[Ep.5] 더보이즈 ‘꽃미남 분식집’ (THE BOYZ ‘Flower Snack’)

(This program is not suitable for
children under age 12) (Parents’ guidance is needed) (THE BOYZ learned a special recipe
last week) (Along with Cool Urban Noodles
that will be appealing in the heat) (they finally open their store) (12 handsome members cooked and served) (They even provided Aegyo) (A great restaurant that realizes
people’s fantasies) (But THE BOYZ have mental breakdowns) Why is there Table no.3 again? I didn’t do it. (I miss, mom) (They are able to overcome the crisis
thanks to New) (But they face another crisis?) Something that’s a bit
disappointing is… Yes? (What happened to
Q’s Cool Urban Noodles?) (Episode 5: Let’s have a meal together) Oh no. 8? When I heard that we got 8 orders
of Cool Urban Noodles I panicked. I asked Hyuksoo for help. I made him help me. (I need help) – I’m in trouble, Hyuksoo.
– What is it? I have to make 8 dishes of
Cool Urban Noodles. – 8?
– Yes. (It’s a difficult mission for
beginniner chef Q) Wow, that’s hard. Do you need help? Where are the gloves? Gloves? Over there. – Here?
– Yes. (Is it finally time for me to step up?) Sunwoo, let’s start by
boiling two bottles of water. (Boiling water for the noodles: CLEAR) Do you need me to slice that? (Slicing the ingredients: CLEAR) I’ll work on that. Go work on
something else. (Slicing cherry tomatoes: CLEAR) We need more ice. (Ice delivery: CLEAR) (Anything for the precious
THE BOYZ members) (I will even burn calories for them) (Splat) I’m so tired. I volunteered to help and I’ll end up spending more
on hospital bills. I’ll end up spending all my incomes
on hospital bills. (What about the other members?) (Watermelon Ade is quite popular) Hwall, please serve these. Okay. Table no. 4. The chefs. Here are watermelon ades. Thank you. Enjoy. Thank you. (What do the chefs say about
watermelon Ade?) It’s good. (Juyeon is cooking White thebokkyz) (He’s more prudent about the taste) New, can you wipe this for me? – Okay.
– This contains 2 servings. Wait. (The ultimate ingredient) (Adding lots of cheese) What table is this for? (Adding more cheese) Table no. 4. (That’s enough) Here it is. (Juyeon’s White thebokkyz is served) That’s fine. – Carbonara.
– Carbonara. (What does he think about
THE BOYZ’s White thebokkyz?) Try it. (Nervous) (Smile) They’ve put in a lot of time
preparing for this. This is good. Yes. It’s good. This is good. (Getting compliments from the chefs) (White thebokkyz even
appealed to the chefs) (Acknowledged) I like this the best. Watermelon Ade. They fried these better than
our staff members do. (The chef is actually waiting for
Cool Urban Noodles) (Hyuksoo’s help + Q and
Sunwoo are working on them) (Working hard) It’d be okay to add two, right? It takes a while for
the noodles to cook. (Adding more and more and more) New, two here. (Because of the complex recipe) (Cool Urban Noodles came out last) Two for Table no. 4. Two Cool Urban Noodles. Okay. Enjoy. Okay. One for Table no. 4 and
one for table no. 5. One for Table no. 4. Enjoy. Cool Urban Noodles. – Thank you.
– They just need 3 more now. Enjoy. Chewy Cool Urban Noodles. Yes. Chewy Cool Urban Noodles. Let’s try chewy Cool Urban Noodles. (Chef Kim tastes Q’s Cool Urban Noodles) (Will Cool Urban Noodles also
get compliments?) (Anxious) (What does Chef Kim think?) I think something is missing. He must’ve forgotten. He’s in a hurry. I’m sure he has never cooked
8 servings at once. Not even when he practiced. Sure. He must’ve spent so much time
preparing for this. (How do the noodles taste? Q.Q) Chef, we’re here. He was in charge of cooking
Cool Urban Noodles. I know. We met yesterday. Yes. (Doesn’t know what to do) Cool Urban Noodles were
so popular today. – We were finally able to take a break.
– I see. Please give us honest comments. – Okay. Honest.
– Yes. When we made 8 orders, we made specific requests.
Firm noodles. Soft noodles. You did that well. I’d like to give you a high score on that part. – Something that’s disappointing is…
– Yes? (His heart is racing) – Are you nervous?
– Yes. Are you nervous? You’re missing the chef’s kick. (The most important
ingredients are missing?) This is the key point. This is the key point. (Canned salmon was the main ingredient
in the recipe) Lastly… Seaweed. (Topped with salmon and seaweed) I thought there was something missing, but I figured I put everything.
I was confident about everything. But I actually forgot
the main ingredients. Since the first customer… They could’ve had better-tasting food. I’m sorry. (Cool Urban Noodles made the right way) (BUT the noodles that’s been served
so far) (The dishes were served without
noticing the mistake) I just wanted to help you get better. – Thank you so much.
– Thank you. You’re welcome. Thank you. A round of applause for Q. Thanks for the meal. Thank you. (While the customers enjoy their food) (THE BOYZ work on their own tasks) (Wipe wipe) Use this. I’ll use this. (They’re busy doing the dishes) (and interact with fans) (They take a break) (Ah, that’s better) (They even try their own cotton candy) (They eat more cotton candy
than they sell) Oh, so this is cotton candy. (THE BOYZ members rush over
to something) – Wait. Wait.
– Me too. (Hyunjae’s fried rolls are popular) Is it okay to eat these? (They can’t stop eating) (When the customers are done eating
it’s time for this once again) They’ve prepared an event for you. (High anticipations) What kind of event did you prepare? The member who worked the most today. I think it’s Q. He made Cool Urban Noodles. He sold so many dishes today. Thank you. Please pick a spoon. (He picks a spoon) (The result is in his hands) (Everyone is hoping to be picked) What’s the number? What’s the number? (Which table gets a chance
to spin the roulette?) (Hurry up and tell us…
We’re getting dizzy) No. 4? No. 4? No. 6. (What? No. 6?) (Table no. 6 is…) (Unbelievable) (The chefs are confused) Well…. This is an event. It’s a good thing. It’s a good thing, but… I feel bad, too. Something like this would be quite… (One of them is forced to come out) (So jealous) I think it’s best for us to give
a chance to someone else. Go ahead and spin the roulette first. Please spin it first. (The event cannot be transferred to
someone else) Slowly. He spun it. (Even more nerve-wracking) (Which penalty) (event will come out?0 Ah~. (Event 5: Feeding a bite to a customer) What event is this? – Feeding.
– I do? No, we do. A member will feed you a bite. Feed what? Whatever. You want go home, right? No, no. Please choose a member. Since he worked so hard today… Q. Q will feed you. Please don’t put on any weird
background music. (Q will feed him a bite
of Red thebokkyz) (For some reason he’s nervous) (Why are we covered in sweat?) Please accept the event with joy. You have to make the ‘ah~’ noise. (Everyone is watching with nervousness) One, two, three. (With an eye contact) (Oh my) (This is fun) (Here’s the background music
that you asked for) (The weird background music
that you asked for) (Blushing) (I think he will be back to this store) (Flower Snack gives excitement
to everyone) You’re feeling all right, right? I feel great. Thank you. (This roulette event was
a success, too, right?) The food was great today, right? Yes. Thank you so much for enjoying our food. But you must not run off without
paying the bills. We have cameras here. We have cameras outside, too. Good work, today. (Everyone lingers except for this table) Men always get up first. The chef will pay. (The chef will pay) The total comes out $69. How did the food taste? Everything was great. – Really?
– Thank you. I realized today how important
the looks are in cooking. (Looking handsome is the best) Thanks for the food. Thank you. (For the customers who are sad to leave) What did you like the most? – Everything.
– All dishes were good. But thebokkyz was the best. Which one? – This one.
– They only had Red thebokkyz. Red thebokkyz. (Not the watermelon Ade?) What did you like the best? Thebokkyz. Both types of thebokkyz. Which thebokkyz was the best? (One vote for Juyeon’s White thebokyyz) Carbonara. Indeed. High-five. Thank you. Good-bye. Thank you. Thank you. Oh my. – I’m crying.
– Oh my. How far will you walk us out? Right here. Good-bye. The BOYZ Flower Snack. We’re open. (Q, born in 1998, bloodtype AB
He’s actually a powerful dancer) (The BOYZ Flower Snack-We’re open) It’s our third time now.
We’ll be better now, right? We can do it! (THE BOYZ members get ready for
their next business in their stations) (The door opens once again) Will the first customer be women or men? I think they’ll be women. You could get in trouble
by thinking that. Not me. Really? What was that? (Where did that not-funny joke
come from?) (The first customers for
Round 3 come in) (Confident) (Unlike Sunwoo’s prediction
a group of men walk in first) Welcome. Hello. (Hesitant) (They are full of force) I was scared. Why did they come to our store? I wanted to hide behind Sangyeon. Are you in trouble or not? (Hyunjae has gotten something to
make fun of Sunwoo) We must be nervous.
You look like you’ll order a lot. Oh my. (Why are they surprised?) Hello. (Narsha has come to Flower Snack) That’s why strong men came in. I’ve seen her a lot on television. She was shining like an angel. Narsha. (Don’t overwork, my heart) (Your eyes are very keen) Two, three. Hello. We’re THE BOYZ. (We welcome you) I only debuted 11 years ago. (She’s an angel who smiles, too) I’m just one of the members of Brown Eyed Girls. (It feels like they’re
soldiers in an army) I heard that Hyuksoo has joined you so I came to make your business prosper. (It’s like they’ve won the jackpot) Thank you. Thank you for coming. Shall we order? – Sure.
– I’ll take your order. (12 members are rushing to
cook for Narsha) Let’s get ready. Do you have a popular menu? Popular menu. The one that’s most popular is the Red thebokkyz and
fried rolls set. The most popular drink is Cloud Ade. We put cotton candy
over lemonade. (That sounds good) Shall we order one of each? Everything? Yes. One of each? The whole menu. Everything on the menu? Yes, please. All right. One of everything that’s on the menu. That was cool. I sounded cool just now. (Smiling big) (Second group of customers enter) (Eric goes to them with excitement) You ordered 2 Watermelon ades, right? Thank you. You made these yourself? – He did.
– He did? – Thank you.
– Enjoy. Okay. (The one who made
Watermelon Ade=Younghoon) (Cotton candy is bigger than usual) I made this cotton candy with love. Please tell her that I made it bigger
than usual because I’m her fan. (Let me taste how well they make it) It’s good. It’s good. This is Cloud Ade. Our boss says he’s your fan. Who is your boss? His name is Sangyeon. Oh, you’re the boss? – Hello.
– He made you a big cotton candy. I’ll give you an autograph later. Famous restaurants usually hang
celebrities’ autographs on the wall. That’s how words get around. Thank you. This looks so good. Take a picture of me. (So serious) (Snap) (#Flower Snack #Cloud Ade is good) His name is Hwall. So… Hwall. (He’s the arrow that targets her heart) (My heart is racing) (Ha ha ha ha ha) I like this kind of service. You never know when you’ll be hit
by his arrow. (Let me try, too) – Serving team.
– Yes? More customers are here. Welcome. I’m here by myself. You’re here by yourself? This is a first. Oh my. Shouldn’t someone eat with her? I’m from Anseong of Gyeonggi Province. You came a long way by yourself. Because you wanted to support us? Yes, I wanted to meet all of you. The news of our food have
reached Anseong, too? (Touched) Thank you. She’s so young, but she came
by herself. Younghoon. Don’t you like
eating by yourself, too? I love it. Isn’t it too lonely? Not really. I enjoy that time. I am not disturbed by anyone else. Then can you work by yourself? Without me? That means you’re going to take a break.
I don’t want that. (He’s not falling for it) – Here’s White thebokkyz.
– What’s this? Carbonara thebokkyz. You cook so well. This is You ramen. Enjoy. Oh, ramen. Here’s Red thebokkyz. (Kevin’s Red thebokkyz and
Hyunjae’s fried rolls) Enjoy. Thank you. Let me have a taste. (Slurp) (How does it taste?) They make the noodles better than I do. (The kitchen is quiet after
everything is served) There’s nothing to do. (Hyunjae has become silly) Sunwoo, we need one more You ramen. (Let’s get it) Do you need help? Yes. Please boil a bottle of water A bottle of water? 500ml? Yes. (His muscles are working) You guys have gotten better. Yes. Things are better now.
We’re not asking for help anymore. We are getting the same amount of
orders right now. That’s right. But we are getting
the hang of things now. – There’s nothing to do.
– This is nice. (Everybody is spinning) (Chew chew) (What’s this?) Excuse me. Yes? Narsha is calling. There’s something in here. (Something strange is
in Watermelon Ade?) (Oh no) Who made Watermelon Ade? Watermelon Ade. Who made Watermelon Ade this time? Me. Come over here. This place has problems. (A serious problem has occurred) – Hello.
– You made this Watermelon Ade? Yes. She says there’s something in it. Something that shouldn’t be in there. It’s not a bug. It’s not? Never. I didn’t put anything else. Just watermelon and ice. – I don’t think so.
– Wait. Sangyeon. (Serious) See? There’s something inside. Wait. Let me… It’s ground watermelon seed. Don’t you see it, Hyuksoo? He’s mixing it in. (Everyone is laughing out loud) No, no. No, that’s not what I’m doing. I was scared. She kept insisting that there was
something inside the drink. Did it taste bad? Is there a bug inside? Then that would be a problem. I think the owner must come here. Boss. – Seriously.
– Oh no. The owner must resolve complaints. You’re the boss here? – Yes, I am.
– She’s asking for the owner. So I called you over. Try the drink. Am I the weird one? Let me try it. She says something is inside the drink. Wait. (There’s nothing wrong with it) The thing that’s inside… Right. Here it is. (What’s inside the drink?) (What) (is it?) Handsomeness is in it. (There’s handsomeness) (Too much handsomeness went in
which isn’t in the recipe) That’s why it tastes so good. I didn’t expect to hear that comment. Thank you so much. She said there was too much
handsomeness in it. I should’ve been happy, but instead I was relieved. I am grateful. I was flustered. Me too. (Sangyeon and Younghoon fell for
Narsha’s hidden camera) Can we have our bill please? The elderly usually pay for the bill
at their table. (Ha ha ha ha ha) That is their habit. Please give us the bill here. Bring over the bill to the table. (Jacob quickly brings the bill) Thank you. (He bows out of gratitude) (Thorough) Excuse me. Yes? This… I think there’s a problem with the bill. What else is the problem? There’s something else in it? I think I am the one with a problem. Look. Didn’t we eat 15 servings? Yes. We also had drinks so
about 30 servings. We had drinks, too. Are you saying
the total amount is too small? – Yes.
– The total is too small? (Then) Where is that pig’s head? Where’s my pig head? There’s a pig’s head? What’s this? If you’re disappointed about not paying
more, you can stick more bills here. I’ll do a good job then. Wow, she’s doing it properly. Thank you. A big spender. A big spender. Thank you. We’ll get going now. Our star is leaving. You don’t all have to come out. You don’t all have to come out. Why are you all walking us out? It makes her look like she’s the boss
of a gang. Good-bye. (They bow to the big star) Thank you so much. Thank you so much, Narsha. Keep up the good work. Good-bye. (Everyone has left and
the girl who came alone is left) Our last customer. She’s left all by herself. (She ordered 3 servings of food
by herself) Our last customer. (Is this a 12:1 date?) For our last customer… Let’s…. A special service for a single customer. (Shy) It’s not easy to eat at a restaurant
by yourself unless you like to eat. I really enjoyed your food. And… She acts shy, but she ate a lot
by herself. She was gulping down thebokkyz earlier. You’re at the age where you eat a lot. Sure. Third year in middle school. Right. Thank you so much for enjoying our food. Thank you. We hope to see you again when
we perform on a bigger stage. Thank you. (Let’s meet again when the dreams of
THE BOYZ and the girls come true) – Good-bye.
– Have a safe trip back home. (I had a great time) Oh my. She says she had a great time. (They make precious memories with Let’s clean up. every customer that came by) The BOYZ Flower Snack.
We’re open. (Sangyeon, born in 1996, blood type A
Enjoying playing the boss) (The BOYZ Flower Snack- We’re open) (On their first day of business) (the 12 members were quite busy all day) (They take a break for the next round) (A customer makes a surprise visit) There’s no one here? Isn’t this a restaurant? Did they close down? Hello. (The first customer of the last round
of the first day is Cao Lu) Is anyone here? We’re over here. (So pleased) (12 handsome boys walk out) Hello. There are so many of you. Hello. I’m here to eat. (We get to meet 2 celebrities today) This place is nice. It is, right? Isn’t it beautiful? – Yes.
– I even got a business license. Here. We just opened today. Flower… Flower… You may be the youngest owner in Korea. That’s possible. I may be the first idol singer to
become to start a business. 1996. Why didn’t you tell me to come? (They forgot about Hyuksoo) Hello. Do you own a business next door? Next door. (Ha ha ha ha ha) No, he’s our part-time worker. You already have enough
staff members here. It costs money. (An advice from a realistic celebrity) (Am I fired now?) Thanks for coming all the way here. – Thank you.
– Thank you. Let’s get started then. We got ready to open and
we were taking a short break. Is the owner nice to you? How much do you get paid per hour? (She’s really curious) I’m their neighbor. I made a suggestion of
opening this place. We worked hard together to
open this place up. It’s nice. The interior is nice and simple. The owner and the part-timers are
all very handsome. I think it’ll be successful. Right. I didn’t have to join them. Right. They don’t really need you. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for being here when
I didn’t need to be. (Customers of the last round on
the first day arrive) Welcome. This is Flower Snack. (They greet the customers
with confidence) (Once the tables all fill up) (They busily get to work) You’re so handsome. (The girls are pining over Eric) Oh, come on. What’s good here? – Would you like my recommendations?
– Yes. Order White thebokkyz if you want
something that Juyeon made. Order Red thebokkyz if you want
something that Kevin made. Two sets and 3 Cloud ades. – Watermelon.
– One Watermelon Ade. Is that all? Just a moment please. Everything except this. I’ll be right back with your food. One thebokkyz set and one You ramen.
One Cool Urban Noodles. Two Cloud ades.
Two Watermelon ades. Then.. You ordered everything on the menu. Right. Right. (You girls are awesome) Work time. Work time. (They’ve begun to enjoy working
as they interact with the customers) (Is it truly their first day?) (They’ve become professionals in
just one day) (I am serious) They are very good. They’re good. (They cook well) (They are handsome) (I’d like to be locked in here) Don’t they look even more handsome
because they’re cooking? Yes. (Girls are screaming) You can do it. Hurry up with the Cloud Ade. (Jacob can now make cotton candy, too) I’ll take one first. Here’s Cloud Ade. (Hyunjae is working passionately) (Sunwoo and Q are more charming
because they are clumsy) I need to add ice, right? Shall I pour in more water? Yes. (Juhaknyeon and Eric work hard
with smiles) (They’ve successfully gotten
the hang of the business) I don’t think you guys need me anymore. Since you don’t need me, just call me when you
really need my help. (He is starting to walk away) (Just a second after Hyuksoo disappears) (Looking around) Hyuksoo. – Hyuksoo, I need your help.
– What? Please help me. Call me over when it’s really urgent. – This is urgent.
– Is it really urgent? Can you stir-fry this while I do this? – This?
– Yes. – Like this?
– Yes. Add onions when garlic is cooked. (He automatically becomes serious
when he’s next to Juyeon) Cao Lu. Do I look sexy when I cook, too? Do I look okay? (I have so much to say,
but I won’t) – I don’t look sexy?
– What? I don’t look sexy? I’m not so fluent in Korean. I didn’t understand your question. You suddenly don’t understand Korean. I didn’t understand your question. What did you ask me? I think it’s better that
you didn’t understand. New. Serve Cool Urban Noodles. They’re ready. This is for Cao Lu. Your food is served. Thank you. – These are Cool Urban Noodles?
– Yes. Cool Urban Noodles. It looks like pasta. (She wraps the noodles around her fork
and gulps it down) – It’s so good.
– Is it? The noodles are very chewy. Enjoy. Try other food, too. Okay. More food. This is the thebokkyz set. Thank you. Enjoy. Okay. (Crunchy) It’s good. He fried these rolls, well. (His wrists snap like a professional) (The fried rolls man) (He fries and fries and fries) (Hyunjae continues to work hard
in front of the hot oil) I loved fried food. I volunteered to make fried rolls
thinking that I can eat lots of it. But I was hot. Food that looks good can please
the customers. Rather than making food that
the customers will eat I focused more on making food
that I can enjoy eating. (He shakes off extra oil from
the fried rolls) – New.
– Yes? The dish is ready. Shall I serve this? There aren’t any more orders
for fried rolls, right? No, you have to continue to make them. We need more rolls urgently. – Continue to make more rolls.
– Keep making them? Yes. We need more rolls. Okay. Hyunjae. Fried rolls. (Burning up) (This is fried roll hell) (Careful careful) Red thebokkyz is ready. How many more orders? One more? No, we don’t need anymore. – No more.
– Do you need help? Yes. (Hallelujah) (Chef Kevin has offered to help) (Kevin fries the rolls and
Hyunjae places them in the baskets) (A perfect harmony) (The rolls are quickly served to
the customers) These are for Table no. 1. Here are the fried rolls. – Thank you.
– Enjoy. Here are the fried rolls. (Crunch) (The girls have fallen in love
with the fried rolls) Do you like the food? Yes. Call me if you need anything else.
Enjoy. How did you like Cool Urban Noodles? They were good. – Really?
– They were the best. I made the noodles. I learned how to make them myself. (Cool Urban Noodles are the best) (The serving boys clean up
the tables from time to time) Thank you. (Forget how clumsy we were
in the morning) Thank you. I feel bad that you guys haven’t
gotten the time to eat yet. I’ll make something nice for you later. Really? Yes. What do you have in the refrigerator. In the fridge we have everything. – You do.
– Yes. You have chili peppers, too. Should I make chili pepper noodles
for you? Really? Sure. (The store name has briefly changed to
Flower Beauty Chinese Restaurant) Is it Chinese food? Yes, it is. (Stamping on green onion) (Wow) (She’s a great cook) We need to learn from her. Safety is very important when
working with a knife. You must’ve cooked a lot before. Yes. I like to cook. Why don’t you work here with us? Should I work part-time here? (The customers are done eating
and are paying their bills) Good-bye. What did you like the most? Cool Urban Noodles. Cloud Ade. Cotton candy was the best. (The answers are already chosen
for you to say) (After the last customers are gone) (Flower Beauty Chinese Restaurant
is officially OPEN) What are you making? Chili pepper noodles. That looks good. She’s very good with the knife. She’s a very good cook. Somebody taste it to see if it
tastes okay. I will. I want to have a taste. It’s hot. It’s hot. How does it taste? It’s so good. Is it seasoned well enough? It’s perfect. Is it bland? No. (She made chili pepper noodles
for THE BOYZ members) Thank you for the food. (Should I open a Chinese restaurant?) (Eric takes a big bite, too) (So good) You must’ve been hungry. It’s really good. (Juhaknyeon and Q are determined
to take another bite while talking) (It’s perfect even for Sunwoo
who’s a picky eater) (Chili pepper noodles are gone
in seconds) (Anyone who served food
is a great person) Thank you. We were grateful enough for
you coming here and… No. We are part of the same company. I’m so happy to see that you are
finally debuting. But debuting is not the end.
It’s a new start. Things get harder after you debut. There aren’t so many opportunities
as you think. So work hard for even
the most trivial things. They will lead to bigger things. Many drops make a shower. That’s how things are. Oh. Many drops make a shower. That’s right. So don’t ever give up. (Touched) That’s a great saying. A great saying. Go, THE BOYZ. Yeah! You guys are you so lucky. To have a senior like her. I’ll get going now. Good-bye. Keep up the good work. (She gave a sincere advice to them) Thank you. You can do it. (The BOYZ Flower Snack – We’re open) What did you think?
How was it today? I am grateful that
no one got hurt today. Right. Everyone worked so hard today. How was it, Juyeon? I was able to see that
we were making improvements. (Me too) Hwall, what did you think? Things didn’t go too well
in the beginning but we learned so much in one day.
We still have 3 more days left. I think we’ll be able to learn
so much more. (He’s right) I was very happy today, too. I was happy to see that
you guys voluntarily helped each other out. I could tell that you were all happy. We were able to depend on you, Hyuksoo. Right. By the way, our day is now over. What’s the most important thing to do? Boss. (What’s the most important thing
to do at the end of the day?) Getting ready for tomorrow’s business? – I know.
– What is it? Adding up how much we earned. Right. (Good job, Haknyeon) We are not doing this to earn money, but we should take a look to see how much we earned and spent. Then we can prepare for tomorrow. – That’s why we’ll add the money up.
– Okay. Let’s see. Good work, everyone. Good work. It’s time to look at how much we earned. (What result is waiting for them?) Adding up the total. (Their hearts are racing) Here it is. What was sold the most today? Watermelon Ade. 70 Watermelon ades. Congratulations. Watermelon Ade. I think it’s because it’s summer. We sold Cool Urban Noodles the most
out of all our dishes. (Good job, Q) How much did we make today? – What’s the total?
– How much is it, boss? $757. (Unbelievable) That’s how much I would earn
in a month working part time. I’m sure you won’t have any profits after paying for the ingredients and
our wages. Right. Good work, everyone. – Good work.
– Thank you. (This day gave them
an unforgettable experience) (We finally get to go home) (The BOYZ Flower Snack – We’re open) There’s a heat wave today. – Heat wave.
– It’s hot, right? – Yes.
– We’re going to a cool place. – A cool place.
– Where is this place? It’ll be cool as soon as we walk in. Hello. Hello. What is this place? What’s going on? What is this place? (Confused) What? – You’re hungry, right?
– Yes. I never knew I’d come here with you. This is my first time here, too. Really? It’s my first time.
I’ve been wanting to come. Please keep your watches and
cell phones here. Cell phones. (Why?) We don’t have cell phones. – Watches.
– Any valuables? Myself. Get in the basket. (Go in the basket) You could lose them when you’re inside. We don’t have any. (What is this place?) You could lose them and you must keep anything
that lights up out here. Wow. Is this that restaurant? Oh, that restaurant. (Welcome. You’ve never been
to a dark restaurant, right?) Don’t they shine as themselves? I think it’s going to be
very bright in there. (Thank you) Wow. Wow. Wow. We’ll enter now. Leave those here. I’m so excited. Line up in a single file. Let’s put our hands on
each other’s shoulders. I really can’t see anything. It’s nice. What’s going on here? Be careful.
Don’t get hurt. It’s so cool in here. I’m scared. I really can’t see anything. I see a red light. What’s that? The camera. Aha. They still need to film us. (That scared me) Wait. Where are you? Wait up. Come on. (Each of them takes their seat
under the staff’s guidance) (Where are you sitting?) (Juyeon- Ah!) What is this? (Juyeon’s clumsiness shines
even in the dark) Move to the far left. (They carefully move sideways) Hyuksoo. I think this is the center. Don’t grab me when you fall. We’ll both fall. So this is the center. Can you see me? No. It’s dangerous. Have a seat here. (They finally get seated) Wait. Yes? Juyeon, where are you? I’m here. Where is here? Juyeon. Okay. Where’s New? (They’re clapping to tell each other
where they are) (Getting mischievous) You’re sitting far away. Is this a rectangular table?
Or Is it round? It’s round. No, it’s rectangular. I can feel the corner. Is it in a U-shape? Yes. (This one is fighting against the dark) Carefully see what’s in front of you. (What? Ah!) (Q is surprised) (What’s going on?) That scared me. It’s a wet towel, guys. A wet towel. There’s a wet towel. It’s a restaurant where you eat
in the dark. Isn’t it amazing? What is? I never knew a place like this existed. Do you have the wet towel
in your hands? – Yes.
– Yes. I can smell the food. – You do?
– Yes. – Really?
– Is it pizza? – Are there more wet towels?
– Sweet potato pizza? – You can really smell the food?
– Yes. I can smell it. Did someone already serve the food? I thought it was the smell of
the wet towel. I don’t have one. They might’ve served us food already. Here. I can’t see. (He fails to get a wet towel) Could you please tell us
if the food is served? Excuse me. Please. Can you see me? Our seats… I see the light. They can see everything. (The appetizer is served) – Are you eating something?
– No. By the smell of it, I think it’s bacon. Bacon. Indeed. Chef Juyeon. (Sunwoo is about to put his face
on the plate) It smells so good. Is this the only dish we’re served? – Here it is.
– No, no. Is it one dish per person? (The production staff won’t answer) Huh? (They can only rely on the waitress) One of you should be in charge
of the bell. I am. I pressed it. – There’s a bell.
– I pressed it. You did? (Excuse me.
You just pressed a wet towel) (Meanwhile, New chews) (rips it off) (and tastes the food) (He finishes the appetizer by himself) I’m done eating. What is it? Duck. Kevin. Oh. I’m scared. Be careful. You might poke
someone’s eyes. Oh, it’s hot. What is this? (He carefully takes a bite) – Did you eat it?
– Yes. (That hurts) What is it? You gave it to my jaw, not my mouth. – I have to move up a bit higher?
– Yes. (Why is it so hard to eat duck?) Yes. There. (Q hands over the meat to Juyeon) – Did I find your mouth?
– Yes. I spilled food. I can’t tell if there’s food
on the plate or not. (Where’s my duck?) Use your hands. (He moves his fork to find his food) By the way… (Ah!) You scared me. Please don’t do this. It was a joke. (Oh, my heart) I’m scared. Let’s just stay quiet. (Of course they wouldn’t stay quiet) (They’re getting mischievous) My hands are right here. There’s someone in front of me. (Sweep) (Sweep) Someone is blocking me. What is it? Someone is in front of me. I’m scared. Don’t lie. – I’m really scared.
– I’m serious. (New and Q are disoriented by
the random attack) Something touched me. (Everyone is starting to scream) I’m really scared. Wait. Who has a glass of water
in front of them? Me. Where my water? I had one but it’s gone now. (Where are you, water?
Can you see me?) My water. The cup… Yes? I think I spilled it. Did it break? – I don’t have my cup in front of me.
– What? Where did it go? Where is it? I placed my cup next to me
and it’s gone now. – I see 7 cups on the table.
– What? Where are they then? I don’t have my cup. (They all had their own cups earlier) (Sunwoo starts to fumble around) (Discreetly) (He begins to steal
the other members’ cups) I nearly ate with my nose. (The youngest member gets bold
since he can’t see anything) I’m so dizzy. (They don’t know what’s going on…
You’re awesome) (He has all cups in front of him) I don’t have my cup. Is it a ghost? (Right… Ghost Sunwoo) We’re all done eating, right? (Fried rice is served next) – To the left.
– Sunwoo, you eat so fast. I do? – Yes.
– No, I don’t. I’ll eat slowly. Okay. Where are you? Oh, this is a fork. That’s why I couldn’t eat anything. What? Hyunjae? What? Give back our plates. Who wants sweet potatoes? It wasn’t me. It really wasn’t me. Sunwoo, are you eating? My plate disappeared. I think Hyunjae is doing
strange things here. (They’re not actually wrong, but…) Hyunjae is usually the culprit. Who wants sweet potatoes? Pass it over. (Meanwhile, he successfully gets
someone else’s fried rice) – I got it.
– What? – I got it.
– You did? (You eat. I’ll eat on my own) (Bang) What was that? Kim Sunwoo. (Let’s just enjoy our own dish) I’ll eat this. Let’s eat two. Excuse me. This is our chef’s special dessert. It’s finger food.
You can eat it with your hands. What? (We can’t see anything and
you want us to use our hands?) I’ll give you one per two people. – Oh, finger food?
– Yes. – Did you get it?
– One for two people. I got one. Can we eat it? We eat this with our hands? What is it? – What is this?
– Ah! It’s gross. What is it? Is it really food? (Wriggle) (Ah!) What is this? Something just wrapped around my hand. Give me your hand. I smell seafood. It’s my favorite. It’s a live octopus. (The dessert that made everyone
scream is live octopus) (Ah!) It moved. (They’re having mental breakdowns) How cute. (They’re severely welcoming
the special dessert) I heard something. Is the octopus cut up? May we eat it? (Why ask? It was served for you to eat) It’s alive. (Hyunjae is about to faint) It’s alive, right? (About to faint) Don’t do this. Who wants it? I feel bad for the octopus. But it’s so cute. – Can we take one home?
– It’s a whole octopus. (New is eating well in the chaos) It’s pulling on my hand. Calm down. Octopus. I love live octopus. I really enjoyed it. It was seasoned well, too. I usually eat it with spicy sauce, but they seasoned it well. (Gulp) Do you have sesame oil? – Are you eating it?
– Yes. – I’m eating its leg.
– Me. – Who is it?
– Who’s eating it? That’s so cruel. How can you eat this? Do you normally eat live octopus? – Yes.
– You’re really eating it? Isn’t it too cruel? What about the head? Is it dead? Did you enjoy your meal? How can we enjoy it? Can I take one home? Go ahead. I’ll help you walk out. The octopus is so cute. That way? Towards Sunwoo? That was a great meal. Thank you for the meal. Thank you for the meal. I’m scared. Don’t leave me behind. (They ended their first dinner
together while screaming) Where did you go? The BOYZ Flower Snack.
We’re open. (Kwon Hyuksoo –
Leader Kwon of Flower Snack) (The BOYZ Flower Snack – We’re open) (The second day of Flower Snack) Another day has begun. What are you guys looking at? (Analyzing the music trend) I want to watch. Are you looking at something strange? (No way) That’s what it looks like. (They’re enjoying Apink’s new song) – No.
– Apink. Whose song is it? Apink. (I want to watch, too) (Me too) (Bounce bounce) (Come to Flower Snack) Hello. (Hyuksoo shows up today as well) Why aren’t you guys resting? We were watching Apink’s music video. – Apink?
– Yes. You guys were watching it without me? I just got a great idea. What is it? I just got a great idea. Come out here. – Okay.
– Come out here. You should also master
girl groups’ dances, too, right? (The time has finally come) No way. Let’s hold a dance battle. The losing team prepares
the ingredients. That’s great. It’s a good idea, right? Yes. I’ll play a random song on my phone. Okay. (That sounds fun) (Girl group dance battle: Cooking team-
Kevin, Juyeon, Hyunjae, Q, New, Sunwoo) (VS Beverage, serving team – Sangyeon,
Younghoon, Jacob, Haknyeon, Hwall, Eric) – It’s over.
– We won. Let’s do it. The first one up. Hwall. Our star. Our first member. Juyeon. (Cooking team’s Juyeon VS
Beverage, serving team’s Hwall) The first song starts. (“CHEER UP” – TWICE) (Hwall gets started) (Going to Flower Snack
Shy shy shy) (Shy shy shy attack by
serious boy and handsome boy) (Exploding with cuteness) (Baby) (There’s no mercy in this battle) (Let’s go) (The highlight dance of “CHEER UP”) (Cheer up, baby x 2
Hang in there) How cute. (Full of Aegyo) I forgot the next moves. (Flower Snack, cheer up) (Juyeon is helpless due to
Hwall’s strike with hearts) (Good job) (Hwall wins) Next song. Let’s continue. Juhaknyeon. He’s hard to beat. (Cooking team’s Sunwoo VS
Beverage, serving team’s Juhaknyeon) Haknyeon, do you think you can
beat Sunwoo? Not a problem. I’ve been waiting for this day. (Let’s win again) Random music, cue. (“Me gustas Tu” – Gfriend) (In a daze) (Forget it) Gfriend. (Touch) (Underaged boy’s fatal look) (Come in, come in) (I’ll show you all the Aegyo I have) (Let’s all have fun together) (A refreshing ending) (The longing look) The camera directors are
having a hard time watching you. They were all shocked. (Still posing) I thought a Gfriend member came. (Sunwoo wins) This will decide which team wins. No one can beat Jacob. Wait. Wait. – Are you confident?
– What? You must have a headache from using
your brain too much, Jacob. Can you remember the dance moves? I can relieve my stress by dancing. I’m surprised. (Can Jacob do girl group dances?) He’s usually quiet, but then surprises us by behaving randomly. That’s how different he is. He has a super pelvis. Pelvis? (His moves seem extraordinary) (He’s getting started) Cheer for them. Q, show us what you got. I can’t move like he does. Random music, cue. (“UP & DOWN” – EXID) (This song!) (A must for male idol singers
who dance well) (Unbelievable) (So hot) (So sexy) (Ah!) (A top-class wave) (Heating up) Let’s go, Q. (Doubled fatal beauty) (I won’t lose) (Girls, are you watching?) (Let’s stop now) Let’s not go too far in front of
the cameras. (I’m sorry) (Jacob, the pelvis fairy
as burned up the place) There are so many staff members here. Yes. We’ll judge the dance by their cheers. Who thinks the cooking team won? Please applaud and cheer. (Getting loud) It’s too loud. (The members are louder) The beverage and serving team
was better. Please applaud. (Asking for more cheers) The team that will be in charge
of cleaning is… (Was it Q?) (Or Jacob’s surprise dance?) The cooking team. (Congratulations) Jacob… His pelvis… Is your pelvis out of alignment? Is it not connected to your body? Shake it. (Celebrating) (Bounce bounce) Oh, that snap. I can see the snap. Please don’t ever show that
to me again. All right. (Let’s get ready to open now) (The cooking team members
get the ingredients ready) (Sunwoo secretly eats) – What should we do?
– Q. Why are you so down? (I’m going to practice my moves) (They get fresh ingredients ready) I’ll work on this. (He gets the oil clean, too) (They get rice cakes ready, too) (Powerful dancer is squeezing oil
out of salmon) It’s looking at us. Can it move up and down? (Yes) It can move up and down, too. Like this. (Is this possible, too?) (It can move sideways, too) I think we’re ready now. Yes. Hwall, please open the door. (Who will come today?) (Flower Snack is open) (Next week) (The serving team works hard
on the second day, too) I only focused on my task. I was told that I was good. (Candidate no. 1 Eric –
Fluent in English, too) You’ve been waiting long, right? I’ll get it to you right away. Enjoy. (Candidate no. 2 Hwall –
Great service and Aegyo) Like this? Lots of free food please. Please let me know if I need
to improve on something. The serving king is… I think it’s me. I think it’s Eric. We prepared a special performance. (We will please your mouths,
eyes and ears) (New things happen at Flower Snack) (We invite you to our store)

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  8. Hwall is really a cutie kitten and even if he's more on being cool and chic, he's still a cutie baby 😻😻😻 He's one year older than me but he really looks so cute 😻😻😻😻

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