Build a Wood Tree Swing

yep so earlier this year my son and I
wanted to build a swing in the yard and we had the same questions most people
have one what size to cut the board what would you use what rope to get and what
tree to pick so here’s the swing we made and a good size I found is 18 by 8 you
could go a little wider but 18 by 8 seems to work an adult can sit on it a
kid can sit on it everybody is able to fit on this side so an inch and a half
and cut the holes 3/4 inch falls and I rounded the edges so the rope won’t have
any pinch points and good morning so the ropes holding up nicely on the rounded
edges now as far as wood to use I had a ton of scrap wood I could have done two
options one is I could have used a piece of two by eight or two by ten pieing
and that’s a soft wood but it’s pretty thick and I couldn’t just use that cut
it to length drilled a couple of halls been done but what I decided to do was
make it a little bit thicker and I glued together two pieces of plywood and it
made it about an inch and a half thick plenty strong
there’s no bend at all Ryan you know a piece of pine would have been fine too I
think even one piece of reasonably good plywood would have worked too but I
decided to double up and glue it together another option would have been
if you don’t want it thick the whole way we could just put a strip of wood right
under where the Rope meets and that would strengthen it at the end but I
decided to just make the whole thing nice and wide now as far as rope I just
went on Amazon and bought some 300 pound breaking strength rope it’s 716 inch and
it’s braided it’s worked fine and you could use wood glue or you could
even use liquid nails construction adhesive since it’s going to be outside
and speaking of being outside you need to treat this I put five coats of
polyurethane on this and I could even see that it’s getting a
little bit worn on the top but you’re gonna definitely need something to
protect it from the rain and the snow so five coats of polyurethane or something
else that’s gonna really seal it and keep it protected while it’s outside or
else it’s gonna work as far as the knots that you can see I came down from the
tree I looped it under the swing and then I tied knots here and here you want
nuts that aren’t gonna slide down so I did a couple of hitches where I wrapped
around the rope and then I brought it up to here and I actually used some tape
and some rope to secure it so it wouldn’t slide down I originally wanted
to do that technique we can braid the rope inside the the rope so it cinches
on itself but I didn’t have the tool and this really wasn’t good enough rope to
do that now as far as how to tied the knots up at the top of the tree there’s
a couple different things you can do and I actually recorded a video in that back
when I tied it in the spring alright Here I am up on top of the tree and I
wanted to point out the knots I used this is the first night I tied and they
did a round turn and two half hitches and the theory was on it that the Rope
coming down is basically going straight up and over the Rope wrapping around is
this one here so there’s no real pinch points in this rope I’m not kicking it
or bending it anywhere where it’s gonna be pulling and at a right angle it’s
coming straight down this rope wrapped around twice and then it comes over to
this side where I have it wrapped around twice again and I just wrapped it
through the line so as it pulls pull it’s tightening on itself and again
there’s no pinch points in the rope the force coming down
I use two carpet padding on the top just so if it does rub or where hopefully it
doesn’t it won’t be rubbing on the tree and rub through the rope but that was
the theory I had on no pinch points on the knot sometimes some people said do a
bowline or something like that I needed it to be tight to the tree which a
bowline wouldn’t really do it I would say sag down that works if you have an
eyelet through the tree or something like that
I want it tight to the branch and these are both tight to the branch now as far as what trees to use we have
a lot of trees on our property but not a lot of good trees for swings we have
pine trees which don’t work and some big cottonwoods and now cottonwoods are soft
wood and ideally you don’t want to use a soft wood because those branches can
just snap and break I would much rather trust an oak or maple over a cottonwood
so we had to go with this one I think it’s a type of locust the seat that
leaves are nice and small like a honey locust and it seemed like a really
strong tree and we have a good branch sticking out at the top and the last
little thing I did was I took a wood burner and I burned my son’s name on the
front of the swing and the year on the back just I think the personalized a
little bit more hopefully it stays here for a bunch of years well I hope you
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7 thoughts on “Build a Wood Tree Swing

  1. Dude… I know that compared to other chemicals Polyurethane isn't super toxic, BUT, maybe you might want to start teaching your child about the danger of handling chemicals properly with the correct personal protective equipment (or at least recognize that capturing this less than stellar parenting moment and putting it on youtube for all to see is less than ideal). On a positive note, thanks for posting an informative video.

  2. i think bryan wells is a little bit of a dick, but that aside, i'm gonna egg you for taking credit for applying the polyurethane, when we can all see that your little bro' was doing all the heavy lifting! nice video, love the little guy being involved.

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