ENG) 연말, 꼭 해야 할 겨울 눈꽃 프렌치 네일 / Winter Snow Flower French Nail Arts

Hello, Today I’m going to do a pretty French snowflake.I made snowflake art on my thumb and French nail like this. And I put Swarovski along the cuticle line. It’s not difficult, so follow along Now my hands are thinly coated with base gel and honey builder gel after care I’ll do French nail first. In fact, this is no royal road. You have to practice a lot Then you will have your own know-how.
I will show you how to do this I’m not the right answer, so you can practice this and find your own way. French nails are difficult for many people, but in fact, self nailers don’t have to practice hard. I bought it because it’s easy to use Gracia French Brush Wet enough white gel on both sides of brush If you have a good gel on your brush, just sweep it from the left side And turn the brush and work on the other side the same way Just connect the center to the curve and French is ready How easy is it? The color is different because the gel is different, but the shape of the French brush is pretty without a flaw. I’ll try to see if the polish gel is working well The method is the same. Once you’ve connected the left one, the right one, and the center naturally Wipe off anything on the side If the lines are not pretty, you can use the curves of the brush to touch them again. And touch the gel in the middle It’s going to be two-coat anyway, so you can finish it as it is. The pinky is so small that I think it’s hard. I will show you Smaller nails are not difficult because you don’t use the entire brush but only the parts that touch the curve I have a lot of flesh next to my nails You have to wipe off the dirt on the side of the nail and I’ll cure it for 30 seconds You can apply it again the same way If there was a little bumpy line, apply it with the idea of ​​touching it. And paint it on the bottom with the idea of ​​adding color. There is still a consistent quality French without any technical skills. If you are worried about French nails, you might want to buy one. Please finish and cure for 30 seconds.
Now I’m going to put Swarovski on the cuticle line Apply builder gel with the idea that it fills the top except the French line. Since the gel has been applied to the French line more than once, the builder gel is only placed on the top part to eliminate the step. And you can put Swarovski on without curing For a clean design, I’ll only use two colored gems. The cuticle line is a little round. If you keep the angle in line with it, it will be symmetrical with the French line on the opposite side and you will feel harmonious. Please cure it for 30 seconds.
I’m going to finish it all with clear & top gel I’ll overlay using a very thin brush I’ve put a lot of gems together, and there’s almost no gap between the top gem and the cuticle line. You need a very thin brush to control this. Don’t forget the gap between the jewel and the gem, you have to touch it once It’s not pretty to cover too many jewels, so I do a minimal overlay. The upper part, cover the side of the jewel Half of the brush’s area covers the jewelry and half the nails on the bottom cuticle line It’s not pretty if you cover the jewelry frame too much. But if you don’t cover it at all, the holding power is low. Once you’ve overlaid the jewel’s border, switch the brush with a square brush to apply the rest of the area. It’s pretty to apply it with the idea of ​​stacking more gel on top of the french line It’s pretty to apply it with the idea of ​​stacking more gels outside the French line Please cure it like this.
I’ll just do a snowflake of thumb I’ll apply the builder gel thinly on the center area and put on the snowflake sequins without curing. Make some curves with a brush stand, etc. and then put it on your nails Please cure.
Cover it with builder gel again Please put snow jewel in state without cure Put a round Swarovski on the center of the snowflake and cure it for 30 seconds I’ll finish it with Clear & Top Gel If you’ve watched a lot of my videos, you’ll remember, but I don’t cover Swarovski. So it wraps around the edges like this Cover all the boat-shaped flakes so they won’t discolor and fall later I will omit the overlay video.
It was completed Every time my hand moves, the sparkling light is so beautiful, but it doesn’t seem to fit that much on the screen. If you enjoyed today’s video, please subscribe and like it. Thank you.

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