EPA Lawn Care Tips: Mowing

Three inches is basically an optimum height
for cutting your lawn. The idea is the taller the top the deeper
the roots. If you cut your lawn too low then you are
going to have a lot of exposed soil and that is where the weeds will start to germinate.
Oh okay. So by cutting your grass a little bit higher
you are helping to shade the roots. It retains some moisture. It also helps absorb like the
groundwater better. The other thing is to make sure your lawn
mower blade is sharp. If you start seeing brown edges on your edges
of your blades of grass or ragged edges on your grass blades that is usually an indication
it is dulling. When you do cut your grass what do you do
with the clippings? I dont collect them.
Good good you just leave them? I just let them there.
That is a great way to add organic matter right back to your grass.
The grass clippings have nitrogen in them so you are putting nitrogen right back into
your lawn and nitrogen is one of the nutrients that grass needs to establish growth and the
green color and everything else.

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