Birds Love American Beautyberry

>>If you’re looking
for a great way to feed birds this winner,
we have the plant for you. This is Callicarpa lactea. It is the White
American Beautyberry, more often you will
see it like this. This is just
Callicarpa americana. This is a fabulous native plant. It is really easy to maintain. And that’s one of the
things I love most about it. Here we have it growing
in full sun on a slope in some pretty heavy clay soils. It’ll take clay, it’ll take wet. It also likes well
drained soils, it’ll even grow in part shade. Here it’s pretty full,
got lots of leaves, it’s very compact, in the shade it’ll tend to be a little
more upright and open. What’s so great about it is that it gets these
fabulous berries. These berries grow on new
wood so you can cut it back either all the
way to the ground, or you can cut it
a little higher to determine the
height you want. Great time to cut it
back is in February. That way you get
these new sprouts and the next year you can
have these beautiful berries. The berries will hang
on into the winter after all the leaves have
fallen off for the fall. And that’s when the
birds really love them and it provides a great
winter food source for a lot of our native birds. It’s also great for raccoons,
opossums, and foxes even. It is a plant that
deer like to eat. So when you’re
planting that, be aware if you’re in a very
deer heavy area, but as a native, it’s adapted
to being eaten by deer, so it’s not gonna kill it. They just might take
it back a little bit and it’ll sprout
some new growth. American Beautyberry is
a great native plant, that I love and I
think you’ll love to. I’m Leah Purdy from Lewis
Ginter Botanical Garden.

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2 thoughts on “Birds Love American Beautyberry

  1. I have never done gardening, I have no idea why YouTube recommended me this, but I’m happy it did! πŸ’•

    The berry has such a cute name & look, and you seem like a lovely person. Keep up the good videos! 🌱

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