East Texas Horticultural Field day set June 24

East Texas Horticultural Field Day June 24,
2010 at Overton– Video Script VO: This year, the East Texas Horticultural
Field Day at Overton is set for June 24 at the
Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center at Overton. The field day, which is free
and open to the public, will feature nearly 400 entries of everything from petunias to
verbena to ornamental sweet potatoes, said Dr. Brent Pemberton, the Texas AgriLife
Research horticulturist who has conducted the trials every year since 1994. SOT: (Dr. Brent Pemberton)
We are looking forward to the 2010 field day this year. We have lots of new plants out
in the field. We have a new selection of napier
grasses which is a new type of purple-leafed ornamental grass which I think will be really
interesting for the future for us. A lot of them are experimental varieties. We also have
a lot of new varieties of gomphrena which are really hitting the market this year which
is really a great plant for the heat. Here we
have some very interesting new petunias, we have a solid black petunia with a pinstripe,
which is a new trailing-type petunia, and a different color which is a really neat addition
to the different varieties that we have that will do well here. We also have new varieties
of ornamental sweet potatoes, which is getting a resurgence in introduction of varieties
on to the market and support of the ones that
have been around for a while. We also have some new begonias, which you will see in our
shade trials, which are looking absolutely beautiful this time of the year. And we also
have some others things in containers. And back at the demonstration garden, of course,
we have the Earthkind roses and lots of perennials. And some of the perennials things
we are trying are award winners, the North Texas Winners Circle and the Texas Superstar
plants that we have been promoting. Anyway, it is going to be a long list of things
to look at on the Field Day in two different locations to see them. VO: The field day is free and open to the
public. A free lunch will be served. For driving directions, call 903-834-6191.
. VO: This has been Robert Burns with AgriLife
Communications. -30-

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