Asia flies by seaplane to Victoria, Vancouver Island – On the go with EF #117

Hi guys! Welcome back to “On the go with EF”.
Today we are in Vancouver’s Coal Harbour. On today’s agenda, we are going to
Vancouver Island by a plane that lands on water. Isn’t that cool? Are you ready? Let’s go. Thank you. The planes are not very big.
They’re kind of like a small jet. Just be careful here. It’s very narrow. I think this plane is a lot smaller than I expected. The ceiling is pretty low.
The windows are pretty low as well, so you kind of have to crouch down to look. I’ve always wanted to ride one
of these planes, so I’m excited. We’re slowly moving across the water now. Alright. I think we should buckle up, guys. And we’re off!
Wow. This is so cool, you guys. You can see the entire Vancouver from here.
There’s Stanley Park. This view is incredible. You can see so far from here.
The ocean is so vast. It feels so crazy. I guess this is what
it’s like being a bird in the air. This is why we’re called the
Beautiful British Columbia. It’s really cute because you
can see all these little houses. It’s kind of like those Monopoly houses. I think we’re almost there. This was a lot shorter
than I expected. It was around 30 minutes or so. We’re landing. Yay! Victoria. Wow. That was so cool!
It was a little loud on the plane, but it was nice. The scenery was great and we are here. That guy is really talented.
He’s playing three instruments together. He’s playing the harmonica,
the guitar and the drums. Wow. I really like the vibe here, too. Alright. Let’s go. So, this is Victoria,
the capital city of Vancouver Island. It is one of the oldest cities to
have British settlement since 1843. It’s 100km away from Vancouver
and 100km away from Seattle. Oh, look! It’s Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. They’re really well known
for their caramelized apples. Wow, they look so good. Come on, let’s get one. Oh, this is a nice place.
Alright, let’s try one of these. Wow. Super crunchy, super sweet,
but not so sweet that it hurts your teeth. When I was a kid, I used to always get
my mom to buy me one of these apples. These were a really nice treat.
Every time I eat these, I think of my childhood. This street here is very stylish, yet has kind
of an old, charming, English-village feel to it. It’s called the Lower Johnson, or can also be called Lo-Jo. There are a lot of cute boutiques,
a lot of places to shop, and I love how colourful these buildings are.
It’s a really cute area to shop in. Oh, this is a really nice store.
These shoes are really cool. Polka dots? These are good for dancing.
They’re really fun and colourful. Wow. The patterns are very pretty, actually. It’s very cool, but I think these
would be very difficult to walk in. They’re very high. And speaking
of high, these are very high boots. Wow. Look at these. These are super fun. I think these would be really
good if you were going dancing. Those shoes are so interesting. Victoria is packed with students from
all over the world and I understand why. The city has such a great vibe and it’s a great
alternative to big cities like Vancouver. Here we are at the EF school. It’s just a couple of minutes
away from the city centre. It’s lunch time and I’m getting a little hungry, so we’re heading over to a place
called Red Fish Blue Fish. I got a tip that this place may not look like much, but it has the best fish and chips
in Vancouver Island or even B.C. I really want to try it, but I don’t
know which one I should get. I’m planning to get the wild salmon.
Yeah, let’s try it! Look at the line now. It’s so long.
That says a lot about how famous this place is. For Asia.
Thank you. It’s so warm and toasty. Look how good this is.
Let’s hope the seagull doesn’t take my French fries. Let’s take a seat here. So, you have some ketchup,
tartar sauce and a little bit of coleslaw. I love how they’re using wooden forks.
It’s a lot better for the environment that way. Ok. The moment of truth.
Mmmm. It’s really crunchy. It definitely lives up to its reputation.
It is really good. I would say it’s one of the best
fish n’ chips I’ve had in my life. Mmmm. Can you hear this?
It’s so crunchy. Oh my gosh. It’s so good. You know what? Being able to
sit here and eat my fish n’ chips, and being right next to the sea
– it’s the perfect place to eat it – this is life, guys. This is life. Here we have a really shiny orca. They’re really nice animals and they like to swim
around Vancouver Island and Vancouver City. Aren’t they nice? This is such a nice part of town.
I remember coming here as kid. Back then, the memory was really fuzzy,
but seeing it again is really cool. I love it. It says “Welcome to Victoria.” Canada is split into different areas. Some are called provinces
and some are called territories. B.C. , for example, is a province and
is also called British Columbia. The capital is Victoria, where we are right now. There is the parliament building right behind me.
It’s where all the decision-making happens. Thanks. So, we passed by some people
and they were handing out flowers. I asked them why and they said
their grandma passed away last year, and today is her birthday, so they decided to give
away some flowers in remembrance of her. Isn’t that sweet? Now we’re heading over to Fisherman’s Wharf.
Oh, look. We’re here! This place is so cute. I love how there
are different colours for each house. This is so festive. Nice vibe.
Most of these houses are private homes, so be sure to be quiet and
respectful when you come here. They are very cool. They’re really nice. Hey, look! This one’s cute.
It’s actually floating on water. They just put the potted plants
in front of their front door. It’s really cute. I love it. Oh, this one’s a nice one. I really like
the design of it. I would live here. Oh, wow. Okay.
Over there is the city centre and over there is where we came
in this morning. It’s the harbour. I see a seal. Look! The grey-silver
body swimming around and having fun. Today, I had so much fun here in Victoria. Now we’re taking the ferry back
to the big city of Vancouver. Comment down below whether you
prefer bigger cities or smaller towns, and you’ll get the awesome chance
to win this Canadian wallet. Remember to watch the next episode when
Maria and Angelina take on Bournemouth Beach. Bye!

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5 thoughts on “Asia flies by seaplane to Victoria, Vancouver Island – On the go with EF #117

  1. Frankly speaking, I prefer big cities. I have been living in the small town all my life and when I have visited big cities, it feels like a dream. The reason is that there are a lot of opportunities: more places of interest, more amazing people to meet and more universities to enter. The last but not the least, I believe that living in a big city is a good thing for ambitious people. ❤️✨?

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