Brandon Flowers’ Kids Fall Asleep at His Shows

-You have three boys.
-Yes. -You were saying backstage —
11, 9, and 7. Right? -Yes. -Do they like that their dad’s
in a rock band? Do they go to shows? -They’re into it. They’re so used to it, you know. Since they were born,
that’s what I do. And they — you know, they love
music and they’ve been to gigs. But none of them have ever made
it through an entire gig without falling asleep. -Oh, really? -Because we go on at 9:00.
-Yeah. -And so —
I mean, that’s already, you know, that’s bedtime.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ] -So my wife’s documented
a couple instances on her Instagram where they’re
just like dozing off. And I’m, like, on fire on stage,
like, giving it. And it’s pretty funny. -You did the Panorama festival. -Yeah. -Here in New York.
[ Cheers and applause ] And you — you brought someone
from the audience up on stage to play drums. -Yes. -How does that happen?
What happens? -They bring signs. -Okay, so someone was
holding a sign saying — -Yeah, we had never done it — until November last year,
this hadn’t happened. A kid in Dublin brought a sign. He wanted to play keyboards
on a song of ours called “A Dustland Fairytale.” And we brought him up
and it was — it was amazing. Because people are already,
you know, coming together at this concert and they all
agree on something and it’s beautiful
to have that sort of congregation of people cheering. But when that kid came on stage,
everybody was rooting for him. And we were rooting for him.
And it was beautiful. Then all of a sudden, it just
took on a whole life of its own. And now at every gig,
there are people with signs. -So you had a — Let’s take a look at the drummer
you brought up here in New York. ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -He’s singing along.
-That’s fantastic! [ Cheers and applause ] So, how — be honest. How often is it good?
-Okay. [ Laughter ] It is — I think 60 —
63% of the time. -That’s a good —
[ Laughter ] -Yeah. -And I will say this is a photo,
you know, obviously taken. Here you are getting —
I mean, look at that crowd. Look at the amount of people
you got to perform with. That’s really incredible
that you do that. I do want to say, I know
I told you this once before. We met in 2008
when you did “SNL” and my mom was at the show, and I introduced you to my mom
and you were so polite. And this is sort of
a famous story because a lot of people
overheard her. And you went back
to your dressing room and we were walking down
the hall and my mom said, “I don’t know why they call them
The Killers. They couldn’t be nicer.”
[ Laughter ] And it’s as true today
as it was then. Thanks so much for being here,
man. I really appreciate it. Brandon Flowers, everybody!

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34 thoughts on “Brandon Flowers’ Kids Fall Asleep at His Shows

  1. Brandon, don't let these DemonRats brainwash you.

    Don't drink anything already open, don't accept anything for free. IT'S NEVER FREE!

    YOU DON'T NEED LIBERALS, they need you to appear normal and connected…

    #WalkAway #RightAway!

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    RUN, if they offer you something free.


  2. Every time I see pictures of his fans he brings up I feel like crying. He is making dreams come true!!
    He is doing what Trevor did for him for dozens of his fans. It's beautiful.

  3. the girl who came on at my show wrote drums on the back of a subway bag lol, she also was asked if she had to take a shot of whiskey before she started. One of the best moments

  4. Most people at a Killers concert: "HFS THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER ASDFLKJASDFLKJASDF"
    Brandon Flowers' sons at a Killers concert: "Mooooooooom, how late does dad work tonight? I wanna go hooooome."

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