Catit Flower Fountain Review: Should you buy this water fountain?

Hi everybody, welcome back to Review Box
We’ve got a great product here today Everybody who is fond of cats, has cats or
you know, has somebody who is in to cats This is something that I found is very nice,
very cute and very effective Also for people who have cats that are left
at home while you’re going out during the day for your daily jobs
this is also very good for your cat itself we’re gonna start out with opening it easily
and bit by bit explaining the product as we go
So we have a very nice package here Very cool information about how to install
it, how to assemble it and this is the Catit box itself
It’s pretty, let’s say medium size and you’ll see in just a moment right now
what we’re talking about So, we’ll pull this out… Ok, this is the product that we have here
We also have the instruction manual and also this is a very nice cute thing
and if you want to give the box later to your cat to play with, that’s also a great idea
So basically the Catit flower fountain is basically from it’s name, it’s a water
fountain for your cat but the thing that it’s built in a certain
way that it’s easier for your cats, either a kitten or adult cats, to approach and drink
from easily So, i’m gonna go through the pieces that
we have here bit by bit We have the filter and I’ll explain what’s
that used for in just a moment and we have this flowery piece here
and we have… let’s take this out…
put that aside… and we have the bowl itself Ok, It’s a three litter bowl that you can
put your water into and we have this piece, it goes on top of
it The filter basically it’s very important
to use without it basically we are annihilating the
main factor here of the water fountain filters your tap water, and keeps out any
cat hairs from the water that they drink from basically to keep it clean for them, so that
they can stay hydrated so this piece, the filter goes on to that
over there and we have the flowery piece, and I’ll
explain why it’s so important We have this little fellow here, and this
goes right in there and once the water is basically flowing, the
three options, three ways to let the water flow for your cat
if you have a picky cat, give them a day or two and they’ll actually find the one that
is most suitable one that is for them this way basically the water just flows out,
it’s open surface to the air and then you can stick in the flower end just
like that and then the water will flow up and then it
will flow down to the sides and it will be a little bubbly on the top
and if that is too much and too intense for your cat, you can always put on the yellow
piece right here and then it will actually push down the water,
so that you won’t have that bubbly effect on top, and it will just flow down
We also have the power adaptor here It’s a USB connection so it’s actually
useful in mostly everywhere in your household, or in your office
so basically assemble beforehand you have a little plastic piece here that
you just take off like so ok, take it out
put the cable through. Ok?
and then you need to put the water pump inside of course
fill it up with water Osho has been using the Catit water fountain
for about a week now at least and he’s really fond of it
and as you can see I have the flower connected here on top which basically eliminates the
bubble effect on top So take in consideration that once you do
assemble it and connect it and you know, have the water start flowing,
not all cats will be attracted to it from the very beginning, because we all know that
cats are pretty picky but my cat, it took him a couple of hours,
let’s say half a day, until he got used to it’s presence and started drinking from
it don’t be startled that if your cat isn’t
drinking from it from the beginning it doesn’t mean that it’s broken
you’re cat is broken no, I’m kidding
but take that in mind that your cat is going to need to get used to it a bit
and then once they do, they’re gonna drink from it, and only from it all the time
so you should see a link also where to buy it
We found it on Amazon you should see a link down below
and there’s also a link to our blog with a written review to check out
and stay tuned for our next review Thank you very much and have a great day

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50 thoughts on “Catit Flower Fountain Review: Should you buy this water fountain?

  1. I got it for our chihuahua as she doesn't like drinking still water – she happily shares with the cats, and they're all drinking more thanks to it. 🙂

  2. This is an unboxing, not a review. Video doesn't tell me jack about how the fountain performs. Is it noisy? How long do filters last? How long does the pump last?

  3. My cat loves it but pump is very noisy.
    Also i dont like that if its unplugged, there is no water so the cat cant get to the water.

  4. trash product but got lots of momentum because it looks cute. the filters to not fit properly nor is there any device to secure them. they float to the top. support from catit is minimal. they claimed this issue was due to the fountain being too full. There is a over flow drain near the top signalling the fountain capacity, the water level of my fountain being clearly beneath it to me indicates this is not the issue. you are better off purchasing a fountain which works!

  5. The lid is not secured in any way. My cat can, within a few seconds, pull the top off the base which then covers the floor with water. If the lid was secured, this product would be excellent. It is a fairly quiet product, but as someone else said, it should be made from ceramic which is better for cats as plastic can contaminate water quickly.

  6. I ordered the Catit flower fountain, which all 3 cats love, but I can't seem to remove the center flower – any suggestions?

  7. bought one, it ran for about 4 months and the pump quit, couldn't clean it couldn't get it working, i tried to clean the pump with solvent, big mistake, but the plastic melted! obviously you get what you pay for when you buy plastic junk that comes from china, it does the job for couple months, but if you want something that lasts for years, do not buy this, because the pump will quit and you cannot clean it, the iron in the water or floride is what seizes the pump

  8. This one seems better

  9. Really contemplating to buy this for my cat, he loves going to the bath tub when it’s full of water and go drink from it lol

  10. Bought one a week ago to replace dispensers that were getting used by Asian tiger mosquitoes. The pump is VERY quiet but after one cat initially inspected it, NONE of the cats in the house bother to use it. I'll give it two more weeks and if they still won't use it, back it goes for a refund! (They may have just become accustomed to dispensers or bowls with standing water in them.)

  11. There are plenty of alternative fountains that we found to be even better then the Catit.
    You can check them out here –

  12. It would have been nice if you showed all 3 water fountain tips in the video since it’s a unboxing/review….

  13. It's the best fountain on the market…for only $30 bucks grab the blue one. Very well made and you change the power of the pump. Huge tank of water and very stable base. Perfect

  14. I was looking for a fountain that didn’t have a pool BECAUSE I have a cat that loves splashing the water away, I have tried pumps I have tried self watering, I have tried little bowls NOTHING works until this awesome fountain came along now HE can’t splash any water 😂

  15. How do you clean the inside of the pump. Do you run it with some bleach for say an hour and then run it with repeated run and refill cleanings?

  16. I think you should turn your microphone or move closer to it. I have my laptop at it's highest volume level and I missed some of what you were saying.

  17. I wish they had something like this for adolescence becoming young Adults it's hard for q wild people to learn how to use the Public water fountain and Public bathrooms..

  18. I got mine just a couple days ago and my cats love it plus it keeps my 'Irelynn' from dipping her paw in the water and making it dirty,love it.

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