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– Clearly I’m a very hungry girl today. Now the problem is picking
which one I’m gonna eat. (whooshing)
(upbeat music) (bite crunching) Hi, I’m Noelle Nielsen with
Bright Birch, brokered by eXp, and this is the Hungry Minnesotan. Today we’re at Barley
and Vine in Lakeville. Let’s go on in and take a look. We’re here with Destinie, general manager at Barley and Vine. So, let’s kinda talk a little
bit about Barley and Vine and (laughs) the history here. – So, my name is Destinie, I’m general manager at Barley and Vine. I’ve been here a little over three months. I did come from their sister restaurant, the Tamarack Tap Room
in Woodbury, Minnesota. And I love the atmosphere
and the culture here that Barley and Vine has
and wanted to come in and see what I could bring to the table as their general manager. – So let’s talk a little bit today about what makes Barley
and Vine so unique. I know my husband and I, we personally eat here all the time. It’s on our preferred restaurant
list (laughs) when we– – Oh, that’s good. (laughs) – When we’re talking about,
“Where should we go?” It’s always at the top
of my list to come here. And we’ve really enjoyed
it over the years, and so I wanna hear kinda from your take, what do you think makes Barley
and Vine really stand out? – I think what makes it stand
out is from the back of house, I think Erik, who is
the executive chef here, he does a great job at really creating the food to be his art, and really has such great
passion in his dishes, and you can tell that in the presentation of
the dishes as well too. He just takes it to the
next level with the food, and it’s just delicious. And I think our specials also
drive a lot of people in here. We have a lot of good things to offer. We have 32 different
taps of beer as well too, so I think that is a really good thing for us to be able to have ’cause we can really change
things up with the tap beer list and listen to the guests and
see what they wanna see on tap, and we can make it happen for them. – I know too, you guys have
some signature drinks– – Yes.
– On the list? – Yes we do. – What do you think is your most sought after signature drink? – Ooh, that’s a tough one. I would say the most sought after drink is probably the Raspberry Lemon Drop, or the Pomegranate Cosmo. Those are just kind of two
of our signature cocktails that they’ve had, you know,
since we’ve really opened, so it kind of is a
staple drink for us here. Depending upon the seasons, we change our menu two times a year, so we do have a lot of cool
fall cocktails on right now. The most popular one for the fall is going to be our Apple Cider Mojito, a lot of people love that, or else our sangria, which is
a cinnamon sangria, as well. – Very cool, and I know
too, you have some NA drinks that are on the list (laughs) ’cause I have ordered a
few of those myself too. – (laughs) Yep, we do have a
lot of non-alcoholic beverages. We have our scratch sodas, house-made sodas that we
make with different flavors: anything from pomegranate,
to ginger, to vanilla, and a ton of other non-alcoholic options. – So let’s talk a little
bit about the menu here. How would you describe it? – I would describe the menu to be a more upscale finer dining. It definitely has that feel and that setting when you’re coming in, however I would definitely say all palettes have a place here. We have something for every single person that walks through the door. For our main entrees, our Amish chicken, it’s actually been featured
on KARE 11 before as well too. Our newest hit on our new menu items is definitely gonna be our
Tennessee Hot Chicken Sandwich. The chicken is actually
going to be breaded in Frosted Flakes, and
then it actually gets a white barbecue sauce as well on it too. So as weird as it sounds, it has literally been our number one hit since our new menu has been released. And for desserts after you’re all full from all of the appetizers
and the entrees, for the desserts, you can’t go wrong with the caramel bread pudding. – It, whiskey–
– That’s my personal favorite. – Yes, the Whiskey Caramel Bread Pudding. – My husband is a big bread pudding fan, and he’s like, “We’re getting that one,” and I didn’t want it, and
now every time we come back, that’s the one that I
order ’cause it’s amazing. – So good.
– We will come here just for the bread pudding. – It is so good, and if
you’re celebrating a birthday or an anniversary, we offer a
free dessert here with us too, so kind of a nice reason to come in and celebrate your birthday
or anniversary with us, to get a free bread pudding
or a chocolate lava cake. You mentioned having live music
here Fridays and Saturdays? – Yes, so we have live music
every Friday and Saturday from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM. We try to bring in some local artists that are either from the Lakeville area or from the metro area. You can get up and dance if you want. We have it every single
Friday and Saturday night all year ’round, so summertime,
fall, winter, any time. We’ll have it every Friday and Saturday, so definitely come and check us out. – So you can always expect Friday and Saturday.
– Always expect, they would never be canceled. Well, yeah.
(Noelle laughs) – Unless there’s a snowstorm?
– I don’t know if they do actually in winter if
there’s a huge snowstorm, so (laughs) I do not know that actually. – Snowstorms don’t count. (beeping) Let’s talk a little bit about patio season because we’re just ending patio season which I’m so sad about.
– Yes, sad (laughs). – But let’s talk about the patio out there and what kind of a draw
that brings during the year. – Our patio’s amazing. If you haven’t been here before, I definitely suggest checking
it out the first nice day, ’cause we can just pull our
patio open just like that. It’s very nice because it is
fully enclosed, our patio, so you don’t hear any traffic from the highway or other cars. It’s just a great atmosphere,
especially on a hot summer day when you wanna cool off
with a nice cocktail or before winter is ending, you can always put our fire
pit on and sit by a heater and just have a nice cozy
fall night out there. – And it’s dog friendly. – Dog friendly Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in the summertime. – Well, thank you so
much for having us in, and if you guys are
looking for a place to try, you need to come here to Barley and Vine. – Thank you very much.
(Noelle laughs) Thanks for coming in
and interviewing today, it was a lot of fun, and I
hope to see everyone soon. (upbeat music) – If you have any places
that you wanna see us go to, engage, comment, tell us. Let us know. We wanna go where you wanna see us. Meanwhile (laughs), I’m pretending
it’s patio season still. (bite crunching)

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