burn Yard – Episode 1/5

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yard Does this picture look familiar? Cold grey, congested streets. The nine to five workday
and the inner city commute The dull business
of getting things done. So what happens
when you step back from the rat race? When you throw away the necktie,
the rule book and the timetable? Time to see some colour on the wall. We’ve brought together
some of the most brilliant minds in conceptual art, skateboarding,
electronic dance music, Formula 1 and street art
to take part in a unique experiment. I don’t think anyone
has ever made anything as big as what we’re trying to create here. Like a massive sculpture
and combine it with skateboarding. It’s a pretty unique thing. I’m very excited about working
with Rune on this project because what he does is fantastic. I’m curious about what Gerry
is going to come up with. It seems like we’re going to make
something truly incredible. It doesn’t end here. Polish street artist, M-CITY
has spent the best part of this career creating urban master pieces. As part of the burn collective,
he has been challenged to use Formula 1 racing as inspiration
for a unique body of work. M-CITY’s first challenge
is to revamp a Formula 1 car using its interior as reference points
for a sleek new paint job. As with any mention of Formula 1,
Kimi Räikkönen isn’t far behind. The legendary
Lotus Formula 1 team driver will be a constant source
of inspiration for the burn collective. Avicii is one of them. Consistently ranked
one of the best DJs in the world and with several global
number 1 hits to his name, few artists have enjoyed
such a meteoric rise to the top. Well going to places
to try to find inspiration is definitely something unique. Together with Kimi
and the Lotus Formula 1 team, Avicci is now on a mission
to create a new track inspired by the dynamics of Formula 1. He has never
done anything like this before. If you really want to make it,
you have to devote your life to it. Coming up, we trace the collisions
of creativity as they come to life at the world’s very first
burn yard showcase. burn®

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