Designer brings ‘Modern Slavery Garden’ to Chelsea Flower Show

You may think that slavery is something of
the past And something that wouldn’t exist in the UK But this advert released by the Home Office
aims to raise awareness of the 13000 people in the uk alone who are thought to be held
or forced to work against their will From the depravity of humanity… to the beauty
of nature. The Chelsea Gardens. But this year modern slavery will have light
shed on it at the Chelsea flower show, thanks to the work of juliete sergeant The artists garden seeks to highlight the
hidden nature of the crime to those who visit Despite the fact
its hidden by nature….Sergeant wants to bring
modern slavery to the forefront Whilst nature is permitted to exist freely…
the hope is that all people too can live freely

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4 thoughts on “Designer brings ‘Modern Slavery Garden’ to Chelsea Flower Show

  1. If you didn't know slavery was alive and well in Europe and Also the United Kingdom you really have been living under a rock

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