Fabric Flower for Headband – Flower Craft with Cloth

Hello, this is Risa from Anjurisa
Welcome to my channel In this video, I will show you how to make this handmade fabric flower Before we start, consider pressing the SUBSCRIBE button so you won’t miss any update Prepare the fabric, I use crepe fabric,
but you can use any fabric because this flower doesn’t require any burn, melt, or singe method I will cut the fabric into a square shape like this and to cut such perfect straight line like this, I use a rotary cutter Put the fabric on top of a self-healing cutting mat, and use a transparent ruler We just measure the fabric using this ruler Measure the fabric by 2″ and cut You can see this rotary cutter is a great tool We can cut without lifting the fabric Make 14 pieces of the square fabric Fold the fabric like this to hide the raw edges Then fold it in half and sew running stitch Like this I use six pieces for the bottom layer of this flower After you sew six pieces, stitch to the
first petal and secure the thread Make another one with only five petals of five square fabrics Now, to make the center of the flower,
take the remaining pieces of the fabric Then fold it in half, half again and cut the fabric to form a circle Fold this circle in half Like this and stitch Take the last piece Now put the last piece on top of the first piece Secure the thread Attach them together Our beautiful flower is finished! Thanks for watching, if you enjoy this fabric flower tutorial, please like, comment, share, and SUBSCRIBE~

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