Behind the scenes with UBC’s gardeners

Many studies have shown that the public
realm and being outside helps with physical and mental well-being.
UBC is known worldwide for its campus. And it’s really thanks to our
landscaping group and others in municipal for making it such a beautiful
place. These are summer annuals that arrived this morning. We distribute them throughout the campus. My name is Stacey Ewert. I’m the gardener responsible for the library gardens and surrounding area. Within the gardens is
the Residential School History and Dialogue Centre. It’s a unique space on
campus because all the plants are indigenous as a reflection of what was
used traditionally by the First Nations Peoples. We have a team that’s made up of
gardeners and arborists. We look after about 180 hectares of campus and over
12,000 trees. It’s been really rewarding for me to be part of the transformation of this area over the past year into a beautiful place
for people to enjoy. We make sure that the campus is safe, enjoyable
and accessible so that people can connect to different people, to nature and to the physical environment itself. The other amazing thing about the public realm is that there’s no purchase
necessary to being outside.

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