Hello Friends! Today we will learn about 10 important things
you should look at when buying a plant from a nursery or a garden store. Please follow the tips till the end, because
these tips will not only help you get the best plants that will thrive after you buy
them but also save your precious time and money. Thats Coming up. If you are interested in gardening, please
subscribe with the bell icon clicked to receive notifications on my new uploads. Well, Purchasing a plant from a plant nursery
requires patience. Take your time and never purchase anything
in a hurry. Remember! If your purchase a plant in a hurry, your
time, money and efforts will be wasted. Please follow these 10 useful tips while choosing
your plant. And please watch all the tips till the end,
else you will end up buying sick and unhealthy plants. 10. Decide on the type of Plant You want to buy
whether indoor or outdoor plant. You should know where to place it in your
home garden, whether its shade loving, sun loving or semi-shady plant or indoor plant
and whether it suits your climate and this knowledge is really important for the plant
to survive. 09. Do not hesitate to ASK: that is enquire with
the nursery staff and question them regarding the name of the plant, how to care for the
plant, the type of plant whether indoor or outdoor, fertilizer requirements and so on. Then cross check them at reliable sources
at google search. 08. The First Look of the Plant: First look on
the plant itself will reveal its overall health. Take a Closer look and compare with other
similar plants for more bushiness or more branches and new shoots. If its looking fresh and healthy, then decide
on it and make further judgement by applying few more coming tips in this video. 07. Overall Look and Hygiene of the Nursery or
the Garden Store: Check whether they are maintaining it well like the overall appearance including
arrangements of the plants, cleanliness of the nursery and so on. 06. Soil and Watering: check whether they are
using a good well draining soil for the plant and check whether the plant is watered adequately
by the nursery staff. You can assess this by simply dipping your
finger into the soil to check watering as well as the soil compactness. Your finger should be moist and should easily
enter without much effort into the soil. 05. Check for Weeds: If there are lot of weeds
around the plant, it indicates poor maintenance by the nursery staff. The weeds actually rob off the nutrients from
the main plant, stunting its growth. 04. Look at Leaves not Flowers: Do not buy plants
in Full Bloom, Instead, choose plants with healthy foliage and nice fresh growth with
many flowering buds still to open. Even if its full bloomed plant, check whether
it has lot of buds in it. 03. Proportionate size of the Pot or the grow
bag is also important factor. Check whether the plant is getting adequate
space for its root development. Like if you see larger plants in small containers
or grow bags, this can indicate poor maintenance and the plant can get root bound and stunted
growth. Thats our next point. 02. Inspect Roots wherever possible and check
for Root Bound Plants: What is the meaning of root bound plants? This happens when the plant grows and matures
and there is no space for root development and eventually, the roots grow to the shape
of the pot and the growth of the plant stops and the plant may even die. But most of the times you cannot remove the
plant and directly check this. But one tip to grossly check this is: Check
whether the roots of the plant are coming out of the drainage holes and entering the
ground. Better not buy such plants. 03. Look for Pest attacks: Look at the plant very
carefully especially underneath the leaves for insects & pests. Plus Also check for Damaged/curled leaves,
you better reject such plants even if offered free of cost or as a gift. Because such plants may harm & contaminate
your other garden plants. Well there we have it folks! if you have some
more tips I missed, please share them in comments section below the video. If you like the tips, please give a thumbs
up and share this video with your other gardener friends. Consider subscribing to the channel if you
are new to the channel. Happy Gardening!

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35 thoughts on “Buying a Plant from Nursery? NEVER IGNORE THESE 10 GARDENING TIPS ON CHOOSING PLANTS

  1. I've noticed a lot of poor maintenance, struggling plants and poorer plants in nurseries this past planting season.
    All of the plants I bought or paid for barely thrived. Thank you so much for these tips.

  2. Hi, can you please make a video on how to water the plants when on vacation for 15 days or so…like how to install drip irrigation or any hacks you know, please share 🙂

  3. Hello, i really wish to grow hybrid fruit plants in my terrace garden, but not able to get the dwarf verity of plants anywhere in South Bangalore. I even visited the nursery in this video but they too don't have the hybrid varieties. Can u pls…Pls….Pls help me in finding the best quality of hybrid fruit plants….. plssssss

  4. Very good useful tips. .
    I was going to buy some new plants. .. I usually used to look at the flowers not at the leaves and buds. ..
    Thank you for sharing.

  5. My ixora which i bought a few days ago looked root bound while planting it . I am worried . Will the roots grow to a better postion ( i have planted it in ground , it has adequate space) or should i do something with it ?? Please reply . This would be extremely helpful .🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. I go to buy house plants I have lately been buying the ones that are Half dying, not watered and half priced so that I can put love and care into them and see them thrive it's very therapeutic!!

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