Chicago’s Best Bacon #4: Niko’s Breakfast Club

(upbeat music) – [Man] Two California, one
raspberry, and one regular. – I hate mornings and
I also hate winter. The only thing that can
save me now, is bacon. (choir singing) I decided to join a club of
fellow enthusiasts out here in Oak Lawn, at a spot called
Niko’s Breakfast Club. Where I hear that Sherry,
and dear members, and maybe we should
become a member too. A club, for bacon lovers. (people chattering) Is there a membership fee
at Niko’s Breakfast Club? – Come here two times, you
become a member of my club. – [Elliott] What is it
about Niko’s Breakfast Club that has our fans
raving about you? – The service, I think, and
the quality of the food. And the love, the
love came naturally, to the customers to the friends,
which became a big family. – [Elliott] Is that just a
benefit of joining the club, is that you get
love on the side? – [Niko] Yes. – Okay. It’s that kind of place. I like that. (upbeat music) You have something on the menu that incorporates
bacon in a big way. – [Niko] It’s a Bacado omelette. Eggs, bacon, mixed with the
beautiful cheeses and avocado. Delicious dish. Who doesn’t love bacon? – Do you like bacon? – I love bacon. It hits the spot. – [Elliott] Bacon
always hits the spot. – It’s salty, tasty, crunchy, – Swine is good. – Bacon’s just awesome. – 80% of my menu
is full of bacon. – That means that 80% of your
customers are full of bacon. (upbeat music) – I just came back
from my cardiologist, so I shouldn’t even be
talking about bacon. – Wow. Who’s in the kitchen? – Javier, Brandon, and Maestro. – Names are terrible with me. – Just call everybody Maestro. – Just call everyone Maestro? – Maestro. – [Elliott] Perfect. (upbeat music) I don’t mean to spoil
anything, between you and Niko, but does he often
call you Maestro? – Yes. – That’s because he
can’t remember your name. – Okay. – This is where we’re gonna
make an omelet full of love. With some bacon in there too. (sizzling) Look at this, this is team work. No wonder you’re Maestro. Just take in the sounds. (sizzling) You’re a maestro. Conduct them. – [Maestro] Like that? – Look at that, he’s
so attached to bacon, he’s even got a rasher
of bacon in his hand. (sizzling) – [Maestro] That’s fine,
that’s good enough. – Where have I
heard that before? – Put the bacon first, avocado, till you see the bacon
is very, very crispy. – You want that little
crispiness to go on with the softness of the
avocado and the eggs. We’re a great team. – You’ve got the skills. – You’ve got the skills Maestro. – [Maestro] 20 seconds. – That gives us time
to eat some bacon. Do you mind holding onto
my bacon for a second? You can eat it if you want. – The best bacon. Right, very (mumbles) – It’s good bacon. – [Maestro] Then try
to do like circle. – [Elliott] Cheese now, on top. – [Maestro] Yeah,
a lot of cheese. Dark cheese, you know just– – What I hear you say
is all the cheese. – That’s kind of messed
up but we’re gonna fix it, don’t worry. – Do you see that? I see a sea of hash browns. Look at that. – [Maestro] That’s good enough. – Good enough. It’s such a popular phrase
with people with me. Good enough. – Whatever the customer wants. – Customer wants more bacon. – Try to sell it. – Bacado for Elliot? Hang on I’m gonna come
around and get it, I’m the customer too. Get your hands off, that’s mine. (upbeat music) This is the land of bacon. We even have a
bacon waffle here. – Everything’s bacon. – [Elliott] Should we dive in? (upbeat music) Can’t start your
day without eggs. And you definitely can’t
start your day without bacon. – Thing of beauty! – [Elliott] You guys make
that salsa here as well? – Yes sir. – Okay, good. Because that’s the first
thing that hits you when you take a
bite of that omelet. That’s great salsa! – We sell it by the gallon. – Eggs are perfect,
fluffy, from that blender. – [Niko] They’re nice and
thick, beautiful, beautiful. – It is great. And then you hear
those key ingredients. You got cheese, you
have avocado, bacon. – Bacon, more bacon! – [Elliott] It’s
a great omelette. – We make it with love
you understand me? Everything–
– You told me the love was on the side. – Everybody loves like nowhere
else, you understand me? The best city for food. – You feel the love Chicago? He’s giving it back. Come for the bacon,
stay for the love. I have eaten so much bacon
while I’ve been here. I may need to go and see that guys cardiologist
before I leave the South Side today.
– I hope not.

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