Creating Water Gardens in Containers

Water gardening in containers is easy. All you have to have is a container that doesn’t have holes. This container or ceramic pot doesn’t have any drainage holes so it’s very easy to turn it into a water garden, because it doesn’t drain out. There’s a lot of normal shoreline styles of plants that also grow very easily in a water garden container. They don’t just grow in ponds, but you can also use them in containers. They’re very easy to take care of. You can’t overwater them and it’s very hard to underwater them at the same time. There’s the same kinds of ideas we have in our other containers of thrillers, spillers and fillers where some of the plants grow tall, some of them grow around the sides for show and some of the spill out over the sides. We’ve got some groundcover kinds of plants that have the long, trailing vines to them. those grow very easily over the sides of the pot. There’s also a lot of regular garden type plants that you can easily plant in your garden that also grow in water garden containers. The Impatiens, the Caladiums, the Coleus all like very damp, moist conditions. The Elephant Ear is a much taller, bigger plant, but it also likes just being a little bit damp. These plants can just be put into the container very close to the surface, not way down at the bottom like some of these water garden plans that grow and they would do very well right up near the surface. There are several ways of getting these plants up near the surface. This container is full of marbles and so you can raise the plants by just filling up with marbles. There are devices that you can put in the container that go down about half way that let the container sit down about half way and then there are clamps and clips that you can hang on the side of the pot and then on the side of the container just to hang them in that position. They’re very easy containers to grow and all you do is top them off with a little bit of water every once in awhile and they’re just really simple to take care of.

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