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if you cannot afford costly gems and stones, no need to worry . In the world of palnts and flowers there are many remedies which can done to get auspicious results. let’s talk about an amazing creeper Aprajita ,commonly known an Butterfly pea. There are two kinds of Aprajita.
blue vine is known as krishna kanta and white flower vine is known as vishnu kanta This creeper can be found at Kali Maa’s temple in Bengal Region of India. its flowers look amazing in vivid deep color. some varities have white flowers also, which are known very auspicious If you bring these plants (Creeper with blue flowers and other one, white flower) at home in Ravi Pushya Nakshstra and plant them in NORTH or EAST and even in NORTH – EAST, you will get amazing results. you can offer these flowers to Lord Shiva Lord Krishna or Lord Vishnu for some special purpose. you can keep these flowers in silver box on Diwali for prosperity. in Ayurveda this plant is used as a medicine. one can increase good luck by worshiping it by enchanting this Mantra in Ravi Pushya Nakshatra. And Mantra is … Om Mahalaxmi Vanchitarth Purya Purya Namah Enchant this Mantra daily 108 times and worship it. Offer its Blue flowers and white flowers to Lord Shiva and pray for your wish. This creeper’s common name is Butterfly Pea or Aprajita,and its Botanical name is Clitoria Ternatea. This wonderful plant is member of the pea family. Its pods bear seeds of black colour. It will be better if you grow these creepers near to each other. Its seeds can be offered to Lord Shiva to get auspicious results of Rahu or Saturn. Grow this wonderful plant in your garden and get benefits. Grow more trees,save earth. send your suggestions at………… [email protected] Like ,share and subscribe for more information. THANK YOU [email protected]

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