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100 thoughts on “Caylee Hammack – Family Tree

  1. I work at planet fitness and this song plays on a ad every dam 5 min I enter to win the prize and I don’t even listen to country

  2. Hubby and I just got tickets to see Reba in May and saw Caylee is opening for her. Had to check her out. Now……I can't get enough and can not wait to see her as well!!! Future Woman of Country!!!

  3. What's up with the country song cliche celebrating failure? Preach success instead won't you please? Other than that it's a nice sounding song, sung by a beautiful girl; although that shirt is open way too low…

  4. Highschool high 😁🤣😋😍🤗🤩😘😆 pot luck lunch 😂🤣😎😁😆 some 🔥 an love y'all anyway 😘❤️❤️❤️❤️ Roots run deep!

  5. I just heard this song on the radio and FELL IN LOVE! Caylee, keep doing this girl, you'll definitely be going places! ❤

  6. OK song, she looks country enough except her mannerisms… I get the impression she really wants to be a pop/rap star. I could be wrong but that's the impression I get.

  7. Yes! Got her own style yet sounds like Dolly's fans definitely should check her.. and band out!! Catchy tune. Universally too! The meaning is sweet!

  8. Everyone knows music is all autotune now. I've heard artists that I loved on record. And completely sucked live, but she's good

  9. When I saw the name of the song, Family Tree I thought it was gonna be some cover song of Wheeler Walker Jr. 😂😂😂 p.s. she pretty though😂

  10. Caylee Hammack, I so have a earwarm stuck on this song and thank you for singing it, I so love this song and video!!!!! 💯❣️💕❤️❣️😃🙂😉😍😊

  11. Hello, from Huntsville, Al. Found your video because Miranda Lambert suggested I watch. Loved it! Subscribed and new fan!

  12. You are the answer to alot of prayers here in East Tn! I work at a dental office and care for about 10 patients a day. A topic that gets brought up often is the fact that no one tells stories with the music, typically three to five words and it's about the beat only. My God when you are struggling and when you are just feeling every emotion like a whirlwind you just need something more and baby you got it! That tremble in your voice during "Small Town Hypocrite"I felt that down in my stomach! That's what a true artist is supposed to do. It's coming from your soul and oh what a beautiful soul you have.

  13. Death came to pick me up in his boat and said "Where is my gold coin?" and I said "I was a poor man all I brought you was the love in my heart" "Now where is the guy with all of the gold pyramids, he owes me a void of all creation?"

  14. I wasn't good enough for my wife and so she broke Amun-Ra into two pieces get ready for the storm Amen

  15. Amazing singer. Would love to hear you sing, stand by your man again. You sounded wonderful at the Opry when you preformed. Definitely think u should make a cover of stand by your man.

  16. お前ってほんと天才だよな

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