Byron Statics Turntable Vintage Record Player Portable Vinyl Player Nostalgic

Byron Statics Turntable Vintage Record Player
Review The Byron Statics Briefcase Turntable With
Built-In Speakers has one big selling point. Naturally, that means sacrifices had to be
made, in order to keep the cost low. Sound quality was impacted the most, but to
be honest, no suitcase style record player has great sound quality. It just isn’t possible. That’s why most of them allow you to hook
up external speakers, so that you can enjoy much better sound than the internal speakers
provide. We all remember those classic suitcase record
players. Their biggest selling point was their portable design and that is true for this
model as well. It is made by Byron Statics, who are knows
for producing low-cost record players with few frills. They play records and do it well, all for
a very low price, but they obviously can’t match top models. Their latest model offers a new take on the
classic suitcase turntable design. It is the briefcase turntable. This newer,
sleeker style is class all the way. It as light as a laptop and has a modern look
that allows it to blend in well at the workplace or at home. If you know how record players work, then
the fact that this model comes with three speed options shouldn’t surprise you. The three speed settings are 33, 45, and 78
RPM. This means the sound will be pitched correctly for any common vinyl size. The two front-facing speakers provide a decent
sound, despite their smaller size. But any model that comes with built-in speakers
is not going to offer the same type of sound quality that you’ll get from external speakers. Adjust the volume via a knob located next
to the platter. This knob will also switch the turntable on and off. This model is equipped with a couple of styluses
that are good quality. Considering the turntable’s lower price
I was expecting a cheap stylus that was equipped with a plastic cantilever. The Byron Statics Vintage Suitcase Record
Player doesn’t offer the same type of killer sound that you’ll get from a large permanent
setup. That’s an issue you’ll run into with any
type of portable turntable. This model is perfect if you want to pay very
little to play your vinyl in your office, bring your vinyl collection with you on vacation
or on the road, or you’re simply looking for a compact model that you can easily store
when not in use. Kindly see the description for this Amazon
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