[CC/FULL] Secret Garden EP08 | 시크릿가든

Go tell Joowon, that,
I’m not giving up on you, Ra-im Gil. Even if he doesn’t agree with me,
I don’t care. – What’s the point of all this?
– Sorry, Did I startle you? I’m really sorry.
Do you think she was upset? I hope she was. I hope she cries so much that she can’t
open her eyes, wash, or even sleep. – I hope she turns out ugly.
– So, you used me? I might use you several times more.
So, you need to help me. Why should I? She left me behind, and
now she’s back to pick a fight. I just want to prolong the
fight for as long as I can. – So, she won’t go anywhere.
– He’s being serious. Hey! What are you doing there!
Aren’t you going to let me out? Do you want to die? Ra Im, if you help me out,
then I’ll help you too. I know everything about him. What’s on his mind? Didn’t he tell you about
The Little Mermaid? He sees that story as the
perfect example of the second wife. If he dumps you,
I’ll help you get back at him. Fine, please help me. Actually, he didn’t steal the car. Why is he acting like that? Move. Nice Shot!
You’re good. You scared me. Why don’t you pick up my calls? Didn’t you hear that I’m leaving
as soon as I finish shooting? Yeah, I heard.
Good Luck! I said let’s go together! Why would I leave with you? Is it because of Woo Young?
What’s so good about him? I like him.
And, Woo Young likes me too. Is that what he said?
He likes you? – Do you trust him?
– Yes, I trust him. Woo young is sincere,
unlike you who’s full of deceit. Sincerity?
Are you dumb? Men can’t distinguish
between a bluff and sincerity. Do you think Wooyoung Choi
is any different? Should I prove to you
whether he’s different or not? What do you mean? What was all that about, anyway? The car is there. I’m sorry.
I’m really sorry Come here.
You’re dead. What’s wrong? – Help me.
– Why should I? Didn’t you guys decide
to help each other out? – Hey!
– Where are you going? Yor’re getting better at
getting me into trouble, but I’m getting better
at retaliating too. You are so dead today. I really didn’t mean to do that.. You didn’t mean to? Then what’s up with the two-party
encounter at the police station? How dare you let them
handcuff a famous star like me? Do you want to get
blackmailed by my fans? If you keep this up,
I have no choice but to… What!
What can you do? Stop it! Stop it! Where are you going?
Get in the car… Don’t come near me.
Go, away! Ra Im, come grab him. How can you just leave like that?
This was just an accident. Accident?
Was it really an accident? What are you going
to do about my lips? Scrub it thoroughly!
Now! You did this on purpose, right? If you don’t want to wear the training
outfit that took 40 years to make with blood, sweat, and tears, then just drive. Stop right there!
My lips! You devalued my lips!
And ruined the history of my lips. What are you going to do
with my dirtied lips! Mister, do you know the
golf course by the beach? I need to get there,
but can I pay when I… Hold on! Don’t you know me? You should. You know who I am, right?
You know me now, right? Who are you? Oh my mister!
Look closely. You will remember.
Now you remember me. I’m looking at the place you left me. I’m looking, although you’re
not going to come back. There are so many
crazy people in this world. If you’re going to do
something, do it right. Mister! Mister! Hey! How can you just leave? I’m heading to the beach golf course.
So look carefully. I’m looking at the place you left… Why are you talking to the car?
Talk to me! Go ahead first.
I’m going to go get Woo Young. I also promised Mr. Choi.
You’re seriously a strange lady. Why keep that promise? Do you like Woo Young?
As a man? – Well, I don’t like him as a girl.
– Don’t avoid the question. What if I like him?
Are you jealous? Jealous?
You think I’m that immature? Honestly, you want me
to be jealous, right? What’s wrong with girls? Of course, though, women would love it
if a man like me was jealous over them. I should make you come
to your senses. Fine.
Let’s do this. I’ll be jealous so forget
about Woo Young. He’s not your family or your ex.
Why would you worry about him? Because I’m his fan. – That’s it?
– That’s it? When, I’d buy bandages and
patches on the way home… When I’d have to apologize
for being just a stuntwoman, a high school graduate,
who grew up without parents… When a close colleague
lost his ability to walk… and when my father passed away… When these painful things happened to me, Oska’s songs were like
a pain reliever for me. This is the first time I feel grateful
that our bodies are switched… Because I can help Oska. Although you feel like that,
that’s not right. I’ll make you regret the fact
that our bodies are changed. What are you going to do? Thank you, Sir. Keep up the hard work!
Drive Safe! How can you ride that car? Then, you thought I would walk here? How could you leave me in that situation?
And you call yourself my family? It’s not Joo Won’s fault. I’m the one who said
we should just leave you. She strongly stated that
we should leave you. Ra Im? – Why?
– Why do you think? I really don’t like you, Woo Young. Hey! Does he think he’s a
young idol pop star? You’re an old singer. Then you should be more mature,
Stealing your brother’s car. Especially that hair style!
Even my mom doesn’t do that hair style. Looks fine to me. I heard you took weird
pictures with Chae Rin. How disgusting. You jerk! You told her? Ra Im, That picture…
Didn’t I come out good in the picture? The angle was very… Oh, great timing,
there’s Yoon Seul over there. I should show it to Yoon Seul too. Ra Im, please… I thought you guys left,
but all of you came here. This womanizer right here left his bags. Since it’s difficult for all of us
to even gather here like this, why don’t you all stay here tonight? I’ll invite you all. The golf course here
belongs to our family. – Here?
– You didn’t know? Is that why you were so coldhearted? These people always say
that everything belongs to them… I’m sorry, but we’re a bit busy. Then, you should go first. I’m not busy at all,
so I’ll just stay here. What? Are you saying you two
are going to stay together? You and Yoon Seul? This is nice. Then, you guys go on ahead
first and drive safely. The sunset is very beautiful here.
It’s like a peaceful island. Let’s go for a walk
while dinner is ready. Don’t women prefer men who hold their
hand instead of linking arms together? Like this. So, we can feel each
other’s temperature. That crazy… Let’s go. This place is cool. Let’s have a talk. What a waste.
I should have been more cheesy. Are you crazy? You’re the one who started first. At least my actions
were cuter than yours. I’ll also make you regret the
fact that our bodies are changed. Hey! Why did you come all the way here? I should be the one asking you. I just guessed you would be here,
but why are you really here? As if you still couldn’t get over me. You seem to like this place. – Is it because of our good memories?
– Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have such memories. I don’t care about what
you do with Ju Won. But, what’s your reason
to show that to me? You’ll see that a lot from now. But every time you see us,
are you going to lecture me like this? Joo Won is my cousin. I don’t think someone who can’t
give up on Ra Im can say this. – He’s like my younger brother.
– Ra Im is probably his girl. Forget about my story. Then, what are you planning to
do with someone who has a girl? It’s okay
I’ve experienced men with many girls. Joo Won is not interested in you. How corny,
I’m also not interested in Ju Won. I’m just interested in his background. What’s wrong with you?
Did I break up with you? No!
It’s you who broke up with me. Are you sure I broke up with you? Are you sure you can hang out
like this before your premier? Why? I can’t even hang out since
I took the movie you rejected? Why do you say that? Am I supposed to call her
sister-in-law from now on? What do you mean? I’m talking about Seul. You could’ve called her sister-in-law. Did you sleep with her? Are you drunk? You fool.
Why are you so dumb? Do you think you are the only
one who slept with her? She’s a real player.
All the celebrities know about her. She acts innocent but
people know that she’s not. You guys are not really
going out, are you? You’re ruining my mood. Am I crazy?
Why would I go out with her? Seul is…
just my side fling. Just drink it up. What are you talking about? Are you saying I’m the one
who initiated the break up? You are the one who rejected my proposal
and went to study abroad with Joon Hyeok. – I did.
– So? Now I think about it,
I was still pretty and naive back then. – How was I in your memory?
– Are you kidding me? I’m just curious all of sudden.
What was I to you back then? You really don’t know? What was I? Don’t you remember what
I said when I proposed to you? Well, You didn’t sound sincere. I trust more what people
say behind my back. I should go now.
Joo Won is probably waiting for me. Oh, and about the music video… If it’s about that, then don’t.
I’m discontinuing this album. Wow, we were thinking
the same thing. I was going to tell you to do that, too. I was planning to stay around you
to see Joo Won often. But now that I’m getting
closer to Joo Won, I think it’s faster to get married
to him than using you as an excuse. Why are you out here? I was just looking around. I went all over the golf course,
but this place is awesome. It feels like you’re playing
golf on the ocean. Did you work as a caddy before? If you don’t trust me, then whatever. – But why are you coming alone?
– Why do you care, Ra Im? You keep popping up
ever since Jeju Island. Is it Woo Young or Joo Won?
Can you make it clear? I swear that I’m…
Kim Joo Won. Then, can you get the hell
away from Woo Young? How can a lady use
such a bad word? You can just say, can you keep
your distance from Woo Young. I don’t see a difference
between you and Gil Ra Im. What? Your reaction is terrible.
I’m sure you heard me. I’m hungry, so let’s go eat.
You are not treating your guest right. Don’t they have a towel inside? That’s a handmade
shirt from New Zealand. When did you get here? Your cheeks are red.
Are you cold? Isn’t it warm now? What do you think you are doing?
Get your hands off. I don’t want to be warm all by myself. You two!
Get your hands off! I think a man is attractive
when he knows how to cook. Not you, Woo Young.
I’m talking about Joo Won. Really? A woman looks beautiful to me,
when she enjoys my cooking. Really? Then, you will see the most
beautiful woman in the world today. I shouldn’t see it only today.
Come over to my place. I will cook for you. You must come when it’s
pitch black outside. So, you can sleep over. Then, I have no other
choice but to be with you. My eyesight is terrible in the dark,
so I can’t drive at night. I can’t do this anymore.
Follow Me. Where?
And, what’s wrong? We should go scrub,
so we can be born again. Especially this part.
Follow me! Where are you going? I think they are going to sauna. Sauna? People come to our
resort just for Sauna. Do you want to go with me? Do you think I’m crazy… If you want to. Do you want to die? Why? Are you doing that on
purpose to get me mad? What did I do? Don’t come in here.
Go over there! Oh, Sorry. You are still… I‘ll go out, then. What’s wrong? I’ve been working out. Are my legs too long? Some people say that
I look like a doll. My body is so far from the reality
that people are disappointed. I know how you feel. Perfect complexion and proportions,
the overall sex appeal… I’m sick and tired of people saying that. But Yoon seul, this is all fat, right? These are all muscles. I look good.
But these are a little bit short. Why don’t you have
cups or wine glasses? Why are you drinking it like that? Who cares what you drink it from?
You still get drunk. Did you enjoy the sauna? 36-24-34. How did you feel washing
next to your ideal type? My ideal type changed long ago to a
woman who can never be Miss Korea. It’s not that I can’t.
I just didn’t go for it. Right, because you are dark and ugly. You have an uneven butt. So you checked me out.
You are so perverted. You didn’t know? You! Just go to sleep.
Why are you here? I was about to go to sleep. I usually don’t care about these things, but I was curious why you don’t
have what everyone else has. There are so many things
that I don’t have. Which one?
Money? House? Family. My mom passed away
soon after I was born. My dad told me I have
her eyes and smile. My dad was a fireman. But he passed away when I was seventeen
while trying to rescue someone. He was a very brave man
who saved a lot of people. Then, who raised you? Me.
As a very poor neighbor… Who paid for everything? Money from the government. I see where my tax went. Do you regret it? No, I should’ve paid more tax
if I knew I was raising you. You don’t seem too bad
when you’re like this. I told you, I’m not. What is this? Why?
What’s wrong? Did you have a nightmare? This is crazy.
I’m crazy. What time is it? What’s wrong? Sorry.
I’m Sorry. Why are you coming out
from that room? What’s all this noise? I didn’t know about this either.
I just found out. That’s okay. He’s not answering,
even though it’s urgent. What is he doing? What should we do?
The song is already posted on Youtube. It’s been sold for 40 cents
from the other sites. And, this jerk uploaded the
vocal only version of the song. This must be the work of a hater. Capture the screen,
and report it to the police. I already did. God sake, this jerk! Boss! There’s an article
about plagiarism already. People left comments. Isn’t this noise marketing? Oska is going to fail
his album this time. An old singer’s last ditch effort? Those jerks are driving me crazy! I’m going crazy. It’s me.
Are you with Woo young? Yeah, he is here next to me. What?
The title song was leaked? What? It’s me.
What’s going on? This is crazy… Call my lawyer,
and find out who released it first. And send messages to the
jerks who uploaded the file. Tell them if they tell us
how they got my song, then we might give them
a lighter punishment. Call the portal sites, and bring
down all the blogs and sites. If they don’t, we’ll sue them. I will go right now,
so block as much as you can. That song…
It’s plagiarized… What?
What do you mean? I’ll talk to you when I get there.
And, let me talk to Jong Won. – Why?
– I think I know who did it. Find out where Han Tae-Sun is,
and call me right away. I better go first. Your song was plagiarized? You knew and still worked
on his music video? If you want to report it, then go ahead. I should go with him too.
You two can drive my car. That Jerk.
Is he stealing my car again? You, really! Hey! Give me my phone! What are you doing?
Get off. We don’t have time to argue.
Come on, let’s go. It’s related to my career too. Give it to me! – Give it!
– You’ve got a new message. Are you crazy?
Why is Joo Won saying such a thing? Did you read through the scenario?
I applied for your audition. You should prepare your demo clip.
When are you going to come? You got the scene from the director? Dark Blood?
Where is it now? Jumping out from a speeding car when a
truck suddenly comes out of nowhere? That ridiculous script? There’s a scene like that?
That should be fun. I’ve been waiting for that scene. I sometimes think you work physically
because you are not smart enough. You can’t handle it. You are the president of
a shopping mall right now. Right. – But you are a stuntwoman.
– What? I’ve been waiting for that
script for a year and a half. It’s a rare opportunity.
This might be my last chance. So what?
You want me to go to the audition? – Yes.
– You are driving me crazy. As much as you used your body,
I only used my brain. How am I supposed to audition? It’s my body. You can learn it
I can teach you. It’ll be easy once you get used to it. Be reasonable. Life is long.
I’m sure you’ll get another chance. Fine. I’ll do whatever I want to do with
your company from now on. Don’t regret later on! Don’t give me that look. Don’t worry about me,
and don’t try to console me. You expect too much. It’s my first time sitting
next to you in your car. I was so scared to get
into your car back then. Now I think about it,
I’m so mad. What so special about this car that
you never even drove me around? Don’t say that you wanted to protect me.
You just wanted to protect yourself. Get off.
Get off the car! We’re in the middle of the freeway. Joo Won should be on his way. I will call him and let him know,
so take his car. I don’t know if I can drive
you safely to Seoul. I can’t see any signal lights
or cars in my rearview. And, I have to rush.
Get Off. Where are you going?
Deposit money is not that much. You should stay here. There’s no other place
cheaper than my place. I’m going to leave Korea. Leave where? Thank you for everything. Sure. You started this mess,
and now you’re running away? It was you who leaked the file, right? Is that the reason you came
all the way here to see me? That’s right. Only someone this
vicious could do this. This is your way of telling me
that it was plagiarized, huh? – I didn’t do it.
– You think I’ll let you off that easy? You released the music
to get me in trouble. And, now you’re running away. I don’t usually stay long at one place. Why don’t you ask your staff? Usually sources leak from within… You’re the only one
who’d do this to me. Come, follow me. What if I’m not the one?
You are going to be so embarrassed. Don’t worry.
I’m used to getting embarrassed. Hey, how can you say that? We don’t do noise marketing this way. Oska does it on his
own with his scandals. Now, hang up the Phone! Yes, we have filed a report.
Who would PR themselves like that? – Oska has his pride.
– This is Cha Dong Kyu. We are the victims too. Do you see what you did?
Hey, he’s the one who released my music. Sure.
I will call you right away. Who is he? I had all my new music in my MP3,
and I lost it in Jeju Island. And, he’s the one who found my MP3. Hey, it’s the police. They found the IP address of the
person who released the file. Yes, I’m ready. You are in trouble now. 981, San-Ho building,
city of Shin-Sa in Kang-Nam. Thank you. Do you live in Kang-Nam? Are you stupid?
That was my house earlier. San-Ho Building?
Isn’t it Seul’s Company? What? What’s going on?
Why would she? I guess everyone is against you. You are not cleared yet.
Hey, tie him up. He’s the one who was being rude when
Oska wanted to keep him under his wings. Should I tie him up? What are you? Who do you think you
are to do this to Oska? Are you that confident in your voice? What does that have to do with you? He’s just about as polite as Oska. What are you doing? Director is waiting for you. He’s not waiting for me.
I said I will be there tomorrow. Who said so? I need to get ready for the audition.
We don’t have time to do this. And you’ll probably get rumors, so why would you buy women’s
clothing at your own store? Why would I spend this much money
at another department store? I can’t wear stuff that you wear
even if my life depended on it. So, back off. So.
You want to wear this? Me? I like this style.
See-through clothing. I will pay for it. Your total is $ 9700 How much? $ 9700? Are you crazy? With this money,
people can rent a house. You’re spending that
much on clothes? Stop overreacting.
I won’t tell you to wear this. I’m taking everything
back once we switch. Just sign it. Never. Give it to me. What? Are you serious? Yes, there were a lot of witnesses
and, that stuntwoman signed for the CEO. Why? Did she find his weaknesses? There’s only one situation when
a woman can act like this. It’s either she’s pregnant
or she’s pregnant. Is it time to change the CEO? Go on. He’s weird these days. Be more specific. He cooks on his own… What? He’s polite to the employees.
He even greets them sometimes. And? He also washed his own underwear,
and hung them out to dry. Stop. Forget about it. How about the girl?
Did she come back? She never came back but, Joowon went out
with her and never came back… You meant, he never came back?
Mr. Kang! Yes, Ma’am. That girl…
What’s her number? Tell me right now. You sure you want to go
to action school like this? Of course. Leopard print is perfect.
But, no size. Why are you embarrassing me? Is this a training outfit someone
in their right mind would wear? I’m going to kill
that Italian craftsman. Hello? Hello? Hello?
Isn’t this Ra-im’s phone? Yes it is.
Who is this? Joo Won? Oh, yes… Are you insane?
Why are you picking up her phone? Hand her the phone! Oh, my god.
It’s your mom. She wants to talk to you. My mom?
Why did you pick up? Hello? Why do you make me wait so long? Come see me right now. All right. Where? Yes…
All right. What did she say? You don’t have to know. Stay at your work for 30 min,
and tell them you are leaving. Bye. What did she said?
And, what are you going to do? Have you two been to Italy? Oh, this? They launched this
in Korea last year. So, it’s a couple-look? Do you even know the
value of that outfit? I clearly said I don’t want
to see you again. You called me out first. You think I was joking? Fine. You’ve gotten a car and clothing…
Here’s what you really want. Here. I know you haven’t gone to college,
but you should know what this means. Let’s end it here. Stamp your finger print here.
If not… Are you going to pour water on me? You think I can’t? Fine.
Let me check it first. This is a lot less than I expected.
Is this going to be monthly? Have you ever done this to others? You think I didn’t? It’s you.
You came with Joo Won… What brings you here? I took a cab. You are funny. Can I consult something with you? Have a seat since
you’ve signed in and paid. What’s the problem?
I think I know… I’ve been seeing some
rich guy a couple times and his mother came and handed me
an envelope full of money. You know?
“Take it and leave.” Is this what you pictured? Did you meet Joo Won’s mom? Is she still like that? Go on. What would happen
if I keep seeing him? You will feel alone. Don’t meet that guy.
He won’t be able to protect you. He won’t have a reason to
protect an average girl. Oh, my goodness. What are we going to do about this? Where’s Director Yoon? She’s not here today. Try calling her.
She’s not picking up my call. I spoke to her earlier,
and she said she can’t take any calls. She told us not to come
to work for now. Call her again! Her phone is off. Until now, my love songs
were all about you. I won’t let you be the subject
of my love songs anymore. Now, please come out of my songs.
Please, be the subject of my life. I don’t think I can drive you
safely to Seoul. I can’t see any signal lights
or cars in my rearview. I can leave in thirty minutes? But the executives are coming
to get my signature. What should I do? How are you?
Did you eat? Would you like some coffee? Thank you for the thought.
If I drink coffee during my work hour… Hold on, please. Is this the best?
Are you sure about that? Ask them first.
And, don’t sign the documents at all. What kind of answer… By any chance,
are you talking to me? What?
No way. You are much older than me.
I’m sure. What’s his strategy now? Since you weren’t here,
I took care of most of them. All of these? If you were at work on time,
this wouldn’t have happened. I’m sorry.
I will be here on time. I didn’t mean to blame you. Should I take care of the Je Cheon
Project plans to make up for it? No, I will take care of this. Since you are here, I think it’s
better for you to authorize it now. Right now? What is it? What made him become so respectful? Why? His signature has changed. What? What is this?
Why did he change it? I just mastered his signature. I didn’t have a chance to say this… What? Your voice is really awesome. Then have a nice day. What’s wrong with him?
Why? Did something happen to you recently? Are you sick?
Maybe a headache or something? What kind of CEO was I? Pardon? I was always angry, arrogant,
and shameless, right? Because I’m rude. I didn’t say anything.
I really didn’t say anything. If you did, I was going
to raise your salary. Oh my, why are you doing this? You just touched me here. Me?
I did? You are the one who rubbed
yourself against me? Who rubbed against you?
I was measuring your size. You pretended to,
and rubbed your body against me. You pervert!
You pressed your body against me. How many times do
I have to measure your size? As if that wasn’t enough,
you touched me. You touched my butt. What? A pervert? I’ve been a VVIP here for ten years.
Do you want to be fired? Are you threatening me?
This is not your first time either. You touched me last month, too. Last time, I withstood it to earn money. But, now I can’t even face my
2-year-old daughter, jerk! Jerk? I don’t have anything to say to you.
Bring your boss here, now. I’m here.
I’m the owner. My goodness…
Sir, she didn’t do anything wrong. He’s the one… Sir, I will take care of this. He called me. So, if you have anything to say, tell me. Maybe because you’re young, but your employees
aren’t well-trained. You must have heard of me before. I’m sorry, but could
you clench your jaw? It’s about to be broken. – Goodbye.
– Take care. Hey! Don’t be surprised and listen carefully. Today, we had a pervert at the mall, and our President punched him on the face,
then finished him with an uppercut. And, that pervert knocked
out and got a nosebleed. Our President looked so cool! What?
Is he crazy? Call Attorney Park
and stop the press. Hey, where are you going?
And, who are you talking to? Hey!
Ra-im! Call Attorney Park
and stop the press. I already called Attorney Park. Attorney Park?
You didn’t have to… I finally get to see his face. Is that good? Why don’t you get something better,
since you’ve done so good. Beef soup tastes best
at the police station… Are you crazy?
You did that on purpose, didn’t you? Do you even know what you just did?
You punched our company’s vvip! If you were in that situation… I would call the police,
check his ID and the CCTV… Then, sue the customer. What else are you going to show me? You haven’t changed a bit since you
brought that cheap plastic-bag-looking bag. You never think about me
for even 5 minutes. I’m never going to let you out. If you want to settle,
do it with your own money. I’m so outraged that I told
the lawyer to not to come. So, good luck. Hey… I know I was wrong,
but this is your body, Joo Won. Hey, Mr. Pervert. Don’t come to a settlement
with that gangster. He needs to learn his lesson. Take care. Hey!
How can you just leave! Are you okay? What is this?
What happened? This is… me! It’s me again. I am me now. I came back. I came back.

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