Easy Felt Flower Wreath – Flower Wreath #DIY (Paper Crafts) – Christmas Decorations

Hello everyone! Welcome back to S Nuraeni channel. In this video, I’ll share, How to make felt flower wreath from waste. wall hanging. Christmas decorations. Stay tuned… And click the SUBSCRIBE button below, then activate the notification bell. Prepare pieces of felt fabric with the size to make poinsettias felt ornaments. Cut the corner to form a circle. Next cut and divide into 5 parts. Cut the corner. And cut the edges, Like this. Give glue in the middle of the petal. Then fold, press, And pull. Make a hole in the middle. Do the same way for all sizes of felt poinsettia leaf. Like this, this is the same way. This is artificial flower stamens. Use 2 pcs. Fold it in half. Like this. Then give glue. Put the pistil. By sorting. From the smallest leaf. To the biggest leaf. Arrange the leaves. Intermittent. Among the previous leaves. Give glue on the bottom. So as not to loose. This is floral wire no. 26 And I have cut with a length of about 4 cm. Put the wire in the middle. Then give glue. And smooth it. Next fold it. Press. And fold again while the glue hasn’t dried. Then cut it sideways. And trim it. Make 8-10 pcs for one stem. Arrange 2 pcs face to face. Then wrap it with brown floral tape. Give a space of about 2-3 cm when wrapped around the felt flowers. Prepare cardboard. And I have prepared a tool to make the circle pattern. It is made of wire, functions the same as a bow. If you have, you should use a bow. Because my bow is missing, so I made this to make it easier. This wire is 12 cm and 8 cm long. Then make an outer circle pattern. And make the inner circle pattern. Like this. Then cut the cardboard according to the pattern. Make 2 pcs. This is paper. You can use newspaper. Then fold and press the paper. Insert the small wire into the paper. Like this. Make 9 pcs. Connect the 3 papers. Make three paper connections. Then the paper braids. And arrange the paper on the cardboard. Glue with tape. Then press so that the paper becomes denser. Give glue on the other piece of cardboard. And stick it. Here I use green satin ribbon. Wrap it around the cardboard circle. Stick the felt poinsettias. For this felt flowers, make sure the bottom of the stem is not given a floral tape. Because glue can’t stick perfectly to floral tape. Arrange 2 stems under the felt poinsettias flower. Arrange 4 stems. Wrap one of the stems to tie. Then bend the wire. And give glue. Stick next to the felt poinsettia. Repeat the previous step. And stick it at the top. Like this. Then I use red ribbon for the hook. Cut to a sufficient length. Then give glue. And tie at the top. Done. Thank you for watching. See you in another tutorial. Don’t forget to like, comment, share, and SUBSCRIBE~

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