Breville Juice Fountain vs Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Comparison Review

Alright this is John Kohler with,
today with another exciting episode for you and this is a long-awaited episode for you
guys out there. What we’re gonna do is we’re going to compare
two wide mouth feed chute juicers on the show today. and what we got here, we’ve got two popular
juicers right now. this is the Breville juice fountain and the
juice fountain is very popular. its probably one of the best-selling juicers
out there. the reason why is because it has a large 3-inch
wide feed chute, allows you to take whole apples literally and put them in machine and
they’ll get juiced right up. it’s very fast, it works quite well and thousands
and thousand people everywhere own the Breville juicer and are quite happy with it. now the next juicer we’re going to talk about
today, is something that’s not as well known as the Breville. it’s actually called the Kuvings whole slow
juicer and that’s because it’s a whole slow juicer because it can juice whole pieces of
fruits and vegetables much like the Breville, but it works a lot differently. the Breville runs at a very high-speed you
know 12,000 13,000 RPM on the high-speed, this has been described to me as an airplane
taking off in my kitchen, whereas the Kuvings whole slow juicer runs at a low and slow 60
revolutions per minute. so this is multitude slower so this is going
to be a lot more quiet on the ears and in addition, one of the things I’ve learned over
all these years juicing is that the higher the speed, the more oxidation that occurs
to the juice. First what I want to do is actually talk to
you about the different juicers and the principles and how they work and some of parts that are
included with each one. then we’ll go ahead and basically take apart
each one, so you can see the different parts and more specifically understand how it operates
and then finally, of course we’re going to get into my favorite juice offs. so the first thing I want to do is actually
talk to you about the different machines. so this is the Breville juice fountain. it is a high speed centrifugal ejection style
machine. so what does that mean? that means there’s
a blade that’s spinning around at high speed with little cutting teeth that basically shred
up like you’re shredding your carrots up on your salad and when you’re making the shreds,
some juice comes off. Well these high-speed cutting blades really
micro shred the produce into small particles. at the time they’re shredded juice comes off,
so it liberates the juice, the juice comes out into the front catch and the pulp comes
off into the rear catch bin. now because this runs at incredibly high speeds they provide
you a special catch pitcher because if they didn’t do that, if you just put into a cup
or a bowl, the air force coming out of the nozzle would splatter all your juice everywhere. in addition, they have a pulp catch container
here that’s sealed quite well, because if it wasn’t sealed, as the pulp came out it,
it actually just fly in the air and get your kitchen a mess. Now one of the things I like about the Breville
juice fountain is that it does come with actually a cleaning brush. Many other centrifugal ejection machines do
not come with a cleaning brush and this is the cleaning brush they included with every
Breville juicer. nice and durable, gonna last you many years
to come. And this is imperative to clean the screen
of the juicer inside the Breville. now of course with the Breville, you also
get the standard instruction manual that tells you how to you use the machine. and with the Breville there’s a one-year warranty. you’re thinking wow, now that’s a one year
warranty, that’s a good warranty because if the machine fails, you know then within one
year they’ll replace it, or repair it at no cost to you. Now keep in mind, much like the tires on your
car, right there are wearable parts on this juicer that are not going to be covered under
warranty. I mean what car manufacturer covers tires
on your car? None of them. So the blade, because they are sharp blades
and with everything you juice in there the blades wear out. They get dull and when your blades get dull,
the yield goes down, also the performance goes down then because you’re gonna be cramming
things in there and it’s going to glug up, clog up, make a pulp of your juice, make a
mess and not work as well. and when you need to replace the blade something Breville doesn’t
tell you, you know is that the blades can cost as much as fifty dollars to replace the
blade alone. this is kind of like when you buy that cheap
blazer or inkjet printer and then you gotta buy the toner cartridge that cost almost as
much as the frickin printer does right. so yes remember that with all centrifugal
ejection machines, you know you gotta replace that blade every so often, especially if you’re
using machine a lot. and you know wearing it out. so next let’s go over to the Kuvings whole
slow juicer. this ones runs on a completely different principle than the Breville juicer
on that side. Basically this works with a slow running auger
with no blades, no teeth to wear out, to go bad. this is kinda like heaven you know, some hard
plastic bicycle tyres. It just never wears out literally. you know so this is, it runs a low 60 revolutions
per minute, crushes and squeezes, so it’s working differently. this is kind of like grating and ejecting
the juice out. this is squeezing and literally squeezing
all the nutrients out of the juice. some of the studies I’ve seen show that the
slow machines literally extract more nutrients than some of the high-speed machines, squeezes
it out at a low speed and then puts it in your glass. now in addition besides just being able to
juice like the Breville could only make juices, this will allow you to do other things besides
juicing. it’ll allow you to make things like nut milks,
so if you want to get dairy out of your diet, out of your life because in my belief, dairy
is not necessary, there nothing in dairy that we inherently need to get into our bodies. you can make your own coconut milk, your own
almond nut milk, your own macadamia nut milk, that’s delicious. With the Kuvings whole slow juicer so that
you can get more fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds and plant based foods in you. now in addition the Kuvings whole slow juicer
includes with every purchase this guy right here actually. and what this is called, this is actually
called the blank plate or homogenizing plate, and what this allows you to do, this allows
you to take nuts like roasted peanuts put it through the machine. and you can make your own delicious peanut
butter that’s additive-free, that’s sugar free. All the additives in there, not all those
preservatives that are really not so good for you in my opinion. and you can make the
best nut butters, made at home in your own juicer. another thing it allows you to do which is
really great, allows you to get that ice cream out of your life. I know you guys are all sitting down to a
carton of ice cream and before you know it the whole thing’s gone, I’ve done that many
times and not only I do that with pints, but I do that with half-gallons. I sit down to eat a half gallon of ice cream
in one sitting, no joke but yeah all that went to my waist and I started gaining some
weight. That would be a lot better and to still be
able to get that ice cream like flavor in something really healthy, the Kuvings whole
slow juicer allows you to take frozen fruit, so my favorite frozen fruit is you take some
bananas that are really ripe, you get it for cheap at the store. those little bags, you know they’re like half
price or even less, you take them home, you peel them, you put them in your freezer, you
freeze them, so you have hard frozen peeled bananas, you take them out of your freezer,
you thaw them for a little bit, and then you put them through the Kuvings whole slow juicer
with a blank plate and now this spout here, you get the most delicious hundred percent
banana sorbet you have ever tasted, it reminds me only of having the frozen yogurt, you know
coming out of frozen yogurt you were a kid at that fast food restaurant. tastes so delicious and then you can sprinkle
some nuts on there you know you can make you can blend up some dates with some coconut
water for a nice like creamy topping, you can even process other frozen fruits in there,
such as frozen pineapples, frozen mangos – frozen blueberries are my favorite – blueberries,
strawberries, raspberries along with the banana and make all your own different kinds of treats. another thing that’s really cool you can take
watermelon, seedless watermelon, take seedless watermelon cut it up, and freeze it in big
chunks and then you can put the chunks through the Kuvings whole slow juicer with the blank
plate here, and you’re going to make some of the most delicious frozen slushy you ever
had, because literally what is watermelon, it’s watermelon and a watermelon flavor. so we’re going to have chevice that’s watermelon
flavored hundred percent natural, you know no corn syrup, no additives. so you know the Kuvings whole slow juicer
is more about lifestyle machine then just a juicer like the Breville. so let’s go on. now besides having just the one cleaning brush,
Kuvings understands that they want to make cleaning easier for you guys out there, and
they give you not just one you know similar to the Breville, you know little cleaning
brush to clean the screen, because let me tell you the screen is the hardest part to
clean on any juicer no matter what it is. they give you a standard brush to clean the
screen and get in some of the tight, hard-to-reach nooks and crannies of the machine. But they also give you a nice little bottle
brush to clean in some of the different spouts and whatnot. Breville actually should include this, because
the spout can get kind of funky in my opinion. but more importantly they give you a special
screen cleaning tool here, that literally will take your screen cleaning from you know
a minute, to literally seconds with this screen clean. you put the screen, just twist this around
a couple time, your screen’s automatically cleaned. so I like that they’re doing this and this
is all included in one low price with the Kuvings whole slow juicer. now the other thing they’re including that’s
amazing, and I think Breville should be doing this and actually every manufacturers juicers
should be doing this as well, they’re going to give you a hundred-page recipe book with
instructions, and all these delicious things you can make, you know from different juices
to you know tropical fantasy mix drinks to apple martinis, to different soups and sauces,
all different kinds of things you can do a hundred pages full of delicious recipes, full-color
book to help you get started. because I know, you know I’ve been through
this, before I got into juicing to change my health, you know I almost lost my life,
when I was younger. I was overweight, I was not feeling well,
and I got into juicing to change my health. and yes well I got into juicing with the standard
juicers, similar to the Breville actually, under much rather, you know got the fast-track,
the fast 4 you know. but with the Kuvings whole slow juicer be
able to make a lot more dietary changes because then I know I will see more results. I mean the whole thing about juicers that
many people selling juicers don’t tell you is that the reason why juicers are so beneficial
is not because there’s something magical appliance. it is because literally it increases the amounts
of fruits and vegetables you guys consume and the fact of the matter is clear: most
Americans are eating far too much processed food, junk foods, you know McDonald’s, the
animal foods, you know Coca-Cola’s. all these things that are really not food in my
opinion and we need to get back to basics, back to the foods of nature, fresh fruits,
fresh vegetables, nuts and seeds you know and you want to get as many of them in as
you can to displace all the junk foods. I know you might not give up all those junk
foods you love your McDonalds and that’s cool, but all I’m saying is that you want to start
included fresh juices minimum once a day, not twice a day in addition to like, dessert
like – what if you did right now like had a fresh juice for breakfast, had your normal
lunch, had afternoon juice for snack, had your dinner. I don’t care if you go to McDonald’s and then
for desserts then again getting that ice cream at McDonald’s full of monoglycerides, and
corn syrup and all the crap, make a frozen fruit sorbet. at that point you’re eating
most, you know half your diet fruits and vegetables is because you’re drinking juices and getting
sorbets, and maybe even start making nut butter sandwiches for lunch. you know using the Kuvings whole slow juicer.
it’s totally amazing what these appliances can do once you get them into your life, and
you start using them and how much better you’re feeling, how much weight you’re going to lose,
and how much better your health is going to be. now aside from that you know Kuvings understand
that you know they want a machine to be an investment, and that’s what it is to me, one
of the juice machines is an investment. and its investment in the most important thing
you got. no, not that fancy car, not that house, not
all the money in the bank. it’s your health because simply without your
health. and your health is your greatest wealth, without
your health you don’t have anything you can’t enjoy all the money, you can’t enjoy that
fancy car, right. so when you buy juicer you’re making an investment
in your health because it’s going to allow you to eat the fruits and vegetables that
are going to allow you to be healthier so that you’ll be able to enjoy life longer. so Kuvings doesn’t have a one-year warranty,
they don’t even have a two-year warranty, they don’t even have five year warranty, or
a seven-year warranty, they have a full 10 year warranty. so even if this machine breaks down in year
number nine, you’re going to be covered. they’re going to repair it, or replace it,
at no cost to you, provided that it was due to manufacturer’s defect. so man you invest once in an appliance, in
a juicer that’s going to do well, have a long warranty and you’ll never have to buy one
again. another cool thing is, this does not have
any blades like that one to wear out. you’re not going to keep being slave to Kuvings
and buy blades from them when this one wears out, because this is an [00:13:49.18] auger
that’s eight times harder, plastic and I haven’t actually seen any wear on mine and I’ve
been using mine almost every day for a long time now. so in any case, without further ado, now that
you know about the juicers, let’s go ahead and disassemble them to show you really quickly
how they work and then we’re going to get into this apple juice off. I’ve got a pound of apples here, we’re gonna
be juicing it with two machines, so you guys can see how they work. then we’re going to set the apple juice aside
because this would be very telling, and then we’re going to get into juicing some leafy
greens and some carrots. so first let’s go ahead and take this Breville
apart. you can see here we’ve got the standard pusher
here on the Kuvings whole slow juicer to compare, we got pusher yeah they’re both 3-inch wide
pushers, nice and big. next we’re going to take the feed chute off
the Breville and the feed chute off the Kuvings. and here we go here’s the feed chutes off
each of these as you guys can see. those three inches wide, nice and large to
put things in. you know this one’s a lot more hunky because
it actually has to kick the pulp out the back, and this one’s a lot more streamlined cause
all the pulp goes in, and there’s no high-speed you know kicking the pulp out. the next part of the Breville is right here,
this is the juicing screen and the next part of the Kuvings is the auger. so once again this is how I talked about this
is different and how this operates. you put the produce into the Breville, these
little teeth here that will wear down, will grate up and then it’ll send the juice flying
against this micro mesh screen and the juice will come out and the pulp get kicked out
the back. with the Kuvings that does not happen because
next part is the auger, the produce goes in the auger. the augur’s spinning around like that old-fashioned
meat grinder, compressing the amount of space where there are fruit or vegetables in, and
literally it squeeze out all the juice through this juicing screen. and I want to note that
the juicing screen on the Kuvings whole slow juicer has a lot less surface area then the
Breville, because at the end of juicing, I’m gonna have to take that brush, you know that
special cleaning brush, and gonna have to brush out the screen, both front and back
to ensure you get all the pulp dislodged because if you don’t, if you leave the pulp in the
screen hole that’s going to clog up the juicer and then your yields are going to go down. so yeah once it squeezes the produce in here,
it squeezes it out, it actually comes out the little holes in the front and to make
this even more intelligent, Kuvings includes this little wiping blade here. i don’t know if you guys could see that’s
been around, it has these little silicone blades, much like the windshield wipers on
your car. imagine driving in the rain without windshield
wipers right. it’s like having a juicing screen without
a screen or a windshield wiper that’s cleaning it. I mean there’s been many times when I’m juicing
in high-speed ejection juicers like the Breville and my screen gets clogged kind of gets off
balance and you gotta stop, take the juicer apart and clean the screen. that will never happen with the Kuvings whole
slow juicer, cause they have the automatic wiping blade that literally cleans the screen
as you go, to ensure you can get the highest yield and everything works smoothly. alright so the final step of course on these
machines here, is the juicing bolts. so the juicing bolt, basically as the juice
comes out it just gets funneled down out into the front and into the collection cup there. and similarly on the Kuvings whole slow juicer,
you basically have this bowl here, the juice gets funneled out the front and one of the
cool things on the Kuvings is that you have a drip, cash plug here so you can plug that
in and still the juice will collect in there. when you’re done juicing, you won’t get drips
on your counter, something I’ve experienced a lot with the Breville. in addition, this
also allows you to mix in, inside the juicing bowl, so you’re juicing apples and carrots,
you want just a mix-up in there, you can let the juicer mix it up instead of you having
to take a stir stick after you’re done making it. and then over on the Kuvings, how this
works is once the juices wringed out, comes out this side, the pulp comes out this side
and on the bottom the Kuvings little flap, if you look it’s a silicon flap, I just pulled
it out, you can put it back in and that the purpose for this flap is to basically keep
the back pressure on the produce, keep the produce in there until it’s fully dry, fully
extracted, and then and only then will the little silicon flap let the pulp out into
the collection bin, so you’re gonna get a nice yield. now I want to stop there for a second and
tell you guys that you know every juicer has its pros and cons, you know hey this is a
lot faster, this is a lot slower, this one cost me more, but this one will also do more
things than just juice, this one will ceate in my opinion, a much higher quality nutrition
rich juice, than this one will. but one of the things is that every juicer
will juice certain produce items better or worse than another. so for example if your definition of better
worse is just yield, because many people think yield is what the best is, you know things
like hard vegetables and whatnot do very well in the Breville, frankly. you know and in the Kuvings does pretty good,
you know but not that well. I mean another pro and con for some people
is the pulp, some people like pulp in their juice, in which case the Kuving is a great
machine because it puts more pulp in the juice and the Breville does not put pulp in the
juice. but if you don’t like pulp in the juice then
you’d want to use the Breville of course because it makes it virtually pulp free juice. but I do want to add that with the standard
siever, strainer you can purchase separately you can actually run your Kuvings whole slow
juice through the strainer and they get all the pulp out and then you can actually save
the pulp like I do, and give it to my dog mixed in with his dog food and he loves it
and it’s good for him too because we need to have our domesticated animals, cats and
dogs also you know, get some of these fresh fruits and vegetables in them that have so
many phytochemicals, phytonutrients and antioxidants which are definitely healthy for them in my
opinion. so yeah so assembly on these machines you
know very simple, very easy. we’re going to start with the Kuvings first,
going to take the ball here, just going to go straight down and then the thing you’re
going to notice on the Kuvings whole slow juicer is you’re going to want to take automatic
wiping blade to shove that onto the screen there, and then you’re going to note this
little red dot you’re going to line up this red dot on the juicing bowl, put that in place,
locks right in. then you’re going to go ahead and take your
auger, your auger goes right down the middle, locks into place very simple, very easy. once again we’re gonna look for that red dot
on the housing, line that red dot with the red dot on the bowl here, locks into place,
turn it. it’s closed and now you’re all ready to juice. with the Breville very similar, you’re going
to take the juicing bowl put it right down the middle there. we’re going to take the juicing screen, lineup
this arrow with this arrow here, align it and drop it down in, locks into place. we’re going to then take the top, put the
top on just like so and then slap this guy back into place, locks into place now. both machines have safety interlock switches,
so what that means is that you do not properly assemble the machines they will not come on,
you know to prevent injury. now the other thing I want to say, both these
machines have three inch wide feed chute you know my hands are not that big, but I could
stick both my hands in the machines, never ever, ever do this. they both have warning signs that say do not
put anything in the machine, on there including your hands. the only thing you’re ever gonna want to put
the machine are number one the produce being processed into the machine and the pusher. don’t use a knife, don’t use a fork. you know
if you do have children you will want to supervise them closely, when using these machines. if you do have children you may want to you
know look into other juicers with smaller features that not gonna be you know as dangerous
in my opinion. that’s what I would do, if I was a parent. so now let’s go ahead and juice some apples
in the machines, just show you guys how these machines work and how efficiently they use
whole apples, without any cutting. we’re going to go ahead and remove the main
pitcher here, and just put a glass cup underneath here, open that little spout in. we’re going to go ahead and remove the Breville
catcher and go ahead and put a glass under the Breville, and get that ready to go. so now we’re going to go ahead and turn the
machines on. going to go ahead and turn the Breville on,
as you notice it sounds like an airplane taking off in the kitchen, you can barely hear me. let’s go ahead and put those apples through. One, two, three, use the pusher to push them
down in. as you guys can see, the juice is rapidly
coming out from the front of the machine, literally with just three apples, we have
a whole cup of apple juice. now we’re going to go ahead and turn this
off, you know because it’s going to start to splatter over, cause its so full. And once again that was about one pound of
apples. next we’re going to go ahead, let that machine
slow down and stop man, because I don’t like yelling at you guys. now we’re go ahead and turn this guy on, nice
and slow. I can still talk at a you know regular sound,
boys we’re gonna go ahead and put one apple in there, two apples in there, three apples
in there now we can use our pusher once again to push down the apples in the machine. as you guys can see, this is a lot more calm. I mean if one of the things is you’ve got
kids or you know family members asleep in the morning when you have to get up early
and juice, that machine is not going to work for you, if it runs at a high-speed. this one will work for you, because you can
barely hear this, especially if there’s somebody sleeping in the room they’re really not going
to even hear this machine running. so as you guys can see, I mean look at that
I don’t know if you guys can see, that in the pitcher, but this is telling of the quality
of the juice. I mean we’re gonna let these juices sit aside
you know for a little bit, so you guys can see the difference. these are the same exact organic Fuji apples,
from the same store the same bin, one pound each. and look at the different colors of
the juices that were made in the different machines. so this is the Breville juice fountain juice
right there and this is the Kuvings whole slow juicer here. it doesn’t look like the Kuvings whole slow
juicer made as much juice, but what you’re going to notice is there’s a lot of head man,
maybe if you like beer you got a nice head on your beer, you might like that, but on
juices I don’t recommend ahead because the head is basically the oxidation, or the oxygen
being introduced into the juice so there’s at least half as much head on the Kuvings
whole slow juicer then the Breville juicer. also want you guys to notice the color. look at the color on the Breville Juice that’s
a lot darker and the color on the Kuvings is all lighter. so we’re going to set our apple juices right
back here so you guys see them in the picture, right next to each of the juicers. and as
these guys are sitting what I want to do is get into the next part of the juice off and
what we’re gonna do is now are the leafy green vegetables. so we have some of my favorite leafy green
vegetables to juice here, we’ve got some power greens, this the earthbound farms power greens
here, one-and-a-half pounds going through each machines. so putting this much greens through the machines
you’ll definitely see how each machine performs with the leafy greens. now in my opinion, you know juicing vegetables
is good but juicing leafy greens is even better. most people in America are literally deficient
in leafy green consumption. my [00:25:19.21] days eat two pounds of leafy
greens and you know by using the juicer it’s gonna allow me to easily do that, because
it’s not easy to eat all these big salads right but if you literally juice a pound of
leafy greens it turns into only one cup of juice. you extract all the fibers our bodies are
not really made like a cow to get the nutrients out of the fiber. but we can use the juicer, because if you
think about it you know you really think about it our bodies are nothing more or less than
juice extractor. we put things in, we chew it all up, we eat
it and then you know we have two things come out. at our guys anyways, one side the liquids
come out the front and the liquids are clear, even if the liquids went in Coca-Cola, dark
brown, which I don’t recommend you guys drink, or a nice dark green juice comes out clear
because our body’s pulling all the nutrients out of liquids and you know the solid, well
we don’t use the solid so they come out the other end. and now when you’re using the juicer
you’re literally pre-digesting and extracting all the nutrients out and your body doesn’t
have to do it. so that’s one of the reasons why you’ll have
more energy when making these fresh delicious juices in your very own kitchen. so I guess without further ado let’s get into
juicing all these leafy greens and a few carrots about six ounces of carrots in each of the
machines. we’re going to go ahead and set up the Breville
with the catch collection cup here. we’re going to go ahead and get this ready
on the Kuvings whole slow juicer as well. and I’m going to clean up the table and come
back at you to juice these greens. alright, first, let’s juice in the Breville
juice fountain. we’re going to go ahead and open up our leafy
greens here and this is a lot of leafy greens, we are just going to go ahead and take handfuls
of the leafy greens out, greens mixed, put it in the juicer, let the juicer do its magic. Right got all that stuff done and then you
go ahead and you push in those leafy greens and now we are gonna go ahead and push in
out last few carrots. Right, thank God, I can turn that machine
off, it’s a bit loud. Now we are gonna go ahead and get started
with juicing in the Kuvings whole slow juicer, it’s a lot more mellow, a lot more quiet and
I’m really glad I can now juice in the Kuvings. You know if you do use the Breville on a regular
basis or other high-speed loud machine then I would recommend you guys getting some ear
mouths or ear protection because you know any high-decibel, that either, whether that’s
in rock music or whether that’s the, you know, high-speed machines, can and may cause hearing
damage. Let’s go ahead next and start juicing these
greens in the Kuvings whole slow juicer, we’re going to go ahead and turn this guy on; a
lot more quiet, take out the pusher, and just feed one handful of greens in at a time. Now one of the things I wish that both machines
had was some kind of funnel because I tend to try to get most of the greens or the produce
that I am juicing into the machine but inevitably some of them fall out. Now literally the Kuvings slow juicers taking
the produce and crushing it and squeezing out all the juice, let’s go ahead and undo
the little flap there, you guys can see the pulp stream coming out over on this side,
now we’re going to go ahead and put in one of the carrots there. You really hear the juicer take the carrot
and crush it all up, squeeze all the juice out, see it coming out the front. Go ahead and continue to juice more of the
leafy greens in the Kuvings whole slow juicer. As you guys can see, the Kuvings whole slow
juicer makes juicing really quick and easy with its large beach shoot. Other slow juicers and there for many other
vertical slow juicer such as the … in the market right now but none of them have the
wide 3 inch feed shoot that the Kuvings does to make juicing, whole piece of produce very
quick and easy. Alright looks like our last handful of leafy
greens in the Kuvings whole slow juicer, our little bag here is empty. I am going to go ahead and use our pusher
to push those in to the Kuvings whole slow juicer and I think actually also we got one
final carrot to juice in the Kuvings whole slow juicer. Now the other thing I want to mention is when
using the Breville Juicer, you can literally put things in as fast as the blade, taking
to shreds it up, it kicks it out, the Kuvings whole slow juicer you need to kind of like
take your time, don’t keep cramming things in as fast as you can because the juice runs
at 60 RPM compared to you know 12,000-13,000 RPM, it’s gonna take more time to work. So take your time when feeding things in to
the Kuvings whole slow juicer and it’s just going to work a lot better for you without
jamming and any kind of problems and remember just because it has a whole and large feed
shoot doesn’t mean you can cram things in as fast you want. Now while you can put whole pieces of fruits
and you know root vegetables and what not, I do still recommend and encourage you guys
to cut up things like you know large kale and leafy greens, Swiss chard and cut up the
stem because they can get caught in the ejection port, in addition it’s important to also cut
up the salary and I like to cut them up into eight inch pieces. Alright, there the last piece of carrot going
in to the Kuvings whole slow juicer, looks like it’s done a superb job, now what I want
to do, for you guys is actually show you guys like, you know the pulp that was generated
from each of these machines. In the Breville here, a lot of the pulp is
still contained within the, you know the machinery itself, we’re going to go ahead and scrape
that stuff out. As you guys can see here, we’re going to go
ahead and take this out here, to show you the juicing screen, look at that screen is
really clogged up a hundred percent with pulp, so what does this mean? This means as you are juicing as the screen
gets clogged up with pulp, the yield is going down because now the juice is unable to get
through the holes that are clogged up with pulp and this is a problem with all you know,
centrifugal ejection style machines. In addition we have the pulp here in the pulp
collection bin and if we pull this out and you’ll see pieces of carrots that literally
just did not get juiced, so you’re throwing money down the drain in the form of this wet
pulp here, we can take this pulp out, I mean there’s even piece of leaves it did not get
juiced, we can take this pulp here to literally squeeze a pulp, not sure if you can see that
but we’re squeezing you know juice out of the pulp, it is still quite moist, quite wet. Let’s go ahead and turn off the Kuvings whole
slow juicer and go ahead and take apart this machine and show you guys the difference inside,
you know once again we got that auger that’s slowly crushing and squeezing out the produce
and yes there’s definitely some stuff in there but look at this screen, I want you guys to
look carefully the screen, this screen, yes there’s a few things clogged in there but
it’s not nearly clogged as bad as the Breville juice fountain because we got this automatic
screen cleaner that’s basically keeping the screen clean and I mean that’s the job of
the screen cleaner. Next on this pulp here, I mean if we look
at this pulp here, this pulp is significantly drier than the pulp on the Breville, you can
squeeze some, squeeze it out and you know we might squeeze a few drops but it’s definitely
drier then on the Breville. Now of course the last thing is the yield,
John how much did each of these juicers yield in the green juice because green juice is
so beneficial. So go ahead and take 2 cups here we’re gonna
go ahead and take the Breville juice fountain juice and pour this out and they have a built-in
foam separator and that were pouring this with the foam separator and you know there’s
some foam coming out on the top there, trying to get the rest of this stuff out, looks like
we made, let’s go ahead and take this guy off to just make sure we get all juice here,
like we made one whole cup of the, look at more than 16 ounces of juice there, all the
way up to the brim, that container there. Next we’re gonna go ahead and pour, close
a spout cap on the Kuvings whole slow juicer, take this guy out and see how much juice we
made here, a lot thinner quality juice not as much fiber, not as much goup, and as we’re
going, woah, we are already to the top of that glass and we still have, look at that,
a bunch of extra juice here with the Kuvings slow juicer cast cup that won’t even fit in
my glass, so yeah, so for comparison; as you guys can see lot more foam in the Breville
juice fountain juice, this is the maximum it made and the Kuvings whole slow juicer
we still have you know, more juice that we’re not able to fit into the cup. So this clearly shows that the Kuvings whole
slow juicer is a superior juicer to the Breville when juicing the leafy greens and the carrots. I mean it made more juice easily, now the
other thing I want to show you guys, this apple juice has been sitting out for a while
here and I want you guys to look at it, you know, number one I want you guys to look at
the head, the head is still you know much more on the Breville and it’s not quite as
much on the Kuvings, so what does the head mean? Once again the head means oxidation. In addition the color, look at the color and
the juice separation on the juice made with the Breville juice fountain, you can see,
yeah, it looks like the orange juice by the store but there’s all these little particles,
particles sinking to the bottom, particles in there, doesn’t look so appetizing to me,
you know probably stir this up, it’ll look better but on the Kuvings whole slow juicer,
this looks like a rich unfiltered juice that in my opinion has more nutrients than the
Breville juice fountain ever did. Next I’m going to go ahead and get to enjoy
this juice, reminds me when I was a kid, my parents would buy the unfiltered apple juice,
no sweetener added for us kids and yes, so as you guys saw both these juicers juice what
we through added, they both did a great job but you know there are differences you know,
to sum them up, in general the Kuvings whole slow juicers; way more efficient juicing the
beneficial leafy greens with our phytochemicals, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals that
you know in some cases, such as the Brassica family plants, such as the collard greens,
kale, the broccoli, the Brussels sprouts, the cauliflower, you know have been shown
to be like cancer protective whereas the Breville could not handle them as well and produced
a lower yield. We also learned that the Kuvings whole slow
juicer has 10 times longer warranty, it has a 10-year warranty, the Breville simply has
a one year warranty. We’ve also learned that the Kuvings whole
slow juicer will allow you to do more things that just juice, you can make things like
the nut milks, you can make the frozen fruit sorbets, you can make the nut butters and
yes you can even make baby food in the Kuvings whole slow juicer and I love to use my juicer
as the main ingredient to make soup bases, so literally all juice peppers for example
and use that as my soup stock, as my soup base to make some delicious plant-based fruit
and vegetable rich recipes so that you get healthier. So once again this is John Kohler with
and visit the /youtube for special promotional offers for our youtube

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