Dorm Improvement – “Episode 5: Planter Box”

[“Dorm Improvement” Intro
instrumental music playing
throughout] JOE:
Hello and welcome to this
episode of Dorm Improvement, Im your host Joe Kubicki and
alongside me today is my co-host
Matt Coplein, Matt how are you doing today? MATT:
I’m doing great Joe how about
yourself? JOE:
I’m doing great. Are you ready
to get started? MATT:
Yeah I’m really excited. So what
are we building today? JOE:
Today we are building a custom
planter box. When we are done this will be a great addition to
any dorm room. Students can
plant a fresh erb garden or any other small flowers they
would like. It also would make a
great Mother’s Day present as you can get all the materials
for this project for 20 dollars
or less. Let’s take a look at the
materials you will need for this
project. Three six inch flower pots,
a ten foot pressure treated two
by four, and eight foot pressure treated deck board, and a small
piece of cardboard. Hence this
project may get wet over time, you want to use pressure treated
material because it resists
wood rot. You could use cedar, but that would at least double
the cost of this project. These
pressure treated boards are dyed a darker color and I think
this just looks better. MATT:
To get started we are going to
cut two pieces of the two by four at 30 inches for the front
and the back. [Instrumental music
playing throughout] JOE:
Next we are going to attach
the legs to the side rails. We’re going to attach these legs
first because it makes it easier
to put everything all together. And when we attach our legs
we’re gonna make sure we got a
little bit of space between the edge of the board and our legs
so that we can attach the sides
and we also wanna make sure that they are the same distance
now from the top of the board
to make things even. [Instramental music
plays throughout] JOE:
Now to attach this to the front
we are going to use these two and a half inch deck screws. And
these are galvanized screws so
that they won’t be affected by the chemicals in the pressure
treated lumber. [Instrumental music
plays throughout] MATT:
Next we are going to cut the
decking for the top to length and then cut out our circles
for the pots. [Instrumental music
playing throughout] JOE:
So now what we are going to do
is we are going to get the top board set up to cut the circles.
So in order to get the best
results we’re first gonna put a spacer up here inbetween our
two boards. And for that we are
just gonna use a screw. You can use a nail. If you would like.
And we are just going to get
the rough spacing. And so what we have done is we bought six
inch pots, and so we wanna cut
our hole a little bit smaller than the edge of the pot. Cause
we are gonna want this to sit
down in it, but leave the top edge on the upside. So what we
did is we took a comapass and
I measured the inside here
with my compass. Then I made this circle templat.
So now we can just take our
circle, line it up for our three pots, and we can set this up
real easy. So now we are just
gonna measure for the first one. Then we will measure
off of the first one for the
second. So our top is 32 inches. [instrumental music
playing throughout] JOE:
Now that we have all of our
templates drawn, we are going to go ahead and cut these with
a jig saw. [Instrmental music
playing throughout] JOE:
Next we will attach the decking
to the frame. [instrumental music
playing throughout] MATT:
And there you have it. A
wonderful planter box. Like we said you can keep this in
your dorm or use it as a
Mother’s Day gift. We’d like to thank you for joining us this
week and hope you’ve picked up
some useful tips to build a planter box of your own.
For more useful tips and tricks
as well as future episodes check out
Until next time I’m Matt
Coplein. JOE:
And I’m Joe Kubicki and this
is “Dorm Improvement”. [“Dorm Improvement” Outro
Instumental music playing

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