Build a Lean-to Greenhouse

I’m Melissa from Empress of Dirt and today
I’m going to show you how I built this lean-to greenhouse. The original inspiration came from Ana White’s
Barn Greenhouse which I adapted to fit our situation. Ana’s greenhouse is a freestanding 8 foot
by 12 foot structure. The one I built is 3 feet by 12 feet. This is the south side of our covered patio
before I started building. The whole structure is not level so it took
some thought to make everything work and look good in the end. The first step was to refinish three of these
old windows I found free at the side of the road. Next, I removed the wood siding from the patio
and framed in the windows. These act as doors to the greenhouse which
I built at waist-height for easy access. Next I built a wooden base. Because I don’t know how the greenhouse will
behave in the winter, I decided to simply block off this space for now and deal with
it later. It might end up storing rain barrels or garden
supplies. The support pieces for the clear roof panels
sit right on the base. They are secured directly to the base and
the wall of the patio. Next, I added foam supports. These are made for the panels and starting
with the upper one, I installed the twelve-foot panels on the roof. My long-term plan is to add window vents at
either end of the structure but not until I see how things go this winter. Here you see a temporary end with a clear
half-panel. A rain storm right after I installed it revealed
some leaks so I replaced it with wood for now and everything is staying nice and dry
inside. Here’s a look at the greenhouse now from inside
the patio. I’m propagating some softwood plant cuttings and
getting ready to start some cold-tolerant veggies. The big dream is to grow salad greens during
the winter so we’ll see how that goes. There’s more info on all of this at Thanks for watching and subscribe to see what’s

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7 thoughts on “Build a Lean-to Greenhouse

  1. Wow! I've never seen anything like that. It's wonderful and how clever of you are to think of it. I'm just thinking now where I could add one to my house.

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