Brewstew – Front Yard Wrestling I loved wrestling when I was a kid I loved it so much that when we were kids
we’d imitate it in my friend’s front yard Ugliest wrestling you’d ever see in your life I was nine years old Everybody’s kicking each other in the balls We were legitimate though,
we weren’t like those fuckin’ hillbillies Jumping off of their dad’s garage into a baby pool Everybody had had their own entrance music We’d just have a little boombox out there,
playing your favourite Limp Bizkit song I was a dickhead though I never wanted to wrestle
anybody that was bigger than me Just go around to the smaller kids:
“I’m gonna beat your ass!” “I’m gonna kick the shit out of you!” “And as for you, big fella..” “.. Well, you’re gonna be my
tag team partner, that’s what you’re gonna do!” We’d just be standing out there, trying to do
these complicated wrestling moves on each other “Hey, let me try something!” That’s all we ever said “Let me try something, let me..” “Let me try a move that’ll break your goddamn neck!” “Make you talk funny for the rest of your life” “Yeah, how about you don’t do that?” “Come on, I won’t really do it” “Like I’m gonna fuckin’ believe that!
Yeah, you’re not really gonna do it!” “It’s a fuckin’ Chokeslam!
How the fuck are you not gonna really do it?” “You’re gonna pick me up by my throat
and slam me on the ground!” “I’m not stupid, alright?” Everybody just wanted to be their favourite wrestler It’s all they wanted to be in life Just go around saying WWF one-liners all day “You smell what the Rock is cookin’, MOM?!” She’d be like: “What?! You better not be cooking anything,
you’re 9 years old, get out of the kitchen!” I don’t know, if you guys remember Rikishi He was the big fat guy,
going around sticking his ass in people’s faces That was his special move It’s just so happened to be
my friend Michael’s special move You’d be laying on the ground, hurt, crying He’d go over there and rub his butt on you We’d wrestle in the front yard too Which had to be quite a sight
for all the cars passing by “Oh my God, what are those kids doing?” “Hey, we’re wrestling!” “That’s wrestling?” “Yeah… I.. I think so.” That’s what we did! Every day we’d be out there ‘Cause there’s nothing better
than beating up your best friend And then putting them in a haphazard figure four Then you’d hoist that Styrofoam championship belt
you bought at Kmart over your head And for one moment you are the fuckin’ man! Somebody cue the Limp Bizkit music I’m the fuckin’ champion of this yard!

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100 thoughts on “Brewstew – Front Yard Wrestling

  1. My brother and I and a neighborhood friend would do the same thing. Even when our own themes. Lol I did the swanton bomb off of my trash can

  2. The Diamond Cutter was my finishe. To this day, I am UNDEFEATED in the many front yards of this great country.

  3. That’s it??? Man we were rough. And I mean me when I say we. I was pretty Infamous for hurting my sibling and the neighborhood kids. I was always the champ and I had to force people to wrestle me. We tied the championship belt to a tree and had ladders match’s. Once I dropped kicked the ladder from under my brother and he feel flat on his back and knocked the wind out himself. We would use Styrofoam boxes as tables. I wasn’t shy with knocking people in the head with the title belt.
    But I was a showman is much is I was A brute. I would encourage the kids to drop kick me off the trampoline into the desert patches of goat heads. I felt like cactus when he would be slammed on tacks in hardcore matches…. man…. them were the days

  4. How you can tell that this is definitely an old BrewStew video:

    1. He didn’t start the video with “Alright”
    2. He talks more quietly

  5. Alright, people keep commenting on this one asking why he remade this video. But the video Kid Wrestling is a pseudo sequel to this vid.

  6. Michael sure has changed over the years in your videos. We had the exact same childhood minus Pokémon cards. Did you ever get into WCW?

  7. Great video! I reminds me of my time in the early 80's. I was cross-training with three different martial art instructors. Steve, who was both my boxing coach and jujitsu sensei, and I used to practice in his brother-in-law's front yard when he came visiting. People used to give us all kinds of looks when we worked on boxing drills, sparred or did some jujitsu waza. It was MMA before there was a name for it! Great times! Kids today aren't into martial arts anymore. It's a shame.

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