Can I Use Fountain Pen Ink In Rotring Isograph Technical Pens?

hello everyone hope he had a great New
Year’s so I got a question about what ink you can use for rotary pen and what
you use for a fountain pen so the question I got was can I use ink that is
for a fountain pen and a rolling pin or vice versa such as the ink from isograph
pen and a fountain pen now the short answer is no the reason is because the
ink that is for a fountain pen is a different ink than what you use for the
rolling pins think those in these pens is a lot thinner it’s more fluid and it
flows to the tip of the pen a lot faster so if you go to take this ink from this
pen and try to use this in your rolling pin you’re going to run into issues of
overflowing too much ink coming out and if you use this pen think that it’s for
this and you try to put it into the fountain pen the issue you’re going to
run into is the Pens gonna start clogging up and you’re gonna have issues
with trying it depend out and so it’s just gonna clog up it’s not gonna get
very clean and it’s not gonna flow from the tip depend very well so this is the
ink that I use for my rotary raster grafts as an off-brand of the rotring
name branding and this is waterproof it’s a drawing ink and I got these on
line for about a dollar each they were on clearance so I’ve got about a hundred
of these but anyways this ink is waterproof and it’s a drawing ink for
the ISO graph pen specifically if you try to use this ink and your fountain
pen what’s going to happen is you’re gonna have hard time cleaning it out
because with the fountain pens there is a different cleaning solution there’s a
use for these so the cleaning solution is and these pens a lot of times we use
is not going to be waterproof cleaning solution or it’s not made to clean
waterproof ink so when you’re clean your fountain pen what’s gonna happen is
it’s gonna get clogged up the ink isn’t gonna come out very well and then you’re
gonna ruin the pen it’s actually pretty complex inside of a fountain pen and
I’ll give an example that now the inside of this fountain pen
there is the reservoir here and then you have the nib and then there’s a feed on
the inside of this now the feed that is in this the way it’s made it is made
specifically for this pin and this pens ink so if you go putting ink from a
different pen inside of this it’s gonna get clogged up the one I have here I’ve
got a refill and clean out I actually ran out of ink last night while I was
drawing had to switch to a different pen but this is one of my refillable
fountain pens um you have some found fountain pens that have a cartridge they
arch the graphs they have a reservoir that you can refill on the inside of it
as you can see here now you’re able to get more ink that you can hold in a
fountain pen then what you can hold with a is a graft pen they’ve generally got
bigger reservoirs and this here is my newest a hab and it’s got a much larger
reservoir than my eye so graft pens that I got so the inks that I have here now
this is the off-brand waterproof ink that I use for my rotary sue graphs this
is an India ink which is used for people use it for calligraphy and illustration
drawing stuff like that as you can see here this is a water
resistant ink and this is going to be harder to clean out of a pen than
something that’s not waterproof so just make sure that you read up and research
on the pen before you go putting a different type of ink in it because some
manufacturers have ink made specifically for that pin
so make sure you check that out before putting different ink in it and this
here is the Noodlers heart of darkness this is the ink that he used for this
lame is Safari I also use it for mindless a hab but I prefer using it in
my lamb and Safari because this one has a finer nib on it and when I’m using it
I can get finer details than this one and it’s kind of a dry writing ink so I
can get much more details and a lot more about the ink spreading out as much
because it doesn’t really flow through the tip of the pen as fluidly as the
other other wet wet type of ings so the virtue and ISO graph to give you
more own details look at this as you can see here the tip of the pen it’s got a
really fine nib on it this one is the 0.35 now if I was to take ink from my
fountain pen such as the newest part of Darkness if I was to take that and put
this in this pen it’s too fluid the fluidity of it will just flows to the
tip of the pen and I’m just going to get ink all over the place and another issue
you could have is because the ink is more fluid it’s not a stick it’s more
like a zit dry up a lot faster so if you’re using a ISO graph or a pen that
has a small really small nibs such as this pin here this one has a 0.18 and
the nib of it is really fine and if I was to use the fountain pen ink in this
it would get clogged up well at first it would just gush ink out of it and you’d
have trouble drawing and second of all you’d have a hard time cleaning out
afterwards because it’s going to dry up so much because it’s a thinner ink and
it’s not as thick as the rotary acid I think and so hard time cleaning it it’s
going to dry up and you’re probably you could possibly ruin the pen doing that
if you use the wrong inks in them because the way that they’re made
they’re designed for a certain type of ink and so ya don’t want to do that
and I’ve been asked about know what inks you can use for pens and know what
specific ink can I use for this pen and I’ll I’ll be making more videos in the
future about the exact inks you can use for each pen but I want to make a
overview a general overview of all of this to help everybody out so they don’t
ruin their pens um because fountain pens and ISO graphs
cost a lot more than your standard pen such as maybe one of these or it’s like
a technical pen that you can get for you know maybe thirty cents or a dollar each
even violin big pit like big set so just to make sure you’re using the right ink
for these I made a mistake one time of uh putting the wrong ink in this on
accident and I had to buy another one because it kept drying up over and over
on me I couldn’t figure out why and what was going on and I accidentally used the
wrong ink I have all of my ink bottles set together and I accidentally grabbed
the wrong one because I wouldn’t pay attention I put a fountain ink in this
and the ink kept linking out leaking out the end of it and then after a while it
has dried up and it was ruined and I tried drawing with it and then it got
bent so had to buy another one and with these pens because they have such a fine
nib if they dry up really bad and you have a hard time getting the ink out of
the end of it something I’ve seen people have happened to him on accident is
they’ll be trying to clean the pen and they take the whole inside of this out
to try to clean it but with these point 1 eights the nib is so small that little
small wire that is on the inside of that sometimes can very easily get bent and
it is extremely hard to get that small metal nib back into this pen because
there’s a tiny little hole inside of this it has to fit in and so I had an
issue with an off-brand type of a rotor inertia graph it was called the isobars
techno work which is the same name of this ink here
that was the brand of the alright so graf i was using it was a cheaper
repent and so when I was using those I had the pen dry up on me and I went to
clean it I am in a mistake of taking the little metal nib out of it because the
one I was using was 0.13 and I couldn’t get the nib back in when I finally
managed to get the nib back in it bent slightly and I was never able to draw
with it again so just completely ruined it now thinks that I have here these
three four different pens this is for working rest grafts fountain pens and
this is a black India ink I use it for my own I like dipping pens and stuff
like that just make sure using a proper ink for
your fountain pen and not mixing them together I want to savor savor everybody
the hassle of happened to not gotten buy a whole new pen and wasting a lot of
money so I hope you found this helpful and just remember to pay attention to
what ink you’re using and don’t make the mistake like I didn’t putting all of
your eggs together I actually have my inks separated now to where I have all
the ink bottles over here by my rotating eyes two graphs and all of my ink was my
fountain pen so I don’t get a mixed up and make the mistake of using the wrong
one especially if I’m really tired and it’s been a long day and doing a lot of
drawing so I hope you found this useful and I hope you had a great New Year and
I’ll see you in the next video I’m gonna go work on some drawings and you have a
great day

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8 thoughts on “Can I Use Fountain Pen Ink In Rotring Isograph Technical Pens?

  1. Can I use a technical pen on Rhodia paper? It is very smooth, so it won't be as damaging for the nib, but I'm not sure how well it would work.

  2. Hi. Thanks.
    I used tech pens back in high school for drafting class (was a technical high school), do we still need tech pens, now that there are relatively cheap pens like G-Tec-C3 which seems to have a technical pen nib; it seems to be using the same technology as tech pens to write consistent lines?

    Thank you.

    God bless, Proverbs 31

  3. I did a noob mistake of using a rotring isograph ink on my parker premium fountain pen and I ruined it. I only realised it 5 years later so I tried cleaning it out for a solution made for isograph inks and luckily I got it to work again (after a lot of frustrations).

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