DIY Mini Patio Pond

Hey everyone I just wanted to come
outside onto my backyard to show you guys my project my do-it-yourself
mini patio pond – that’s my garden, messy garden, it’s a mess
so that right there’s my whiskey barrel that was like 20 bucks I got it at
Tractor Supply in Hopkinsville and that was originally where I had my mini pond
until I got this and this actually was this whole thing, this whole entire
setup was under a hundred bucks this is a pond liner it holds 35 gallons and I
got it at Home Depot for 30 bucks and here’s the pond itself
I love these do-it-yourself projects because they’re so affordable
they’re so crafty you could do it however you want it to do and it’s great
because you know my husband’s in the military so it’s not like I could dig a
hole in the backyard and this is perfect for it you know maybe you’re living in
an apartment or if you’re renting or you know if you’re in the military yourself
you know obviously like I said you most likely can’t dig a hole in your backyard
so this is a perfect substitute for it I really wanted something like this the
moving company will move all of this for you you know obviously you’ll just have
to drain it and you know put the plants and the fish you’ll probably have to
transport it yourself but that’s not a big deal and you could just put that in your
car unless you’re like moving out of the country or something but everything,
everything else you know even the rocks the moving company will move that for
you these rocks I actually got these rocks from my backyard when I was doing
my gardening I saw these huge clay rocks I thought oh, they would go perfect for
my pond – this I wish you guys could smell it this smells so good
this flower smells like lilac like, like the lilac perfume – it’s not I don’t know
what it’s called but it’s just it smells so good and it’s $1 at Walmart and that
red plant is five dollars this plant I do know what it’s called this is a
golden pothos if you ever been to my house you know I have these all over my
house they’re great for purifying the air this was five bucks they’re house plants
but you could grow them outside – the only thing is they grow like weeds
like you know they have these long vines and they’ll basically like overtake the
whole entire pond if you let it down there I have a lily pad there’s another
lily pad in there that little pot is something that my husband made in
college it’s just so ugly and I never… I never could quite figure what to
do with it so it kind of belongs down there in the water but I finally found a
use for it oh, there’s my little goldfish I think
just swim away oh, there he is he’s right oh, he’s swimming away from me
again okay yeah the filter is an aquarium
filter you know because I mean this is only 35 gallons so the pond filters
they’re all like for a hundred gallons 200 gallons so I just I got an aquarium
filter it was like 15 bucks that air pump right there it was like six bucks
at Walmart but the filter does such a good job that I’m not even sure that you
need the little air pump I just like it because I like the, I like the bubbles
that it makes and it’s good for the water is oxen… it like it oxen… oxidant I
guess I don’t even know what the word is but it like it gives the the
water oxygen basically but I don’t like the tube coming out of it I think
that’s like an eyesore I haven’t kind of – I don’t know I haven’t
quite figure out how to hide it yet there’s my little fish I don’t know if you can
see them I’m kind of like blocking it with my phone and my body like it’s in
an awkward position to like film it I’m using my phone so that’s probably also
not like the best thing to film it with I hope I don’t drop my phone into
this but there’s my little fish anyway he cost 16 cents and he’s like the
only one that survived all of my other expensive fish that were like $7 they’re
dead this little $0.16 guy he’s a survivor I mean I
actually thought he was dead when I was moving the fish of like when I was
moving the whole entire pond from the whiskey barrel to do this I finally
found him I didn’t see him for like days so I thought he was dead I thought the
bigger fish ate him but he outlived all of them he outlived those bigger fish
those big expensive fish he outlived them right down there is my Blackmoor
fish he is so cute I know you guys can’t really see him
very well but he is just so adorable he has like these alien bug eyes he’s so
cute I have a few other fish somewhere over here oh, there’s another one
I don’t know if you can see him like all the way down there so those two little $0.16 fish they were like the
only two that made it out of the whole entire original, original pack—-
original pond they were the two fish that made it and they were tiny little
tiny, tiny fish at 16 cents each and they made it the other bigger ones
they died and then I have a golden fantail somewhere that’s hiding I don’t
know there’s like lots of place for them to hide oh and I have moss down there I
have moss I have pebbles I have a clam shell down there like an actual clam
shell not, not the decoration we had clams the other day I made clams and
then I ate it my daughter was like mom we could put one of them in there so I
was like ugh, I don’t know so I, I… cleaned the clam shell and then I put it
down there, oh there’s the little guy where did he go
he’s right there I’m trying to find the fantail one oh I see him he’s hiding
behind my plant it’s like so awkward – he’s right there he’s hiding behind the
plant I’m not sure if you can see him yeah so yeah this whole entire – all this stuff
you could get it at Walmart Home Depot anywhere it’s very affordable

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