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Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann
Reardon and this is … Dave Reardon … and I thought it was time for another clever
or never which is where we get a whole bunch of gadgets and test them out to
see if they are indeed clever or if you should never buy them. So let’s start
with one Dave you picked up. It’s something very special got it at a garage sale or
a yard sale. What is it? This is a potato chip maker or a french fry maker … it looks like it
might have seen better days. Made in about 1950s when potatoes are smaller. We’d better chop it. Okay this is a -1 already. no yeah we have to chop it. No it’s not this device’s fault that potatoes have grown larger in the last 50 years.
Okay so your put it in and you put it up against the edge here like this
and then you’re magically … oh! Did you test this? No I never tested it before. Oh. Maybe you do need a
really little potato … and go oh it works now that’s
pretty cool don’t try and pull it out let’s just put another one in see if that pushes it through. There you go, now it’s actually working really well.
Right let’s do a race. Go! Wait! Why do I have to wait? Yours is going to be much faster because you’ve done a whole potato and I’ve only done half. I think you actually do win although my fries
are gonna be long slender fries and show me the last fries you put through … But everybody loves the last little chip. I do
actually go for the crispy little ones. I think it’s clever. Thumbs up for yard sales! Okay on to gadget number two. I have a cake server
it got a bit squashed in the mail as you can see the box is rather squashed
now this promises to slice and carry it over to my plate. So much promise! So much promise I haven’t tried it I’ve prepared two cakes… one single layer and
then if it passes that the double layer so we can see how it goes. Predictions?
Not a chance! Okay let’s try with this one so I’m
going to cut. It cuts through the cake that’s a good start we’ll see how we go …
oh oh … will it drop it? It actually worked. I eat my words and my
cake. It is a bit of a rounded slice. Instead of exactly straight but it’s alright. Should I do it on the bigger cake? I’m interested I’m curious
now. All right let me see go around the strawberries, turn it so you can see.
okay we’ll push down it’s very good for portion control they’re very skinny
slices it’s not very sharp so it’s compacting the cake. We’ve got
it, now can it take it out? I might have to give it a finger to help
here we go. Oh it actually did, now can it loosen the cake and let it go? I think
it’s gonna fall let’s just put it on its side. What are you gonna give it? I’m
gonna give it a clever because it works. It did work
but I’m just never gonna use it because a knife is easier. Gadget number three …
gadget number three, I have right here we bought this one in Paris. It’s a fork!
The purpose of this fork is to surreptitiously just steal food from the other side of the table
without anybody noticing. Oh where did that strawberry go!? It’s like a Troom Troom video … want to steal your friend’s strawberry? Is that clever or never? So clever, thanks Paris! Culinary
center of the universe. I’m struggling to give any of these gadgets a clever but
that one kind of gives a laugh and I think that was the purpose of it
so I’m gonna give it a clever. Either or the purpose is retrieving things that
you’ve dropped just out of reach. Backscratcher? No. Unhygienic! Moving on to gadget number four. I have
this thing contraption which actually cut circles, now at home I already had
this contraption that cuts circles so I thought we’d put them to the test
against each other and see which one’s better. Bags this one. You want this
one? Alright so we have a sheet of store-bought puff pastry, what we’re
gonna do is cut the as many circles as you can out of it using your cutter and
I will do the same. I’ve chosen a cutter that’s about same
size really as always we have not pre-tested these gadgets before filming
so no promises of what’s going to happen. I’m pretty sure mine will
cut a circle. Are you ready? get set, go! Mine’s not a perfect
circle after starting too close to the edge. oh wow look at yours go! Hang on I’ve got to speed up here. Did you press hard enough to peel the pastry off in between? Sure. This one actually cut well enough to do it in between. Yeah I’m not sure if
this is a bit blunt. You reckon? the metal cutter is blunt or you just
didn’t press hard enough. Do you think we should swap? Please no! You can
do this one really well you just have to push hard and go like that. Tell me when
you’re ready … go … you’ve already started you cheater. You’re doing really well Ann. Right now can you move the pastry from
around the outside? That is the real test to see whether it actually cut. Yes
Wow. The key with a circle cutter is just to push and give a little wiggle. Mine is working. Your’s worked too. yeah it’s a clever definitely clever. On
to gadget number … unknown. Five five okay so I have baked these little puff pastry
circles and just put some Chantilly cream in between them and I think they
need some strawberries on top which should work well for your gadget which
is which is a strawberry cutter. Which yes you could use a knife for but I’m
assuming this is gonna be more evenly perfect and fast so I hope so here we go.
Dave is gonna decorate these desserts with strawberries using the
gadget that he cannot get open out of the packet. Speaking of knives I’m gonna need a
knife. Let me get you one. Knife. Alright do we take the green off? I would hull the
strawberries. Hull the strawberry. I’m gonna move this so everyone can see. My hulling skills. Your slicing gadget. Look at this. You
didn’t even look. Have we got a beautiful strawberry or mashed strawberry? Beautiful strawberry! Don’t cut your finger on the blade. Beautiful. Beautiful? Beautiful
slightly mashed I’m not convinced. I’m going to do another one and then I’ll do these two.
Do you think it’ll look different when you do it? Yeah. Cuz you’re the world
famous pastry chef. I just wouldn’t mash the strawberry. I’m not doing
with the gadget I’ll do it with a knife. Well in that case I don’t take it personally. No I don’t think it’ll look any different if I do it with the same
gadget. I think if I look at it I’ve got more control. Right so you can do it, that does look a lot neater. Move it. Oh that is actually very neat. And then you Wow you did that
Thanks, thanks very much. That is actually pretty cool I am
thinking that it should actually get it clever. We got a lot of clevers
today. yeah moving onto number six. It is something to do with
lemons it is this little thing that according
to the directions on the back which are not in English but it has a picture this
screws in to the top of the lemon and then you spray it onto salad or wherever
else you want your lemon juice. Screw this in … this is certainly not that easy. Lot of juice in there, that’s a good sign then I assume this will screw back on. Alright so
it supposed to look like that then you come along and you go okay I’d like some
lemon juice on my salad please. I’d like some lemon juice on my salad please. And
you give it a spray … nothing it might just be coming through the pump. Hey! a little bit … lots … look at that. It’s dripping lemon. Maybe it needs to be upright to spray you know how some spray things need to be upright to
spray. Maybe we need to squeeze the lemon Lemon juice is coming
out of the lemon. Who knew? Whoever knew where lemon juice came from? Okay
I’m verging on never but it could be user error so let’s um … no I’m just verging on never. Gadget seven fits on any smooth bowl creates an
airtight seal. No! Safe in high temperature, look at that. Whoa! How long for is my question. Long enough.
All right let’s see is it gonna hold for very long? let’s count, well just
let me get a good seal. okay let’s see hey that’s pretty cool …
three four five … eight … twelve seconds! I knew that was gonna happen but it still
gave me a fright. So do you reckon it does actually seal it though in the fridge
because that feels like it’s so flimsy on there. I don’t know, well it must make it
good seal because it is able to lift it up. But that’s when your that’s when
you’re pushing down to you like compressing the air and they’re creating
a vacuum and then trying to extend it up but when it’s just on there relaxed is
it a good seal or is it not? Has it got gaps in there where it’s
letting air in? I’m gonna put this to further testing over a few days compare
something that has plastic wrap versus something that has this and see which
one stays fresher longer. Are you just gonna give it a clever straight out? No I
I’m very big on science. So wait till the end of the video
whether we decided clever or never for that one because I’m not sure. This next
gadget is the smallest one that we have ever had on clever or never. And yes because I have an orange in front of me you can tell it is for
helping you peel an orange so you put it on your finger like a ring and then you
run it around the orange and peel off the orange peel so I thought to test it
fairly like we do with all the gadgets we’d have race and you can see if you
can peel the orange faster or if I can peel the orange faster. Are you ready? I
was born ready. On your marks, get sets, go! It goes all the way around and then around my finger. I reckon I’ve got this. Oh but maybe you’re just strong and it was brute strength. Maybe. Maybe you’re
just amazing. Yeah I think that that was much
quicker the way you did it. Maybe I shouldn’t have cut the whole thing maybe
I should just use it to start but then it seems a bit of a useless gadget. Hmm
imagine that. Oh I so wanted it to be clever but I think it’s actually
gonna be a never. At least it doesn’t take up much room in your gadget drawer though. Alright moving on to the next one you have two gadgets what are they? I’ve got a
silicon skull and I think this is like an egg separator. Do you
even need to separate them to do the skull or not? How would I know? Well it’s your gadget. I assume the yolks
with the yolks go in the eyes. would that be cool? That would be cool! So maybe see if you can crack it straight in right I’ll give it a crack
on the George Foreman you know that I had a friend who badly hurt he’s put on
a George Foreman grill. How? Well his name’s Michael Scott and he burned it
Michael Scott as in from The Office? yeah. Today I got up I stepped on to the grill
and I clamped down on my foot. Oh no it’s not in the eye.
Oh dear I think we should quickly move this and you should use the separator.
Right do you want me to hold it? Sure. Team effort. Team Reardon! Do you want to take over? Oh wow, did that go through or did you tip it out? It went through. Let’s watch a slow motion replay. Oh surprising result! I don’t know if it went through or not, you do clearly 🙂 It’s the evil eye!
all right straight on in … there’s a bit of egg shell. okay so now I’ve just got to wait we’ll
get rid of the excess around the teeth now we just have to wait and see what
happens. I’m gonna freeze frame let’s see if we can do it
Ready Steady Go wow that was quick should we see if we can get it off yes there we go that’s pretty cool
yeah getting a clever. gadget number eleven is an old one I’ve never had one
of these as a kid did you have one? I think we did I think we had one of those
is it you you’re one of those families I was jealous of when I was little because
I went to a friend’s house and they had one of those now that that is so cool
but we never had one. Now it comes with all these different discs which I’m throwing
on the floor clearly. Which one do you wanna try? This one yeah let’s try the
snow petal. Chuck it in there, put this on. Does it need two? yeah okay two squeezes. Ooh that look like … a mollusk. Liquorice or pasta. That’s pretty cool
yeah enough playing we’ll bake those up for the kids and they will enjoy them
this one definitely gets a clever because this good fun to play with and
it actually works it actually functions as promised so Ithink that’s a
definite clever, what do you reckon? I think so I think the old-school gadgets
are working for us. Now back to check in on number seven. I put thin snakes of
fondant into three bowls I covered one with the silicon strawberry cover one
with plastic wrap and left the other one open. One day later and the uncovered one
was drying out as you would expect and starting to go quite hard it just snaps
if you try and bend it. The one covered in plastic wrap was also quite dry and
fragile it wasn’t as dry as the first one but it was still quite crumbly. Now
for the one with the silicon lid …wow that’s actually softer than both of the
other two it’s actually quite surprisingly still soft. Let me show you
look at that you can still bend it without it breaking…
it’s definitely airtight that answered that question and because it’s thicker
than a plastic wrap it does a better job of keeping the fondant from drying out
so it’s keeping the moisture in the bowl. That’s a clever for sure well that’s
enough from us for clever or never, I’d like to say thank you to my patrons as
always you guys are legends I really appreciate your support and thank you to
all my subscribers. Make sure you share the video over the friend to help us out,
make it a great week and I’ll see on Friday.

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