Dancing Fountain of Barcelona.

The water is within us. We are more water than anything else. The water makes us who we are. The fat, the sugar and the protein are only
as good as the water that we drink. We love water, we love the colors, and we
love the good things in life. In this wonderful video we can see the dancing
fountain in the city of Barcelona. The water and the colors can create a very
magic experience for the people who visit the fountain. Many people donate their coins to the dancing
god of the water and light. We live and we create. We break and we build a new life. The water of the dancing fountain is in the
constant movement. The water is like the life. The water of the fountain is fast and colorful. The colors of the fountain are like the different
emotional states of the people. Each column of water is like a person in the
group of people. The individual columns of the dancing water
can create a very interesting pattern. The columns of the dancing water create an
effect of the magic and excitement. We love this magic, because it helps us to
remember that the world is large and colorful. Very often, we are stuck in our work, our
complicated life and the race to own more things, or to pay for the things that we did
buy in the past. Our life is short and it can flow away like
the water in the dancing fountain. It is important to understand that our most
valuable resource is our creativity and our time. The dancing fountain is created from the power
of the water and the light. The creativity can create the magic out of
the most basic things. The water and the light are very simple and
cheap, yet they can create a very complex dance with the help of the creativity. epSos.de is very happy that the human creativity
can create a machine that helps the water to become alive and to dance for our entertainment. We are like the strange animals who seek the
beautiful and the interesting things in this world. We are never satisfied. We do not like to see the same things. We love the diversity and the positive change. We want the stability, yet we often seek the
adventure of the vacation, or we buy new things that can make us happy for a week. We often want the change and the escape from
the things that we know. The dancing water fountain is always in the
movement and in constant change. The color of the water can change very fast,
or it can be very slow. The colors of the fountain are perfect for
the large mental button of the curiosity that we have in our mind. The dancing fountain of Barcelona is a perfect
example of the creative use of water and light in the public space. The dancing fountain of Barcelona can press
multiple mental buttons at the same time. We love the colors. We love the dance and the elegant movement. We love the music. We love the fresh smell of the clean water. We love the atmosphere of the magic and the
new technology. We love the large and the grand things. The dancing fountain of Barcelona can offer
all of those things. This dancing fountain is a like a very large
decoration in the city of Barcelona. The light and the water can create an emotion
of the new, the fresh and the unexpected. We love this emotion. It is like magic an it makes us happy for
a moment. There are also many flowers around the dancing
fountain, which can help to create an emotional satisfaction for the people who visit the
dancing fountain of Barcelona. We can be very happy that this wonderful fountain
is part of our world.

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