Common Jade Plant Problems

hi guys welcome to easy-peasy gardening
I’m your gardener friend Ruchi and today I’m going to show you some common
problems of jade plant so as you can see I have two healthy Jade plants here and
if you look at this jade plant you know the characteristics of healthy plant is
that it is like bright green leaves with reddish outline and the leaves are shiny
so that means you know the plant is healthy that’s how your normal plant
should be now if you look at this plant this is also a very healthy plant but if
you compare with this other one the leaves are slightly darker you know if
they have this red outline and leaves not as shiny as this one so this simply
means that this gets a little less light than this. So there’s no problem here now if you look at this one now this is a
plant that I keep inside on my desk now if you look at this you will see that
the leaves are much darker you compare with these the leaves are much darker
and they’re not as shiny as this one you can hardly see the contrast between the
outline and the leaves so definitely this needs more Sun so the point I’m
trying to make is that you know Jade plant needs a lot of sunlight so if it
is in the shade then it will get the leaves will get darker and they may lose
the luster that they should have in a healthy plant so that is one problem and you see you
know dark colored leaves and they are not very shiny you need to give it some
sunlight now if you’re going to move it around like this one was sitting inside
now if I move it outside and you know full south sunlight it may get actually
sunburns so I’ll show you you know some of the leaves in here like this so this
got scorched inside or this one so it has this brown spot in the middle or in
this one so sometimes you know depending on the position of the plant some of the leaves may get
the sunburn so if you see brown spots in your Jade plant that means it
got sunburn. So when you are trying to move this plant out because it should
get more sunlight just make sure to acclimatize it a
little bit maybe give it some east Sun for a couple of hours no more than that
if you give it South Sun it will definitely get sunburn. So the
brown spots on the leaves means scorching Sun so that means you have to
move it out so jade plant loves sunlight but it can’t be scorching Sun
so try to move it towards the Eastern Sun. The third thing that I’ll show you
this plant itself now if you look at this, the nodes, from
where the leaves grow they look pretty far away
so the plant looks a little leggy as compared to look at this one, there are so many
leaves in a cluster and this doesn’t look leggy at all. This looks very bushy
and this looks leggy. Again it needs more sunlight and it makes sense because
this was sitting inside my office so that’s why it’s becoming leggy. So that
is a third problem, it’s not really a problem you can easily amend this, just move it out
slowly and it will become bushier the fourth problem that sometimes you will
see in the plant is that you will see that the leaves are shriveled
you can see the wrinkles in the leaves and they are brownish and they don’t
have any luster that means they don’t have enough water. This plant is drought tolerant
but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need any water at all so if the leaves
are shriveled definitely the plant needs more water and on top of it if the
leaves are shriveled and they start to turn orange all over not just the
outline all over that means it’s too sunny and it needs a lot of water. The
fifth problem that you could have is that sometimes you know a plant like
this is growing and then suddenly the branches will start falling off and this
will mostly happen when it’s rainy season and the plant is outdoor so that
happens when the root is rotting and the root is rotting, the plant is
going happily and now the root starts to rot and it cannot bear the weight of
this plant because these branches can be real heavy because these leaves are real
thick so the branches they become limp and slowly they
start to fall off, so that means too much water. So when it is raining and it is sitting in the puddle for a long time the roots will start to rot. So
that is the fifth problem so you need to water it but very little and it in fact
they say that you should water it only when the leaves start to shrivel a
little bit then water it and then they’ll just
happily expand and all okay. The sixth problem is the leaves
sometimes they start turning yellow or black so that is again a sign of over
watering. So those are the common problems of jade plants. It is a drought
tolerant plant but it needs little bit of water if you don’t give it any water it
will lose its shine and it the leaves will shrivel and if they’re too much of
Sun then the leaves will burn and brown and if there’s too much of water then the roots may rot or the
leaves may turn yellow or black so I hope I have covered all the problems of
the Jade plant if you have any other problem that you see in your jade plant, please
write in the comment section and I’ll try to answer as soon as possible if you
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see you next time happy gardening, bye

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100 thoughts on “Common Jade Plant Problems

  1. Dear sister,
    My jade plant has yellow dots on their leaves, almost all of them. In the beginning the leaves were so beautiful & shining then don`t know what happened. Any suggestion please. Thank you.

  2. hi, my jade plant minor’s leaves are getting darker and thinner even though the tips are purple and pink. the lowest leaves are a little wrinkled but the upper ones aren’t. they’re indoors and it’s currently winter and i don’t know what i’m doing wrong. does this seem like a normal problem?

  3. Thanks for the great video. I finally understand why the branches are falling off of my Jade plant! I am thinking of transplanting my Jade to a bigger pot. Can you suggest a good soil mix? Also, can you provide specific recommendations for watering? How much? How often? My plant is quite big although the branches do not have very dense leaf clusters. I am hoping that transplanting it to a larger pot with good soil will help to give it some new vigor 🙂

  4. Thank you for the information it is really helpful. I have one query the plant I have it's mostly indoors but I expose it to sunlight as well. But at times I see too many leaves falling off on its own. How can I take care of that? Can you help me.

  5. Why does one or few leaves doesn't have the stiffness ..& falls off the main stem not from plant.. it hangs but doesn't have stiffness.

  6. I bought a jade plant from nursery 3 weeks ago, since last 10 days it's leaves are falling off.. it's a small plant n every day 4-6 leaves are falling off.. what to do ?

  7. Your information on the plant is excellent
    Just an observation what you have shown are different varieties of them
    There are 1400 types of Jade
    Each doing differently, maybe this has helped you do your video but the one with the red rims are a different lot all together

  8. I have a different problem..we went on tour for a month..and jade plant didnt get any water or sunlight for a month..when we came back..leaves were shriveled and i water it once everyday till soil becomes moist..but leaves became more dry and black..they started falling..and also theres white tiny spots on leaves..please help if theres anyway i can resurrect this beautiful plant..

  9. Hi. My jade plant is shedding its leaves lot. This is worrying me… The falling leaves r new n small.. Can u please suggest something.

  10. Hello @Easy Peasy Gardening, I have (2) 3 yr old jade plants and have done various research over the yrs trying to acclimate them to the outdoors. I have previously killed Jades before and I'm now very cautious. Could you possible do a more in depth video on what exactly does it mean to "acclimate". I know you made references to it in this video. But are you meaning sit it outside eastward all day everyday, full/part sun? Or take it in at nighttime each day? Idk. Thank you.

  11. Hello there! I have a jade plant, it looks like the one in the often do you water them? And should it be watered thoroughly until water comes out of drainage holes or not?
    Just wondering because I am scared to over water my jade

  12. What's wrong with my Jay print the leaves are falling off but it's not overwatered it's not writing

  13. Do you know what the problem might be with my baby jade? The leaves have started looking very thin, less plump, and soft, but I’ve been watering at least once a week. Only one brown spot on a bottom leaf which is probably from months ago when I first got the plant. It gets about four or five hours of good sunlight from a window sill, and the pot has great drainage. It’s still getting taller though, and there are new leaves budding. All I can think of is more sunlight

  14. My ripple jade started to get shriveled up and like one half of my plant is turning very red and some brow spots

  15. I put down some jade cutting in a pot, but found that the leaves were turning limp and falling . So i would like to know how can i revive my plant. Can jade be grown in shade or sun ? How often should I water? And what soil does jade need ?

  16. I brought small plant all of sudden leaves start falling and stem is also bending i gv water every third day only how i can safe my plant now plz help

  17. How often do you water your jade? I'm watering every other week. But my roots are starting to look dry and cracked. Its a young plant, maybe 6" tall. So I'm not sure if its starting to get hard trunks like your plant or if its dying haha

  18. Hello mam,
    That's very nice and informative video…. please suggest the care tips of the same plant in rainy season

  19. My plant has almost died..I don't know has just a soft 2 inch stem above the pot..which is soft and there any means I can still save it

  20. Dear Madam,
    I really appreciate your inputs in video. It is indeed helpful for me.
    But among many problem you discussed, the last one about leaves turning black..need more clarity..
    I mean if you can support this with demo or pictures for this particular problem.
    My problem & Query:
    I leave in Mumbai.. Recently, drastically the humidity and temp has gone up.
    I have same Jade, Bought 4 five months back, in a couple of month it lost its pink edges on leaves. but was still going good..
    but then in last few days (after rise in temp and humidity) all the healthy leaves (which managed to be on plant till last week) have fallen off.
    and one peculiar finding is, earlier when leaves had fallen, they dried off, leaving green color to dry gray, but now the fallen leaves are turning to dark brown / black coffee colour, and getting rotted.. no leaf drying is there anymore. This is strange. plant is left with 25% of its foliage.
    To ruin it further, the new and less mature leaves have started exhibiting same while on plant.
    I can mail you the pics if you want.

    The same is happening to my other Crassula, with ears shaped leaves.

    please suggest something.

    Gaurav Fasate
    Belapur, Navi Mumbai.

  21. Very informative video thanku so much mam. Plz tell me What kind of soil u r using for your jade plant.

  22. Where do i keep the potted jade plant when it rains…as my pot is kept out in our building compound for we r not allowed to keep plants in the window worried that it will rot due to overwatering.

  23. It has drainage…but my worry is the soil is going to be continuously wet coz… of rain…wont the roots rot

  24. I got brown spots on my jade plants when I used to water them while the sun was still up. The drops of water would glue on some of the leaves and would act like lenses for the sun rays creating the burn.

  25. I just transported my Jade plant from a cold, damp climate to a warmer, dry climate. The trip was rough on the plant and all the stems have become limp and many of the leaves are falling off. How do I help my plant recover?

  26. Absolute newbie gardener here. I literally found a jade while walking one day (the woman who gave it to me insisted it was "dead" but I had a feeling it wasn't… I knew nothing then though) I later found out it was literally a stem with a couple of leaves stuck into some soil in a pot. it sat inside for a year, then outside to a shady patio. A few MO ths agkbibmkve dit outdoors and one leaf burned. Now I know what the problem is. But otherwise looks pretty healthy though, it turned bright red. Stems, leaves, everything. Leaves are shiny and plump otherwise though . no idea which kind it is.
    Another thing is I gave a jade to a niece and while replanting it the root ball broke apart (so the plant split into three). One plant looks like it's too dry and a leaf fell off, even though I give it what I think is enough water… but the leaves look shriveled and wrinkly. The other one seems to be okay, it's on an outdoor table under an awning. The third one was given to the nice and seems to be doing well enough… maybe that tiny plant was just too weak? No idea. I thought I would give gardening a try, know my major talents lie in… fire related things… 😎

  27. This is one of the most informative videos about jade that i had seen.Mam,i would like to send few photos of my new jade has few issues.but i really couldn't figure out exactly what it is.So i would be pleased if you could give me your email id.

  28. Great tips! I just started getting plants for my apartment, and I just apply it apart. The trunks are pretty fat, but they aren't chartreuse. They're dark bc I'm in Wisconsin, and my window didn't get much sun. Thanks!

  29. Thank you so much for these excellent Jade growing tips. I had a beautiful large Jade plant for many years, indoors. Then after a watering such as I'd done many time, it started to fall apart limb by limb, as you said in the video, due to root rot and over watering I suppose. It was actually a very sad experience for me to see this plant I had done well with for many years, and was a lovely specimen fall apart and die with seemingly nothing I could do. However, I imagine there was something I could have done??? Since then I have been hesitant to have Jade plants as I am afraid of over watering again. So your tip to wait until the leaves are a bit shriveled when dry to water was very helpful, and I'll give it another try! I do love them. 🙂

  30. My Crasulla Gollum is dropping its leaves after I put it outside for sun. Some leaves are brown really dry and shriveled up but some of the other leaves that are falling off are still green . I don't understand what is wrong with my plant and why the leaves are falling off daily. This is a rather large well established plant . Please help

  31. Recently I have seen brown spots/bumps on my jade plant can u pls tell me the reason for this and what should I do for this?

  32. Hii, thank u for such an informative vedio. I have a jade plant which i got from a nursury around 1 month back. It was doing well but as rainy season started it started falling its leaves. I repotted it as i thought the soil was sloggy but it is still losing its leaves a lot. Can u plz suggest a solution for that. As it id raining a lot so giving it 4 5 hrs of sunlight is not possible.

  33. My jade plant is dropping the leaves what is the reason I can't understand but it has growth means it is getting small small leaves also….
    Plz help me…..

  34. Hi there! I wanted to ask what to do with my jade she is 6 year old. for the pass few months the older leaves are brown with cracks and flakes. What to do?

  35. I found white looking mold or fungus? on the dirt. I had ordered these plants from amazon. That is how they came in the mail.

  36. Hi. I have a big beautiful green happy jade that's about ten years old. It was happy and perky and then literally overnight all the branches wilted over. Just hanging. I think over watered it. It kills me that in one day it went from beautiful to sad. I tried tying up the branches but realized they were not going to perk back up. I broke the pot and let it dry out and re potted it in a bigger pot and cut the branches way back to the still firm areas and have not watered it yet. Do you think it will grow new leaves and be revived? I am so saddened that I caused this to my beautiful plant by loving it too much!

  37. Why don't you use clay pots for ALL your plants, gives the soil more air circulation , your little plants should be put in clay too. You don't know everything.

  38. Hai mam…i am from india.we have good temperatures i.e.around 30 degrees now in july also.should i keep in direct sun? Till now i have kept in shade i.e.besides main door.the plant is well and good.waiting for your suggestion.

  39. Mam my plant stem is drying at the edges leaves are dropping even watered leaves are becoming thin. East sun a little bit. Iam from India .Suggest me to save my jade . Stems are left.small leaf variety

  40. If my plant is shriveling from lack of water, how often should I water it until it reaches its normal state again? I watered it two days ago and the leaves still appear withered ?

  41. Mine is small like your desk plant and it’s dropped dark shriveled leaves and very leggy. I moved it to get East sun and going to water it more. Thank you.

  42. Hi
    I have brought a new zade plant n it was very green with shiny leaves but as I repotted the plant after two days the plant leaves fell off n left leaves n stem turned black. Kindly guide what to do

  43. Hi, I bought pink Jade plant one weeks ago , I put it in the room where there is no sun light , will it be ok for this plant

  44. I have a jade plant that has been flourishing until recently. Now it has seemed to have lost rigidity and its "flopped " over. It has been outside for summer and i suspect it is overwatered . Do you think this is the problem?

  45. I have recently bought a jade plant, its come with glass bowl, after 2 days I am looking that the leaves are falling or dropping off and the leaves are green and small, it is not turning yellow or black. Kindly suggest what should i do???? please suggest me I am beginners about this gardening.

  46. Hello Easy peasy gardening , just saw your video, I have bought so many jade plants about they have died indefinitely either by drying or due to rotting Please suggest something

  47. Hi my problem is that my jade plant’s leave are wrinkle but some of the leaves turned black too. So what does that mean? I did water it about once a week and the leaves are still wrinkle. I bought it about 2 months ago and it doesn’t have much roots when I tried to repot it.

  48. I had to leave my apartment for more than a month so my Jade plants shrivelled its leaves and got reddish. I watered them thoroughly when I came back …Will they be ok ? They were in the south window. The top leaves seem OK.

  49. My jade plans is loosing its leaf and it is changing colour also .as u said it's leaf are light green but its loosing leaf .pls help

  50. Hi . Thank you for the informations. My jade is having bumpy black dot spots under the leaves and some of my leaves are crusty near the stems. Some stems are even covered with brown spots .
    Can you help? Thank you

  51. Có cho con hỏi cây này có ve trồng không co?và cách trồng nó như thế nào vậy cô.co có thể vịt sang tiếng Việt dùm con đc không co??

  52. I don't know what my jade plant's problem but i just bought it yesterday. It was still small but looks healthier yesterday but this morning its leaves looks dry so i immediately put it outside but not too long maybe haft an hour because the other plant cover the sunlight (i put it inside my room after buying it so i thought it might need sunlight so i put it outside) and also gives a little water (i use a spray). But this afternoon it has a dark spot on the leaves it scares me that i give too little water this morning so i give it a water again but this time its directly on the soil not that many but much more than the first one i give. tonight it worries me because one of its leaves withered i dont know what should i do now. i can't move it to another pot because i still doesn't know its problem. Please help me

  53. Can I put my plant outside? I have had it for 2 years and it has stopped growing so I was wondering if I can plant outside?

  54. Maam my jade completely shrivelled last 10-15 days back. If shaken leaves fall off. I tried watering, i tried changing to soil from cocopeat, tried keeping it outdoor from indoor esp kept in east sun. But nothing is helping. Pls help maam

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