DIY – CEMENT CRAFT IDEAS | Perfect Combination of Magic Fountain and Fish Pots | Garden Design Ideas

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100 thoughts on “DIY – CEMENT CRAFT IDEAS | Perfect Combination of Magic Fountain and Fish Pots | Garden Design Ideas

  1. Did you use pure cement mixture ( cement with water) or did you use cement with sand and water?

    If you used sand as well, then what ratio did you use?

  2. Is your little helpless fish still alive? He is unable to swim! It is clear he is stressed. Maybe too much water falling on him? Nice fountain, but get the fish out of there! Constructive criticism 👎 from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷.

  3. You kept the camera focused on the fish for a long time. So, you could see he could not swim and was stressed. 👎 You are pathetic! Unsubscribed. From Florida & Puerto Rico. 🇵🇷

  4. зачем рыбок туда пускать?Они уже умерли от вашей воды и водопада!

  5. Liked your video of fountain. I actually saw the one on bottle and hat 👒 first for vase and pot. Liked that one also. Hope your 🐟 ok. Keep up good work 😊

  6. J'aime beaucoup les création, mais pitié pour les poissons, ils ne peuvent vivres dans ses bassins. Bravo

  7. บักแกวเอ๊ย ตื้นจนปลากระโดดออกได้ ยังจะจับมันไปใส่อีก

  8. Dont put fish in! The poor fish has no where to go and just sits there getting beat up until dead! Totally toxic environment. Unecsisarily cruel. Nice idea. Just not for fish.

  9. Todo está bien, escepto los peces, ellos necesitan agua sin cloro, y mas profundidad. De lo contrario mueren.

  10. Muy bonito tu trabajo pero el pez mejor cambiarlo por uno de plástico por favor porque ese pez no debe estar en esas condiciones gracias 😊

  11. Criativo! Parabéns, se eu for copiar está linda ideia eu mudaria colocaria as bacias para cima assim a água cairia pouco e não molharia tanto ao redor e usaria pinturas de cores mais suaves as cores poderiam ser mais neutra. A parte de baixo deveria ser mais profunda e maior para não respingar. Desculpa minhas palavras . Obrigada

  12. Great project. Shame it is not deep enough for the fish. I hope you saved them and put them in a proper tank and not left them to die in that

  13. The idea is great but to many colors, and the fish should not be under water boring. The fish is in a prison been tortured. Not Lol. 😭

  14. M.e gusta mucho todos los proyectos y me gustaría saber la lista de materiales solo salen video no la explicacion


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