California Garden – September 2019 Garden Tour

some updates on the new California
garden some harvests we made this month some cool new gardening products all
this and more in today’s episode of California gardening so let’s begin with
the progress of the new California garden we got all our drip irrigation
supplies from our previous garden or older garden and I had a lot of drip
irrigation main lines as well as some emitters that you can see here as well
as the quarter inch tubing and I have already gone over all the
details of setting up a new drip irrigation system and what we will be
doing first here is to set up this drip irrigation system the weather was so hot
in the past month that I could not keep up with the watering so I decided that
the best thing to do first is to install a drip irrigation system for all the
plants and I also used the same timer base system that we had used in our
older garden and set up the emitters set up the drip irrigation system and in no
time the drip irrigation system was at work and I did not have to keep up with
the twice a day watering and the fact that you can see the water dripping from
the bottom of the container is a good sign you also may want to keep some
saucers to catch the water and the plant will then absorb the water over a period
of time and some tips and ideas that I wanted to
share with you firstly is that using worm compost or vermicompost to really
help retain all the moisture in the pot during the hot weather and it makes a
huge difference as you can see here the worm castings they help retain a lot of
water and I also wanted to show you some new plants that we are growing in the
garden we have the Emerald okra plants and although it was very hot in the last
couple of weeks it is beginning to cool down but we also have a lot of other
plants like the tomato plant this is the beefmaster tomato plant we also have our
mango plan that took advantage of the warmer weather and is growing well our
beetle leaf plant is also growing well because of the warmer weather and I do
not have a lot of growing space right now but hopefully I have some empty
containers that I can use to set up my container garden while we are working on
setting up our raised bed garden and now let’s look at all the harvests we made
starting with eggplants we were growing two varieties of eggplants this is the
little prince’ eggplant great to grow in containers we were
seeing some spider mite issues due to the extremely hot weather we’ve had here
but after spraying this with a little bit of some natural oils it was all good
we were able to control the spider mites and the plants are producing eggplants
as you can see beautiful looking eggplant that can be easily grown into
these whiskey barrel containers and we got quite a lot of eggplants from
just this one whiskey barrel now we were also growing the amethyst eggplant and
this is the lighter colored amethyst colored eggplants that we were growing
in the whiskey barrel container as well and this was also quite a productive
plant yielding a lot of amethyst colored eggplants and was quite a vigorous
grower so between the little prince’ and the amethyst eggplants we got a lot of
harvest moving on to peppers we were able to
harvest the alter-ego pepper that we have been growing in this whiskey barrel
container we also had some Thai chili peppers this is the longer variety of
the Thai chili peppers they are quite hot and this was just growing in a
five-gallon container that was set up on the drip irrigation line as well and
these are quite good and very hot peppers
now we were also growing the cayenne peppers as you can see these are growing
in the five gallon container the cayenne peppers are also quite hot sometimes as
hot as the thigh Chili Peppers but extremely nice peppers to grow in your
home garden and we had overwintered this plant if
you remember from our previous garden and we moved it into a container and
it’s still producing a lot of peppers that just goes to show you how vigorous
this pepper variety is and we had some other paper varieties as
well as you can see this was the other thai pepper variety that was growing in
a container which we had moved into a greenhouse and then eventually now it’s
out in the open in its own five gallon container and is also eating a lot of
peppers as you can see we had some bell peppers growing the sweet bell peppers
these are extremely mild peppers once again growing in this five gallon
container and it yielded a lot of peppers as you can see now I wasn’t too
happy with the health of the pepper plant overall but it still eluded a lot
of bell peppers and a harvest looks amazing although we had limited space
limited car number of containers we were able to get a decent harvest
and moving on to taro root we were growing the taro plant in these grow
bags in our previous garden and we got our grow bags here and the taro root
plant was growing quite well in this and was growing here for a long time so we
decided it was time to harvest these taro roots from the grow bags and as you
can see here the taro roots are quite large in size this taro plant was
actually a variety that eels very large size taro roots and as you can see here
the main plot itself has such a huge root ball and I will try to replant this
root ball into another plant but as you can see the harvest that looks amazing
we were able to get quite a lot of taro root from one grow bag and now let’s
look at some gardening products around you at my local Home Depot I saw these
round end tanks and these are supposed to be for water they are used in farms
for water for livestock but I also thought this would be a great galvanized
raised bed so I’m not sure how many of you have tried using this material as a
raised bed if you have please let me know in the comments box below but this
seemed like an excellent solution for a raised bed and although it’s a tank it’s
meant to store water for livestock as the purpose is galvanized metal raised
beds are really good in quality I have seen a lot of places using these raised
beds so let me know what you think so there we have it folks that was our
episode on the California Garden for the month of September if you like this
video to give us a thumbs up if you have any questions or comments put them in
the comments box below we’ll see you again soon happy gardening

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37 thoughts on “California Garden – September 2019 Garden Tour

  1. only concern I would raise with the tank is it will get hot with direct sunlight exposure. on the inside of the tank how ever you can use flex seal or something like that to act as a corrosion barrier so you can get a longer life out of the tank, and some insulation from the heat.

  2. Hello, California Gardening I love your videos so much and really appreciate what you do I have been inspired by you, MIgardener, and Hollis and Nancy's Homestead to start my own youtube channel. I am only 10 years old and have bing watching almost all of your videos for the past 3 years. I moved into A brand new house and it has no garden like yours. pleas support me and will be posting regular videos soon.

  3. If you use the galvanized, make sure you drill drainage holes into them. Also, there's the possibility that the metal will get too hot and kill the roots (along with all the beneficial organisms in the soil). Especially in August and September. I prefer using wood for raised beds: it's a natural material that breathes and drains and doesn't hurt microbes/earthworms, which you need for healthy plants. And it's very easy to put together: 4×4 corner posts, 2×6 side boards, build to any size and height you want, set it right on top of the ground — no need to dig post holes. And Home Depot will cut the wood for you.

  4. Gary from the Rusted Garden Homestead use a lot of those galvanized stock tanks and plants seem to do very well. I got some too ready for spring. Congratulations on your new home. Can't wait to see your new garden.

  5. there are darker color eggplants those ones are bright in color I think there is a name for them but I don't know maybe you do the dark kind
    but this was a very nice post , thank you for sharing with us

  6. Yeah, my garden is slowing down as well. A few specialty peppers and some Japanese cucumbers that were planted in August. I just pulled out the last of the eggplant a couple weeks ago. I don’t know about those galvanized tanks. Not a big deal for a DIY’er but drilling drainage holes could be difficult for some folks. Also seems a little pricy for the available square footage of growing space compared to redwood 2×6’s for instance.

  7. Excellent garden. Please grow Indian chilli. In India, we have a lot of eggplant varieties. Please give it a try. Your garden is very nice to watch. Keep it up. What happened to your malligai (Jasmine) and rose plants.

  8. Hi ,I am following your channel for a long time all of your videos are very inspirational and encouraging others to grow their food.I just want to tell you that is not a betal leaf plant that is long pepper plant we call it "Thippili " in India it has the similar leafs like Betal plant .I growing betal leaf plant and long pepper plants in dallas thatswhy i identified .One more thing you i want to mention here those gray pods and leaves has lots of medicinal value you can add them in soups and other dishes like Rasam,sambar….Google it you will find more informations.

  9. The galvanized tanks make great beds! Some visual variation. They are also good for raising the level/access to the garden for folks who cant bend down as far.

  10. Hello , You have an amazing Gardening skills ! I'm based in houston , and love working in the yard .Seeing your produce I always feel motivated to try growing different vegs , but its a lot of work to maintain once I plant them .. Eventually I lose them ! I feel the produce of vegs especially peppers have been very poor for all these years . What can I do to increase their yield ? which plants can I get started for the next planting season .
    What would be the best place to accquire a betel leaf plant? Any tips to kill the fire ants organically ? Your comments will be very helpful .Thank you .

  11. You may have talked about this before, but when you use neem oil for the leaf miners and other citrus pests, how many times in a month do you spray your plants? Some have told me to use Sevin spray and others have said neem oil does a great job. My citrus plants are somewhat young since they died over last winter and just got back to a plant now. There are some branches that have no leaves since pests have eaten them all.

  12. I’ve seen using those metal containers, but I would think that the roots of plants would get too hot in them during summer…!

  13. great video! Did you ever do an update on your grape plant from 2 years ao? Sorry I have not seen all the videos since then. great stuff man!

  14. Love your channel! I live in Lake Forest in a new build and followed your videos in planning my fruit trees. I have been watching for a few years. You might want to consider joining the California Rare Fruit Growers Orange County Chapter. They host amazing seminars and get togethers. I learn so much from the members and speakers. It’s an amazing community of home grown produce lovers! Congrats on the new home, looks like you have a lot of fun planning ahead of you. Can’t wait to see what you do in your space and more harvest and planting videos!

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