a haircut ok my hair is a joke right now so I have a headband on what do you think about my headband mom how do you like my headbadnd I like it I think you should keep your hair long and wear a headband I am going to need to get more headbands do you have any I could use No, not that kind anykind? yeah but it looks girly it’s going to look girly on you you think so? alright lets go out side and work hello it’s a litle bright out there oh there is my dad wait my dad is talking to someone outside mom my dad is talking to someone who the heck are you talking to he is talking to a neighbor we are working hard out here am I sweating I don’t know are you? look how nice it looks when this is done, it will be the nicest looking yard in the entire city alright so we are bassicaly done for the day we took care of the back yard, racked everything up cut down some trees and such made it a little bit sharper the grass is still kind of a joke but it is going to look good pretty soon we raked the edges of the house, and we are going to put rock on it tomorrow I believe and made this area of here a little more sharp so we are going to put rocks here and we are going to make it look nice HEY, HEY FATHER thoughts comments concerns? it went great did we get a wheelbarrow? we did not how do you feel about that would have been easier we were raking everything into trash cans and dragging them into the pile you saw over there what are you doing he is doing something look at that that is not a tan, that is just mud hey mom can you get me the measuring tape thank you… your welcome look father I got you a measuring tape hey mom can I get a pen and a pad of paper uh huh thanks there you go thankyou father you got mosquitoes on you? I got a pen he doesn’t care my mom is concerned thirty minutes no it is going to be ready in 30 minutes why, what do you have to do next we are just measuring ok, so it takes five minutes to take a shower so we have some in house drama right now we have thirty minutes to finish what we are doing take a shower and be ready to eat food and that is the drama right there ah, lets see if we can do it Mom what happened don’t tape this nothing Are we late no… yes you are late supper is ready and you guys arn’t I would show you but I’m naked what are you wearing a towel? I am wearing a towel don’t look at me I’m naked we are just eating potatoes today just like Japan Potatos patatas alright thank you for the meal yup have a good evenig peace be with you I have discovered a super long hair on my back mom show them I am going to take my hand wait, I lost it yank it out real quick hear it is ok I found it

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12 thoughts on “Florida Front Yard Landscaping Project | Day 1

  1. Ahhh i see you added effects. I knew you couldnt just be a regular vlogger—had to spice it up, didnt ya? good.

  2. This is my favorite video by far. "A day in the life of Keith" type video. My mom and I were laughing so hard! So fun to see your day to day life in Florida..working..well some of you ;D!

    Miss you guys! Make more videos like this!

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