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27 thoughts on “Christmas Decor Shopping! Our First Tree! | MOM VLOG

  1. poor baby lol raven if you don't let that child BE GREAT on her own hahaha! she doesn't have to have ALL of your picky tastes sis… smh poor child had to ask if YOU liked reindeers for approval (with them cute puppy eyes of hers) 😩

  2. Raaaa-ye get Ziya the rainbow tree the critters n people she picked n hook up her room on you tube. Ziya the innovator🍉🧂🥛

  3. I used to be such a big fan but somehow lost your channel but I just recently found it again and I'm so happy that I found it again!

  4. I like how you research on Pinterest and other sites to find inspiration. You are a very good creative artist. Love your channel cause you are so real and fun

  5. Let Ziya express herself as a child with your support as opposed to calling her choices tacky. She can get a rainbow tree since you’re balling out on six trees. Let her be a part of Christmas.

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