Building a Show Stopping Water Feature with the Pond Stars for the Chicago Flower & Garden Show 2015

Hey, It’s Jaak from Atlantis. We are in Chicago this week with my good buddies
Chris Baker from Across The Pond Aquascapes and BJ Linger from BJL Aquascapes, he’s down
in South Jersey. We’ve been invited by Aquascape to do a build
for their Chicago garden and flower show with this display behind us and it’s going to be
pretty uh, pretty cool experience. It’s going to be a lot of work, It’s going
to be a lot of work in a short amount of time. Easy Peasy. Ok, so what we are going to be doing is a
pretty cool fountain-scape feature that’s going to be the main attraction to the show. As soon as you enter the gardens, this will be the first piece you’re going to see. We’re going to have some large boulders framing
out some waterfalls here, a lot of slate work, lights everywhere. There’s going to be water bubbling out of
all these different fountain-scape features. It’s going to be a really spectacular piece
as soon as you enter the show. Unbelievable is the only thing I can say. I mean just check that thing out. It’s just like chaos of water those big stacked
urns blasting water all over the place, cool rock work cutting through all that stuff. Look at all that detail. What I love about that thing is you get all
that crazy action up top and then it comes down to those little spillway bowls in between,
nice little ribbons of water coming out. It’s going to be a show stopper. Everybody that walks through that front door
is gonna stop right here, turn around, taking pictures just be like “Oh my God”, I mean,
that’s exactly whats going to be happening here, all day long. Wow, that was freaking awesome. I want to say thank thanks to Greg and Brian
from Aquascape’s Pond Stars for inviting us out there and letting us take part in this
one of a kind water feature. It was such a cool experience and I’m extremely
happy the way it turned out, and I hope you enjoyed it as well. Please be sure to click below and subscribe
to our page for more tips on water gardening and more exciting water feature projects.

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4 thoughts on “Building a Show Stopping Water Feature with the Pond Stars for the Chicago Flower & Garden Show 2015

  1. What can you say ? When the best of the best in the industry get together, the creativity is mind blowing !! 
    Another breathtaking masterpiece ! Would love something like this at our Ottawa Spring Home & Garden Show.

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