Big Model Trains Through My Garage, Kitchen, Living Room, and Yard!

Each time I set up my model trains
I like to do a different layout than I’ve ever done before. Today I’ve got a particularly crazy layout… Going through the garage,
around my wife’s car… and then through the laundry room
and into the kitchen! Now that took some convincing
to get my wife to agree to that! From the kitchen we go in to the living room… And in a minute we’ll go right out the back door
into the back yard… and then go all the way around the house
through the side yard… and back into the garage again! Have a look, and enjoy the ride! And by the way… The second to the last car on the train,
the yellow car… That’s a livestock car
with realistic sounds of sheep and goats
and other animals… So, when you hear animal noises on the video… THAT’S where those are coming from. I’m Jim Jim thanks for watching if you hit the thumbs up button it’ll let youtube know that this is a good video that they should recommend to other people with interest like yours and if you subscribe to my youtube channel you’ll be notified when I post new model train videos I’ve got some interesting ones plan for later on this year so do subscribe thanks

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22 thoughts on “Big Model Trains Through My Garage, Kitchen, Living Room, and Yard!

  1. wow that has got to take you a fair amount of time to get set up, you might need a couple doggie doors just for the trains. lol, how long did it take you to set up this time, and how long did you leave it set up for?

  2. Great video as always, jim. I love watching your channel, especially model trains and the why i'm so excited for a cruise videos. Are you going to make one of those for the carnival vista?

  3. A lot of wood for this lay out, looks good with a thumbs up and thanks for sharing…

    Jose Silva
    G Scale

  4. Never seen these trains until tonite,there amazing,i have watched a few of your other ones as well.Love them all,its like we are riding in the trains

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