Festive Flower Punch by Stampin’ Up!

Hello everyone, i am Katie. Today I am going
to show you how to use the Reason for the Season Stamp Set and the Festive Flower Builder
Punch and make some beautiful paper poinsettias, poinsettias, how do you say them? Either way,
they make beautiful flowers. These two products completely complement each other and can be
used together or they can be used individually. Let me start out with the stamp set, the Reason
for the Season Stamp Set. There are lots of different images in this stamp set, and actually
three different ways to sue them. As you can see, you’ve got three of your holiday greetings
right here. You also have a poinsettia image with three other smaller images that you can
2-Stamp to create different shading for your flower. These three images are to be used
with the Festive Flower Builder Punch. The smaller one right here, this is for your petals.
It will show the veins of your petals. This double petal is for the this shape right here
on the punch. This larger one right here is for the leaf, and it shows the larger vein
of the leaf to coordinate with the punch. I am going to show you how to create the poinsettia
flower using these two together. I like to start out with strips of paper that are about
2 1/12 inches wide, it works really well as I slide it through the punch. I have pre-stamped
my images on this Real Red paper, and I actually stamped with the Real Red ink as well. I need
eight of the large petals, for the base of the flower, four of the smaller petals, and
two of these double petals. I have already stamped all of those out on my strips of paper.
I am going to punch those out. Now that I have all of my petals punched out and stamped
I need a base to my flower, something that can hold it all together. I am going to grab
one of our circle punches. It doesn’t really matter which size because all of the petals
are going to be hiding it. You can sue either the one inch or the 3/4 inch circle punch.
I am going to use the inch circle punch, and cut me a base out of that same Real Red cardstock.
Before I start gluing my petals down, I want to give them a little bit of life. I am going
to fold them right down the center and fold them back out. That gives them a little bit
of texture and makes them look more like real petals. Now that all of my petals are folded
I can actually begin building my flower. I am going to use the Tombo Multipurpose Liquid
Glue, and I like using this because it doesn’t dry right away. It gives me a little bit of
wiggle time to move my petals around to get them exactly where I want them before it completely
dries. For that base layer I am going to start with four petals and glue them down, so they
pretty much make an X. One straight across from the other. Like that. I’m going to do
that again for my next layer, but this time I am going to put them in between, so I am
going to put my glue right there. IF you wanted to add more dimension to this flower you could
actually cut out another circle base and go from there. You’d attach that circle base
with some Dimensionals on top of this layer to get a nice full flower. See how I’m moving
my petals to get that fullness that I want? Just like that. Before I put on my next layer
of petals I am going to grab my circle punch again, and give me another base. I’ll put
more glue on there, and arrange my smaller petals on that same circle. Now I can take
my two double petals and those criss-cross right over the top of those smaller petals.
I’ll start with a dot of glue and lay one across. then put another dot of glue on top
to do the criss-cross just like that. To add the layers I’ll put some glue on the back
of that and off center it however I want and push that down. Like I said, I could use Dimensionals,
if I really wanted to pop that up, but I am going to use glue and put it together just
like that. My flower is almost complete, but I’m missing the cute little center part of
the flower. For that I am going to use my punch and this X shape here at the top. I
want mine to be yellow, so I’m going to bring in some Crushed Curry and punch out two of
those. Same thing with these, I am going to add a dab of glue to the very center, put
it in my flower, push it down and then layer that second one right on top of the first.
There is my flower, now let’s do the leaves. I’ve pre-stamped my leaves so I am going to
punch those out. For those I am going to use this bigger petal or leaf. There are my punched
out leaves. I am going to turn my flower over and simply glue those on where I want them
to go. Here is my finished paper flower. Let me show you what that looks like on a sample.
You can see how it add so much to this beautiful packaging to have that festive poinsettia
flower on there. You can make poinsettias for the holiday. We’ve got red ones, and I
made a white one. But you can also use the punch alone to create the flower. Here is
a red one that I made that doesn’t have nay stamping on it. I also made a yellow flower.
This one to me almost looks like a daffodil. My very favorite flower that I made with both
isn’t a holiday flower at all. To me this almost looks like one of those beautiful Hawaiian
flowers. For this I used Watercolor Paper, and water colored it. So I stamped the images
on the paper and misted it so the ink spread and then punched it out. You really can create
any type of flower that you want with the Festive Flower Builder punch. Contact your
demonstrator today, or visit us online at stampinup.com and purchase the Reason for
the Season Stamp Set and the Festive Flower Builder Punch. Then you can create all of
the flowers you want. I want to know how do you say it? Poinsettia or poinsettia. Leave
a comment below.

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