[ENG] 현아 ‘Flower Shower’ 안무에 대한 자매의 생각 (+의상 정보)

Hi~ guys! ooh…So pretentious Hi~~~~~~~ This one too. lol Hi~ Hi~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ Ordinary Sis ♥ What are we going to do today? Recently we uploaded
HyunA – Flower shower cover dance. We’re going to tell you what happened
during the cover dance. And our thoughts on HyunA’s choreography. We are now wearing the costumes
we wore at the ‘Flower Shower’ cover dance. There were many people who asked about the clothes on the cover video. So, We’re going to give you
some information about clothes. Please watch until the end! (subscribe) The price of clothes will come out!! Q. What do you think about
the Flower Shower choreography? It was easier than I thought! 😀 The movements are well memorized. It’s not uncomfortable with the next move. Oh, Right! It’s made up of natural and wonderful moves. And there are many lovely moves in the choreography. Isn’t this move cool? Yeah, cool! But it was hard for me to be nice. Right… When we practice, we relax and dance naturally, but when we shoot, we make a lot of mistakes,,, because we’re nervous 🙁 So our cover video
leave much to be desired, all the time… There’s always a little bit of unusual
movement in kpop choreography. Like Itzy – Icy ! Ah~Right! This was a very unusual move! This is not a beautiful move, but it is funny and unusual. But this time, there was no unusual movement in HyunA’s choreography. Beautiful Beautiful (x2) Beautiful (x3) That’s right. You know what it is. Flower shower is composed of choreography
that shows HyunA’s charm. Yeah, Yeah. and the dance goes well with Hyuna. HyunA’s dance lines is show well. And that’s a little different from a back dancer. Backdancers are cool and HyunA is… cute!! pretty skinny Q. What’s your favorite part of the Flower Shower choreography? Sitting on the floor and getting up at once
and doing this. Oh, that’s a little hard, but it’s fun. Yeah, It’s hard. Because we have to sit on the floor at once
and then wake up at once. Which part do you like best? Me? umm… put my arms down like this, This part!! i think it’s coolest move, and the highlight of the Flower shower. The men’s back dancer part!! Ah!! I played the male back dancer,
when i passed between Nayeon’s legs, i got bruises on both knees. It was hard, but the choreography was fun. You did this way, and i did this way. ?? No, I did this way, and you did this way. ??? Ah…right. lol Oh, and you wore your hair in braid this time. Ah! Right!! I tried to express HyunA’s hairstyle. So i braid side hair and have a half-tied hairstyle. The hair looked good on me than I thought. lol Braid your hair now. Let’s show it. (….annoying) No, it’s annoyin….. Like this (I’m braiding my hair eventually) lol Like this… And like this…again This is how I got my hair done. I don’t look like Hyun-ah, but with my hair like this, and cover my face, it looks similar. lol We need to talk about clothes, right? Right! There were many difficulties and problems
to choose this clothes. We always buy clothes offline. We have to see the material of our clothes. And check the clothes are suitable for dancing. We go to ‘Bupyeong underground shopping mall’ a lot. (It’s a hot place in Incheon) And we usually buy clothes there. This song is a spring concept, but since it is winter… it was hard to find clothes that fit the concept. We didn’t know what to wear. How many hours have we been walking around? Almost two hours? And so we ended up choosing this. We chose this clothes…but Can I say this? Actually, I didn’t like it. I shouldn’t say. (Silence) First Time Only!! (We didn’t like it at first, but when we
actually wore it and danced, it was really pretty. :D) This dress we’re wearing is the same design. We bought different colors. There were four colors. White Black Pink Gray We chose blue letters on a white background, and white letters on a gray background. What does it say? Open up and look. Oh~celebrate! We bought it for 18,000 won each. The quality is good for the price Right! The clothes are very thick. Be of good material. Won’t the cost of fabric is more expensive?
(Too excessive? ) Actually, the fabric is much cheaper. It looks luxurious. Yeah! Especially, gray looks more luxurious. It’s called Balloon. The sleeves with puffy appearance like a balloon. Like this Where’s your hand? This clothes has short arms. That’s why we can see our hand movements better. It would be a little uncomfortable
if the sleeves were too long. Yeah, right. The waist is also balloon. How can I show them? This clothes has a short sleeves and a short waist (The overall fit are found in dance video cover. :D) (Trying to show it on a narrow screen) lol It’s just right on the line of pants, but… when we dance, our clothes go up…and stomach is exposed. We didn’t think of that. If you buy clothes similar to this, make sure to wear a tank top inside. That way, you’ll be able to dance comfortably. We don’t always have a regular store to buy clothes. We roam around until we find clothes we like. So it’s hard to give you any information. But what is certain is that we buy most of our clothes at Bupyeong Underground Shopping Center. The same clothes are sold in many stores there. Prices vary from store to store,
so you have to go around a lot and compare them. If you go around a lot,
you’ll be able to buy it at a lower price. The end! Let’s do with me 3,2,1 The end~! We talked about what we felt
when we covered the flower shower and the clothes! If you have any other questions, please ask me in the comments. 🙂 (Ready…) Bye~~!!

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