Copart: Behind the Scenes – Virtual Tour of Yard 11 | Houston, TX

Welcome to our Copart yard here in
Houston, I am Jesse Perez and I’m excited to show
you around. My name is Davis Cosmi, I’m the Assistant General Manager here for Copart, Houston. Hey guys, follow me into the lobby. As you can see behind me we have
the front desk here, the three biggest questions that we generally get at the
front desk are registration, we direct them to our website, we show them there’s
even a web series on YouTube on how to go through the process of becoming a
registered member. The next question is payments, we have
multiple ways of transactions, we take cash, we do credit card transactions as
well, we do cashier’s check or money orders. The third question that we always
get is also pickup, how vehicles are picked up, we hand out gate passes as we
call them that goes out to our designated gate guard he then
distributes those gate passes to our fleet of loader operators, they can
either bring the vehicles out front for our local members who pick them up and
take them to their house or their place of business here in the Greater Houston
area as well as we also cater to the 9 car transport. There is an Express line
if they’re not picking up titles, they can use the Express line, pay for the
vehicle, get the gate pass and pick up the vehicle. Each transaction takes a
different amount of time it’s no set time to it, one person may need to be fully registered, another one may be missing
one or two documents that have expired like a business license or a driver’s
license. Those would take a lot less time than a
full registration for them to come in they can come in to the Express line get
us a current document, whether it be a driver license or a business license and
he can be in and out of here within 5 minutes. The best time for a customer to come would be before the lunch hours or after
the lunch hours between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. are the peak hours, so if you can
come before then or after then would be the best time to come. So now that you’ve
heard what happens at the front desk let’s go to the back office and I can
show you what happens back there. As you can see now we’re in the back
offices and back here we processed titles. We have six Title Clerks that do the
processing for us at a high level. We have a dedicated dispatch department as
well, we handle a fleet of over 50 independent tow drivers. Now that we’ve
seen the back office let us take you to the back yard. Copart really strives
through its mission, visions, and values to provide the best possible auction
experience. A small insider tip is we always like to tell folks, if there’s ever
an issue with the vehicle make sure that you bring up that issue to us while the
vehicles still physically here on site, once it gets off property that’s very
little we can do about it but if there’s a concern we always like to know why the vehicles through here that way on-site management can take a look at it. Jesse Perez. My name is Davis Cosmi, we really
appreciate you swinging by and taking a look at the Houston Yard.

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