Colorado Springs CO Artificial Turf Installation Review – Lawn Pros

Hi, my name is Jacob Simon and I am here with
Kelly and Arlene. We have just finished installing a brand-new artificial turf lawn for them.
So tell me what is it that you guys like the most about this? We don’t have to pay for
the water to water it. We don’t have to mow it. Extreme low maintenance. Extreme low maintenance.
Yeah. We love the fact that its not all the mud and everything being tracked into the house.
Good. Anyone with dogs or even little kids will understand the mud and dirt factor. Oh
yeah. And the twigs and everything else, grass. Would you recommend us to your friends and
family? Absolutely. Actually, I have to two of them. I have sent them pictures and gave
the name. Good. We love you guys, you guys were awesome. You guys were professional,
you came, you did the work. You worked really hard and we appreciate that. Right I would
recommend anybody to go to you absolutely they would be happy.

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