Filler Flowers, No Cutters / (aka Free Form) , Cold Porcelain or Gumpaste

Hello this is Christina Wallis and if
it’s your first time here thank you for making your way to my channel which is
all about handmade flowers… mostly in cold porcelain and sometimes in sugar. the
paste. Today I’m going to try my hand at filler flowers again, recording it as
a tutorial and I am going to NOT use any cutters so it’s a free-form filler flowers
in case some of you don’t want to go and spend money on cutters of a particular odd size… so as you could
see here the size that I chose to have is hole no 8 on the board or just 1.3cm… this was the optimal size to be able to control your flower , and make
it nice and neat and not too floppy… but obviously as it is the case with many
freeform flowers, it might help to keep some variation in size so you don’t have do
them all dead on the same size and actually you can go up to about size 10
1.5cm + , but then you would have less control and it would not work as well in CP and not at all in sugar, I’m guessing …So this shape I’m aspiring to here , it’s
called Mexican hat or at least it’s very similar to Mexican hat I think, and you
could also make it using a specific board for Mexican flowers or whatever, the one with
holes in the middle but I do like to keep my equipment as minimal as possible…now this way of
cutting is aimed at making your petals as even inside as possible…it
is very important. I found that cutting them one petal at
the time, so cutting on both sides, and then moving along one by one, really didn’t work for
me at all because my petals would never come out even in size and at
times it presented difficulties… I found that the randomness in this case never
worked for me. However, if you find that your estimation of sizing is good and it
works for you, then obviously do it any each way you prefer… at this particular stage,
annoyingly enough, the petals could get quite sticky and sometimes they would
stick to my Dresden tool which is, by the way, my favourite tool ever to use… so the
petals would stick to the Dresden tool and get a little bit disorderly and
that’s most probably because my CP clay here is quite fresh and, yeah, with gum
paste I suspect it would be easier… but either way if it does
happen to you use some petal base, don’t be shy to use the cornflour and if it
really does get to you, then just find some little metal tool ( there’re craft sets in Hobbycraft)
or just use fingers or maybe just add some corn flour into the clay itself into the cold
porcelain … and this is me using the needle tool… you could obviously use just
some thick needle, you don’t don’t have to have a tool for it, and if you follow my stories on
Instagram, I’ve been using it for all sorts of things lately and it’s becoming
my new under appreciated tool and Here I am just playing around stretching it out
some more without trying not to make the petals stick to each other and as you
could see I pull the petal away a little bit and then I start flattening it out …now it seems like a millions of steps
for one little teeny-weeny flower but actually it does and get…. once you in
the swing of it and making them it…. doesn’t take that long to make each
flower they’re quite fast going as you can see at the end I have quite a few of
those which is unusual for me usually a couple of flowers and that’s bad if not
just one and I’m afraid another limitation of the
filler flower for both, C. porcelain and sugar would be that you do need to work
quite fast with it for best results, for better finish
because due to the amount of fiddling and thinning and texturing you do with
these things they tend to dry out quite quickly… okay so this tool I’m going to
use now I have no idea what’s it called it just comes in a set of these kinds of tools and
it doesn’t cost a lot by itself unlike many key tools and I hardly ever
use it for this it’s amazing… I really really like the gentle beautiful middle
kind of tunnel middle type thing it gives it… with so little effort such
beautiful result, and yeah and this is it says you could hopefully see armed
with curved end and I just helped to dig into into the middle and under the just
above the petal and give it a little bit of an interesting result it’s quite hard
to pick up on a camera but if you play with it you would probably see what I
mean… is quite a nice little middle and I do like it’s a lot and I think I’m kind
of repeating the principle of the middle of the previous filler flower that I
made although there is a little variation here as well, I hope so I’m gonna
try not to do it again, but I do love this middle… and one is the
fantasy flower I don’t really know what it is… I did have a look at loads of
filler flowers and down yeah I just ended up with some kind of a medium
filler flower … ..if you leave your clay ( the thickness of the flower) a
little bit thicker than yes, chances are your finish is going to be smoother but… really, it
just depends what kind of an effect you are aiming for … personally I am going to
make a little bit more of an effort to make filler flowers though they really bore me generally, just so that I could get faster them, and my finish would be a
little bit better just really practice makes perfect here as well and now I’m
going to make few little hooks here just to make little green fillers which are
the easiest possible things to make just for a little bit of a variety really I
thought I’d add to this filler, filler video… fantastic little fillers
for complete beginners good base in sugar and in Clay and I also show you
some some toning some slightly different toning for the fillers as well because I…
as you know I am quite fascinated by toning and cold porcelain flowers, I
think it’s a it’s an unexplored in UK, at least, technique… that could really really really add to flowers in the most fascinating way if you working in sugar , gum paste,
make sure that you skip this particular trimming cutting stage because obviously
sugar the little strands like this would just fall off but, in CP which
doesn’t break and lasts forever, this isn’t a problem… one would think I’m
a bit biased :):):)… obviously here you could use any green that you have, just ensure it’s two
different shades, one light and one dark and if you are particularly interested
in this color hope you could read it if you can’t give me a shout and leave a
comment and I’ll get up to you and yeah here, much like with most other toning, I
air on this YouTube channel this is a very dry brush so it’s dry brushing… I
try to get rid of most of my paint before I applied to the petals and here
I’m going to dip it right in the middle there… I’ll think it was out of shot, so
I do apologise, but basically you just dip it in and I’m going to show you how
to wipe an excess of paint if you didn’t do it very neatly I don’t know just um
just bear with me here, and I would say that yeah if you use dry
brushing technique, and that pretty much applies across borders in all mediums
and not just paint but also dust… obviously the smoother is the painted finish of
your flower, the nicer the finish would look, and if you have creases in your
clay or sugar paste then once you decided to tone it or to dust it, those
creases will show up like this I’ve tried different things and obviously you
know this is not a finished project this flower so yeah they are
a bit messy but um yeah just playing around really and here you keep the
brush really flat against the grooves on your filler and that should help and
here we go my little experiment not perfect but promising hopefully

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15 thoughts on “Filler Flowers, No Cutters / (aka Free Form) , Cold Porcelain or Gumpaste

  1. Love this gentle flowers very much, beautiful tutorial ! Thank you ! Merry Christmas Christina and happy New Year ! 🎄🍷

  2. Мая кристиначка.всегда рада смотреть твои ролики.суважением квас манана

  3. I realize this is old video but I absolutely love your channel, so much good info. I'm just getting started doing cold porcelain.

  4. Sounds like you were not quite satisfied with your flowers, however, they turned out very very nice actually. Keep it up. : )

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