Build a Birch Tree Light with Brian McCourt

Next up on the bucket list…. Hey guys I’m
Brian McCourt and I’m here at the Habitat for Humanity ReVive centre and
today we’re gonna show you how to make a bucket branch light using a bucket, a
branch, and some lights and some concrete. We are lucky enough today to have the very lovely Julie joining us for this branch bucket light. I am excited to be here and excited to get started. Okay let’s go! I’m using just a
standard bucket and we use a lot of these in the construction industry when
they get broken though, we tend to just throw them away. So this is a great DIY
for that old used bucket and the goal here is to make it look like not a
bucket, so we’re gonna cut the lid off. How are you with tools? We’ll see. Go for it! So rewarding. That was amazing, alright! Are you a DIY-er? An avid DIY-er or is this something you do all the time? It takes me a little while to get warmed up and then I love it. It’s weird because today you did not take any time to get warmed up. Now we’re just
gonna sand the rough edges and we’re not gonna go around the side like that
because what that does is scratches it and then you see it through the paint so
we’re gonna kind of hold it straight on. Really just to clean it up. Yeah, give it
a nice clean edge. Okay I’m happy with that. So we really want to change this
bucket into a planter and the best way I can think of to do that is to paint it
and I think matte black really does that for us. So I’ve actually prepped one that
I’ve got ready and it’s dry. Julie, have you ever made anything with cement before? I actually never have. Have you made pancakes? Yes I have made pancakes
that tasted like cement, felt like cement, looked like cement, but that’s it. Well this is the perfect job for you! Any time you’re mixing cement, put water in before the cement We’re eyeballing it. Yeah we’re totally eyeballing it. Our pancakes might be a little weird but that’s okay. What I’m gonna do is just pour this in. Okay, so you’ve used one two three four mini bags. Let me take over a little bit there. I’m just gonna get the side. I would say
that’s good I always like to just run the drill at the end or along the top. Exactly like a blender. Do you want to grab some concrete and throw it in the
bucket? It’s just literally like giant handfuls. Oh that is fun! It’s like playing in the mud. We’ve got a couple inches of cement in the bottom of our bucket and now
we’re just gonna place our branches in and this is where we get artsy. We can
kind of just stick it in there. Do you want to take one? Where are you feeling? I’m gonna keep going all angular. Julie you are clearly an
experienced DIY-er. I like to look, reset. You must buy a lot of old furniture from
the ReStore for your DIY’s. I love doing that! It’s just a nice way to update a room with not a lot of cost. So I’m gonna move this one aside and I prepped one for us that I’m
gonna go get. So here’s one that is fully cured and ready to go. Love it! So we can attach our lights. It’s bling time. We’re gonna put our battery
packs in the bottom here and then we’re gonna start wrapping. I think we want it pretty
tight so that it holds the air that doesn’t move or slide down.
How long would you say this took us? Oh half an hour, max. Half an hour, max. These are
just black river rock and this is just really gonna cover the cement, cover our
battery packs. Are we full? is it the moment of truth? There’s two battery
packs. Ready? Three- two- one. Oh yeah. Look at that! It it looks so pretty! It looks amazing. This could be inside, it could be it could be both.
You know, it’s adding ambiance it’s really inexpensive. and it’s beautiful! Julie you’re my hero I’m so excited with how this came
together. I love the indoor-outdoor vibe of this sculptural light piece.
It’s a mix of modern and rustic and it’s really functional. Not to mention the fact that
it costs 20 bucks.

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