Come visit us: Horniman Museum and Gardens

I’ve been coming to the Horniman for
years and I have a lot of really happy memories here. It’s just really different from
other museums It’s great that a cultural hub exists
outside of the centre of London. I think it’s just a fantastic place
to be with the family. There’s lots of things for parents
to do with their children. I’ve been coming for 60 years. It’s just
the best museum in South London. Everytime I come here I’m
absolutely amazed because there’s always
something different to see. It’s a great place to come and spend
your Saturday morning. You find out things that you don’t really
find out in other museums. It’s very interactive. I think it’s a really important part of
South London. There’s something for everyone. You can’t beat a walrus really. You can find all the world
in a small place.

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