Continued Revitalization Efforts on Belle Isle – Restrooms and Scott Fountain

Right now we have about 70% of the restrooms
open and we’re still tracking down problems and fine tuning them and ordering parts and
placing them as they come in. We just replaced some sinks and plumbing to the sinks. We also
have been painting all the restrooms that are open.
The Scott Fountain is about a four to six hour process to start it. It’s almost like
maintaining a giant pool. You have to make sure everything’s out of it. You have to
make sure all the jets are clean so all the water is firing at the same rate, and when
it comes on at noon you almost get the standing ovation feeling because people haven’t seen
it run for a while or they say they haven’t been out on the island for so long and they’re
so happy we’re here and happy for the work that we do.

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8 thoughts on “Continued Revitalization Efforts on Belle Isle – Restrooms and Scott Fountain

  1. Yes!!!  This is totally exciting.  I have not been to Belle Isle since the early 2000s when I worked as a creel clerk for the DNR.  My son and I also participated in a goose banding effort that allowed me to tour the entire island.  It was very discouraging back then due to disrepair and neglect.  I look forward to hearing about more activities as the park is revitalized for the people of Detroit to enjoy.

  2. I just left there.. I AM OBSESSED with how beautiful the fountain is. Im so happy to see it working again. I love the chairs and the family atmosphere. Thank you.. Thank you Thank you

  3. Well done.  Belle Isle will be restored to it's natural beauty. I remember going there growing up. So much fun. From swimming to ice skating.

  4. Beautiful! ! It was so nice to see the Aquarium, Conservatory and Big Slide Again! Thank you so much for all your hard work! I took my sons there for their first trip. Looking forward to watching all the improvements! I have lots of memories from when I was little visiting the Island! 🙂

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