DIY Yardzee Yard Dice | Free Template and Scorecards

hey everyone today I’m going to show you
how to make giant Yardzee lawn dice for this easy DIY project you’ll need some
4×4 post start by setting up a stop block at three and a half inches because
4×4 posts are actually three and a half by three and a half this will allow you
to cut perfect cubes I’m using cedar simply because untreated pine four by
fours aren’t usually readily available repeat the cuts until you have five
blocks I made a template for the dice that you can download free on my website
I’ll leave a link in the description down below you’ll also find a free
printable score card once you’ve cut out all the templates and followed the edges
simply wrap the cube to form the dice next you can use a scratch awl or a
punch or even a nail head to punch a hole through the center of each circle
marked by a white dot use a Forstner bit to drill the dots I’m using five-eighths
but any size will do I’ll simply line up the brad point from the bit with each of
the holes I’m using my drill press but you could use a hand drill just as well
I make sure to turn off the drill between each hole so I can perfectly
line up the next one and use my depth stop so I’ll only drill down about a
quarter of an inch before sanding I’m painting the holes
with some black acrylic paint careful not to go over too much since the raw
wood will suck up the paint into the green after letting it dry
i sanded down all the faces with my bench top sander but you could just as
easily use an orbital sander I also made sure to round over all the cut edges so
the cubes were evenly rounded on all sides to finish them off I’m using some
outdoor spray-on varnish and I applied two coats don’t forget to head on over
to my website for the free template and printable score cards and if you want
subscribe to my channel for more DIY videos thanks for watching see you next

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11 thoughts on “DIY Yardzee Yard Dice | Free Template and Scorecards

  1. Get the free dice template and printable scorecards on my website

  2. Thanks!!! I’ve wanted to make some of these, but I wasn’t sure what game to play with them. So Yardzee (Yahtzee) is the game played?!? Great to know. Much appreciated.

    A 5gal or smaller bucket could work as the cup.

  3. I’m looking to buy one or two sanding machines. The Ridgid oscillating belt sander you used for this project, is it also the one that converts to various sized spindle sanders? How do you like it overall? I think that I also want a disc sander, but maybe that’s not necessary, if I have an oscillating belt sander. What’s your advice. Thanks a bunch. ?

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